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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Long Lost BLACK

It has been months!! Gosh.. I have been working like a cow during my 3 months summer break. Engaged to the job in KLiA, been travelling up and down for months! Hectic life that I had :( Well, greedy me, never say NO when there's any opportunity to grab as much as I can. Worked 2 jobs in the same time. Rush to Empire Mall after my KLiA job. Sighh. Can't imagine how I have been through all those, but yet I'm so glad that I have made it :D

Finally my second year of Degree started. I thought I would have slow down my working pace, yet it didn't. I work hard, play hard too! It's September, wonderful month for me ^^

BA of VW with experiencing the ride of EOS, K-session with the freelance girls, start clubbing hard due to Van is now allowed to club. Well she even party harder than we did, almost every week! LOL. Ipoh and Penang food spree, Vivian's birthday celebration. And yes, mine is after that! Meet up with Chui & Man after their working session, been chit-chatted for hrs. I miss them! We grew up together! Hee.. K-session, failure of the surprise giving but yet still surprised me, same place same day for Boston, Klang, and what excite us the most was the Laser Tag! Damn, haha! We were all acting like a small kids, went into the Counterstrike world, busy chasing each other and shoot like crazy! Laughness, and shout out loud, everything is crazy! I love all of them so much ^^ My favourite BR ice-cream cake, and everything from my love one!

The only regret in September is I did not really take much of pictures due to my swollen face :( Hate it.. Sensitive to wrong medical course that cause it to happen. Shit it..

Finally Oct 11, a day for me and Him. Been together for months, but we have not really been spending time for each other, as I always busy with jobs, jobs and jobs. Sigh. Anyway we have shopped around, had good dinner at La Bodega and everything :) I love him so much! He does care me than anyone do, doing things for me which exceed his ability as a student! The endurance, understanding, and forgiveness.

Yesterday, I have been working for a big event. Well, thank to myself. I am the shortest and fattest among all. Feeling super low-esteem, hate myself for being this short. Feel like I just shouldn't be appearing at all. Face are stepped if we were the one who put it on the floor. Comparison was too cruel, well this is the world. Somehow glad that i met someone that has at least comfort my fear.

Great experience in life anyway. We are taken for a short ride! At least, life is meaningful with some sparks =)

Finally today, a slacking day for me! Without jobs. Been having a good rest too! Wish I could have this life everyday! Nuhh.. Tomorrow would be start working again. 2 weeks project. I miss dancing..

2 more years left, for me to fool around. Indeed I am fully utilizing it, but in the other hand I am losing my precious time. Why can't I enjoy being a FULL TIME student? Sigh, I knew I should stop grumbling. I am already having way more better than others do. Be contented, KRYSTELLE!

Will be trying my best to change the FATE of the FATE, at least, without any regrets :)