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Sunday, December 6, 2009

2nd of Dec, Last day of my sem final... finally, sem break start~~~~ Huuuhuuuuu! Very relax, after all the exam. Nt reli well prepared actually.. haha, nvm. Everything OVER... hehehe

Tat day, feel damn bored. Ntg to do. Suddenly Amy called me, whether wanna go Damansara to eat Sate o nt.. Since jz feel lik destress, then jz say ok lo.. Then, 4 of us depart roughly bout 9 stg.. Mana tau, change destination, wanna go Putrajaya to 吹风+吹水~ haha. Grow til tis old oso nv step my foot there before, really feel lik goin there to take a look^^

After tapao some Sate from Puchong, then onli v depart to Putrajaya. Well, quite far. I tot jz nearby.. Haha! Is a very nice city there^^ Nice lightings, buildings, bridges..... Then, v stop at the road side. Reach there onli, v eat our sate while enjoy the view. Busy takin photo oso. vivian enjoy the most! start taking picture wit the road light jz right bside our foot! Well, she bend n sit on the floor jz to go near the light to take picture.. Hee! enjoy~

Stg actually happen during our way to Putrajaya. My friend has organize to clubbing just for me to destress. Thinking that my 2 dear dear won't join me cz they'r nt gonna open bottle, that's y i did not ask them along. I jz wanna go n enjoy the music, din intend to drink. So, i ask ma another friend--Alexandra to accompany me. In our midway to Putrajaya, alexandra called me. My two dear heard n start screaming in the car. They said they wanna join too! Well, that's great! I was so eager to go with them for so long! Cz they'r crazy n cheerful.. hehee. When they heard going to Quattro, all lik ki siao... hahaha!

Reach putrajaya, enjoy enjoy, eat, take picture, then all need to rush back d. V left when d police want us to leave the bridge. Well, time jz nice. Driver drive with a very fast speed, to drop all of us home. V take 10-30mins make up n change, then depart again^^ to Quattro~

On our journey, we been blocked by police due to overspeed.. >.<" Reach there, DJ on tat day, Kumar is my friend's friend, bring us in for free covercharge^^ Then, jz enjoy the nite with my friend~ Enjoy enjoy enjoy! Than ma darlings n frenz~~ ^^