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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Knot of Nineteen!

Chinese always believe that Nineteen is a tough year, as we are turning into twenty. It is always been considered as a big hinder of the life. For me, I never think so.

My nineteen, I had lots of fun. I finally ditched my moron ex, started new life with freedom and new friends, approached to lots of freelance jobs, got lots of fresh experience, enjoy having vacation with friends, and also, I am becoming more independent. From a girl which is bad in driving turn into one that is daring to drive to certain strange area without accompanion and the aids of GPS. This year, I do learnt a lot, and I appreciate what ever that I was given.

2010, a memorable year for me. The happiness is more than pain. I thought this would be my happiest year for me, and it is going to end with my big SMILE. Nevertheless, luck will never stick to you.

This is the first time I feel that I am sliding to the dip of my life. I feel so helpless. Everything just gone WRONG! Why is all these happening to me? Things was not that worst, until I burnt my leg with the exhaust pipe.

Yes, I burnt my leg. Was crying so badly as I don't want to have any scar on it! It is not as worst as what you think, it can still be concealed with just a piece of plaster. Somehow I don't want to have any scar on my leg!

From the ground, I was held to very high. High and good offer coming non-stop. Everything seems to be so wonderful for me. Am feeling so happy with everything happened around me, it was like--UNBELIEVABLE! Somehow all those are just the mask of everything.

I burnt my leg. Heard something that turn me so so down. Well, this is still not end of the story yet. From being honoured and standing high, I was invited to go even more Higher, to the peak! I was encouraged to step on it. Was hesitating, and end up, yes, I was tempted and done such stupid decision. Now, the peak was not stable and all just collapse. I am now standing at no where but underground! I got no one to blame, as me myself who should take my own responsibility for my own decision. Now, I lost everything!

Another moron people came and try to attack me. Hoping me to get dismissed from the coming competition. Trying to crap and cook story about me.

When I missed my step last week, it caused me to have blue black on my knee. When I was sleeping last week, I bang my head hard to the wall! Again and again hurting myself non-stop!! What are all these? I am now just nothing but a CRAPPPP!

Am feeling super blue now. After a big cry, still I am down.

When things will turn right? Is next year a NEW year for me? I had enough.. =(
I am tired to be strong.
Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day without Electricity!

Wednesday was public holiday, supposed to be a day for me to rest, but I am forced to get up early in the morning to attend for shooting. Night before Wednesday I was staying up late with Vivian until 4am something I think, was sharing our story and hang out out there. Thanks for her accompanion at the night, I do really appreciate it =D

The shooting theme is Goth style. Sighh, I am so disappointed with myself. I love the make up, as it is so fresh to me! It’s my very first time to put on such heavy eyeliner and with Black Lips too! We are not allowed to choose our makeup style, as some of them are grumbling about it. Same thing goes to our outfits and hairdo. I am not allowed to wear bra for the dress due to it is a bare back dress. I did not perform well during the shoot. Everyone was being so professional. Short is not an issue, but being FAT, then it is. Am so eager to ditch out all my fats on my thigh! Arghhh.. The others of them look absolutely great in the pictures! But I? ……. =(

Finally, I got back to my dorm in the afternoon. Was feeling exhausted and plan to take a nap, but when I thought of I just had my lunch, then I went online while waiting the food to be digested. Was told by my housemate that the electricity went off in the morning, and luckily it got back again. It was the fuse which is giving problem, and we need to wait for the next day only there will be technicians available to fix it. All of us thought that it could last us until the next day. But alas, the electricity went off again when I was online-ing!

Was not able to online, due to my modem is switched off without the electricity supply. We tried lots of time to put on the fuse but failed. So end up, all of us played poker game in the living room. Before the sky getting dark, everyone rush to take their shower and here we stopped the game. Living room is at least breezy with the window all open, I then hug my pillow and fall asleep on the couch as I was exhausted.

Until I heard noise by my housemates, I woke up and realized the whole house has turned into so dark! They planned to go to somewhere else than staying home with the stuffy condition, so do I! Rushed and get my face washed, then all of us went out.
We went to USJ Mall, which it looks so grand from the appearance. End up left with disappointment as it has got nothing to shop for, so we went to Snowflakes again for some Chill stuff. It was only 9pm+ right after it! Where else to go? C2 suggested I-City, and there we agree.

Was a bit lost in direction, C2 doesn’t really know about the route! His GPS is kind off useless, haha! We had use the longer way and finally reached. OMG~ It was so damn crowded! All of us had forgotten that it was a public holiday!

Went and strolled around, was feeling so good with the breeze, and all the lighting decorations around are nice! This is not my first time being there, but the first time that I been it was not that much of decoration! The silliness of my housemates make my day =D Was so damn funny with the super lame conversation, the 2 guys are being over narcissism, and kept being opposed my 3 of us! After the walk, it’s time to go back, to our dark and stuffy house.

Mummy called, was asking me back home in KL to sleep since there is no electricity supply. Was hesitating whether should I, but end up I choose to sleep in my dorm. It was too dark for me to pack for my stuff, I scared I miss out something, and need to back for it again. Second thing is, no one in my mind that I can ask for help to give me a ride to KL. Sighh.. How good if I have my own personal car with me. How good if I have a bf too! Feel paiseh to ask for help from friends around, as who is willing to be there for me? No one. So just waited until the next morning and got back home by bus and LRT.

Was feeling blue when I looked at the whole house in dark. Feeling super lonely with terror when I thought of sleeping alone. The first person that appeared in my mind is him. Feel like sharing my worry to him, as I just need an ear to listen. Hoping that he could calm my heart so that I could have a good sleep. Yet, I did not text or give any call to him. He might be busying I think. Two days he did not send me any regards, even in the public holiday. I think I should not interrupt him.. =(

Luckily the night, Ming Li and Hui Xin invited me to sleep with them along. At least it is breezy in their room! Still, I was not having a good sleep for the whole night. Was bitten by mosquitoes! Sigh. Anyway I still need to thank them for the offer, it’s just so warm. Heart you girls! My lovely housemates~ ^^

Woke up early in the morning, packed all my stuff and I depart to back home. Taken bus and LRT. Was taking too much of stuff, and I lost my step. Felt even so helpless during that! Bags dropped everywhere and legs got injured. Thanks for the hand from a Malay girl, appreciate it a lot. Rushed back home early so that I could do my passport. The flight ticket to Bangkok next year has mistaken my name, and I am asked to get my passport done asap to edit my flight tickets info.

Back home and got the car from my mum, then immediately rush to get in to the queue. It is end of the year now, everyone is doing passport for their holidays! It was a super long queue! I queued for 2 hours for the number taking. And just 5 person before me, they stopped the queue and said this is the end of the queue of the day. =.=” Am asked to be there before 7.30am in the next morning! Well, I will be there in 6.30am in the next day then! Arghhh… I will be working at night for tomorrow, so I must get it done before 3pm something tomorrow.

Failed to get my passport, I then drove to JPN for my driving license. Was driving without license for months right after I dropped my pouch. Since I had get my passport size pictures done, so I should just go and do for it since I planned to queue for the whole day. Finally, my license is done~

Just because of my Honesty, I lost it. This indeed gave me a big lesson, as the reality life we are not supposed to be honest! As people might take advantage on us! Big cake lost, and I was being so down for the few days ago. But this is not end of the story! I have got a small cake in this weekend. Even it is small, but this is my chance to break my ZERO! So I am staying tuned with it ;)

Granny fell during the midnight yesterday. Her condition is getting serious and now sending her to hospital. She will be admitted. I am going to look after her later. Sigh, why all the unhappy stuff just happen in such a short period? Pray hard she will recover soon.

Life is always unexpected. You might feel that you are at the peak on your life in the second, following second you might just slip to the dip.

Appreciate what ever that we are having right now.
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Story of "Pencil & Rubber"

Pencil: I'm sorry
Eraser: For what? You didn't do anything wrong.
Pencil: I'm sorry cos you get hurt bcos of me. Whenever I made a mistake, you're always there to erase it. But as you make my mistakes vanish, you lose a part of yourself. You get smaller and smaller each time.
Eraser: That's true. But I don't really mind. You see, I was made to do this. I was made to help you whenever you do something wrong. Even though one day, I know I'll be gone and you'll replace me with a new one, I'm actually happy with my job. So please, stop worrying. I hate seeing you sad. :)

Mr Kevin shared me this touching story since long time ago. I am too busy and have no time to share. Out of sudden, I miss my mum.. And here I thought of sharing this story here, in my e-diary.

Mummy is always there for me, always being my eraser. The only one who sacrifice herself just to pour her love on us.

Worked the whole day, but still wake up early everyday in the next morning, buy us breakfast and everything.

I like her making fruit juice for me. I like her tasteless porridge. It doesn't taste good, but I can feel her love in there. I like to see her smiling. Would like to bring her to shop and relax if I am capable to. I want to buy her a big house, give her lots of money so that she don't need to work.

I am a bad girl, a spoilt brat. Always grumble, even I know I shouldn't. I don have a room. But does she have hers? I never had a warm house with a living room. Does she have that too? Feel so heartache to see her getting elder seriously. Last week, when I hold her hand to walk up on the staircase, I can feel that she is getting older. Sudden fears just had in my heart.

She cares more than me for my interviews. Knowing that I care it a lot, she helped on my hair-do, do the sewing with my clothes, and give me silent support. I know she wish me good luck in her heart, I can feel it. Is just that both of us are too shy to express. I remembered her quote, remember to have my sweet smile with me all the time, no matter who I met or what happened.

I feel heartache to take money from her. Whenever she pass me money, I am feeling so freaking useless in my heart. How many years more for me to go, so that it would be my turn to give her money instead of her doing that? How many year more that she should endure so that I can ask her not to work anymore?

I don't dare to express my feelings towards her. Deep in my heart, I really love you so much Mummy! I promise to try my super best not to let you tired of working. It is reaching soon this day! I knew it!! =D

I would like to be your daughter again if I had a choice.
I will take care of you forever!
I Heart Eu! Muackzz!!
I am working very hard, fighting very hard now =)
Monday, November 15, 2010

Test TEST teST

It's November now. Everything about test, assignment, essays, debate, blar blar blar..! Sighh.. Is super stress with degree life. Never mention about 3k words long, Essays with 1.3k words already killing me!

Time flies. Knew him for more than half year. From Singapore shift to Subang. Always the one who hands out offer when I need helps, and always the one who put 200% efforts on what I asked for. Think back from how we know each other, is kind of funny! Can't imagine from a net stranger, we could be friends in reality. Finally, he decided to leave. Going back to his hometown, might go overseas too. And here, he compromise his promise and bring VV and I for good food ---- Kajang Satay!

We went to a huge malay's Sate house. Is a big restaurant, but somehow a bit disappointed. I wanna try the flavour of fish, duck and mutton! But they don't have it. What a turn off.. We then had the chicken, meat, rabbit and dear. To make our tummy happy, we then second round!! I remembered my ex brought me to a Chinese restaurant which is famous with Satey too! Too bad I had forgotten the name.. So we were trying our luck, hoping to found that restaurant by my misty memory. And here we go!! Just right few rounds we had made, we found it -- Malaysia's Restaurant! OMG~ We tried fish, duck, mutton, and even the chicken taste better than the one just now! =D What a delicious dinner I had ^^ Too bad they don;t have pork.. I miss the one in Malacca *wink*

Tuesday was supposed to go for Jogoya! Ladies buffet for 50% off! Van's mum last minute need the car, and everything just suddenly change. Andre's friends all also feel like cancelling the plan. So, I was sitting in front of my lappie for the whole day, studying for my test on Wed. Until Vv called~ We are going to Yuen's Steamboat buffet that night! Wohooo~~! Non of them who stay in Subang don't know where it is. As since last time everyone was so fancy with the Chicken Wing! Hmm, here I have the chance to try =)

There were total 4 of us. Was sorry to hear about HuiYang's brother's incident, he was suppose to join us until the incident happened. Thank god it is not Worst one. So 4 of us had our THREE hours buffet dinner by eating non-stop. I enjoyed with the Honeydew ice cream too^^ **Vivian ask me to take the ice-cream and imagine it as Jogoya's green tea, as substitution =.=** We joined the trend, spotted for the chicken wings to served by the restaurant, and all went and FIGHT FOR THE WINGS!! Hee! I had it finally! Tasted good, but is a bit too sweet for me.. I don't really like sweet stuff =/ With the lame jokes and question, it just brighten our dinner with laughness! ^^

Wednesday, CAEOC test. I done it badly, I can say. Got my result, and found it under my expectation. A bit disappointed with myself. Is time for me to put more effort on study. Went for interview after that too! Suddenly got revealed with lots of issues, and I felt even more down.. Freaking depressed. Haiz.

Thursday, went for casting. After that went home and do the preparation of my debate stuff. Pending tasks seems never end. Rushed to class after that too! Was quite depressed actually. Night, someone came and find me, and he cheered me up without notice ^^ Accompany him for supper in AC, and chatted a lot. A sudden rain chase us away. Reached dorm, but we still chat for hours in the car. He bring up my smile =D

Friday, again a busy day! Morning went to college to meet up with our opponents group. Had some short discussion with them. After that met up with Vincent, he's passing me teh cash of the girls salary. Then, rush to Hiton Hotel to work for GAB Annual Dinner.

Saturday, a day for me to relax finally. Brought my brother along to MCD for wifi. No line in KL to online.. Night time, I have been asked to follow my mum to her friend's open house buffet party. Was planning to wear only t-shirt and skirts, but been complained and ask to change! Hey, what's wrong?? Open house party only, why can't I just wear casual? Sighh.. Been mumbled. Everyone busy with putting make ups. I just change a dress and waited for all of them =.=.

It's Ms Babilicious fittings on Sunday! I am getting daring nowadays. I got the address, without asking any friends of the direction or google it, I just told my mum that I will be driving there alone. It was stated in PJU5, i just know roughly around Giza, and just plan to give a try. My mum was bored and end up she went with me. Was driving smoothly, until i went into Kota Damansara. Start to spot for the location. Am so proud of myself that I did not get lost, and found the place just like that! =D *was just being lucky*

Ms Babelicious, my first contest! HEre's the flow.

26th Nov, Fri
7pm-9pm: Intro of Contestants

27th Nov, Sat
2pm-4.30pm: Introduction, Q&A Session, Cat Walk cum Photoshooting
4.30pm-7-pm: Public Voting
7pm-9pm: Finalist

28th Nov, Sun
3pm-5pm: Q&A Session, Talent Show, Cat Walk cum Photoshooting with 6 item prepared by organizer)
5.30pm-6pm: Crowning of Ms Babelicious 2010 Model Search

Am so scared n nervous! Suddenly shoot out with a Talent Show session =.=" Sigh. But that is only for the shortlisted. I need not be so worry about it.

Feel scared. Feel like asking friends to support, but I scared I might be embarrassed in front of everyone. Sighh.. =(

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beware Of Cockroach!!

Ever since my Grandpa's demise, my family are staying overnight at my granny house to accompany my grandma. Not consider shifted to the house, just to overnight only. So every weekend that I went back to KL, I will be staying in my Granny house too.

I hate the washroom there! It is dark, with the super dim yellowish lightbulb. And!! There are lots of cockroaches there! Stomach was blending on Friday night, plan to get rid of it. End up I got bullied by those stupid cockroaches! Screamed like hell T__T

Second day in the Morning, I shared it to my mum. My mum got pissed, as my sis, my bro and I, three of us rather to endure and suffer, than been bullied by the cockroaches. Here, she apply a multi-repellent spray that could kill bugs, mosquito, flees, ants, and also COCKROACHES! And it works! More than 10++ cockroaches' corpses lying in the washroom in the next day! Muahahahahah~!

My brother then shared me a story before I went to bed. He told me that my brother-in-law had been attacked by Devil Cockroach!! Guess what! The cockroach went into his EAR! End up he went into hospital to seek for help. The doctor catched the cockroach out from his ear by pulling the cockroach's shattered body: leg, wing.. Goshh!! He felt painful and uncomfortable in the next morning for his head before knowing it was a cockroach inside his ear I think, not so sure about it. Then only he went to look for doctor. I was so scared and covered my ears with my blanket for the whole night! What a nightmare! Euuwwww~!! My mum was scolding me, claimed that I am thinking too much. Haha! She said my brother-in-law ate in the room, and it attracted them. Plus he was having his nap on the floor, resulting in such scary story =.=" NO COCKROACHES! PLS~ Wuwuwu~

Sunday, Shopping day with my Babes! Vivian didn't join us, due to she need to prepare for the coming exam :( So, along with Vannie and Sharon, 3 of us went to KL to shop~ We joined the Crave of UNIQLO! Queue for a long queue, and finally we got to enter the shop ;)

Saw lots of nice Mickey shirts! I love them so so muchie~~ My classic Mickey :( It's only RM29.90! I did not get to buy them however, was spending too much on myself. No more excuse to pamper myself once in while. TOO MUCH and ENOUGH. So, I hold my desire, telling myself not to turn into a big spender. I saw a sweater there! It's true that the shirts of UNIQLO are all in good quality! It costs RM79.90. Woow~ Luring me to bring it home! But it is a bit too expensive for me. Sigh.. So, I decided to see whether will I miss her or not. If yes then only I go n get her next time. XD

Was a bit embarrassed. People all left with big and small bags, we left with empty! Muahaha! We then went to shop in Sg Wang. Shopped few shops, and get tempted again! Van then ask us to endure until next year's Bangkok trip! We gonna shop like crazy there! As clothes are way cheaper there! Bought the air ticket, and it will be in March! Can't wait to go there~ Wuhooo~~ ^^

End up we went to the T-Bowl restaurant: ToiletBowl concept restaurant. Euww~ The designs are funny, yet disgusting! Haha! Were eating and slacking there. We chit-chatted and crapped a lot, were laughing non-stop only! Hehehe~ Too many stupid story to crapped. Lame jokes just can't stop within our conversation. If add on with the Vivian's presence, I think we will turn out even more crazy! I miss her~ =/

About 6pm+, we then left. What a silly day for us ^^
Jogoya buffet on coming Tuesday. Wuuhoo~~~~ ^^ Pity my wallet~ T__T
I love Eu my FC Girls~ ^^ Muahh muahh muahhhhh!! <3
Friday, November 5, 2010

Wrong Timing

I am told that he was busy. Busying with all the roadshows and events. 2 days he did not contacted me, and yesterday during my class, he called. When I look at my phone, it was a missed call appeared with his name. I do got shocked. Felt a bit unbelievable. Was hesitating whether should I text him back to ask the reason he called. End up, still I text him and ask. He replied with "Nothing ady =)". Sigh, and I did not replied. Then again he text me, asking me for movie this Saturday.

Was hesitating whether should I turn up or not. I know that I will either got the answer I want, or I will be getting full disappointment.

Friday, again he called. Asking me out for dinner. I even got shocked! Was still hesitating about Saturday, but then it is like just going to happen on that day itself. End up, still we met up for dinner.

Casual talks. Nothing much. None of us dare to touch on any of the issues. Until he left, still the same.

Night, he called. Same thing. He was hesitating a lot of stuff. Busying with his current jobs. Straining his brain on few issues. Too many things happen in short. He is now undergoing a dip in his life.

After the calls, I do think a lot. Understood that everything just happened in a wrong time. Things will happen if it is fated. No point of thinking too much.

This means that it's time for both of us to concentrate on each other's stuff. He has got his job, I have got my studies stuff. If thing is meant to be happen, no matter how it will still happen. If it does not meant to be so, we should learn how to let go. This is life, don't you agree? ;)

Was trying to let myself not to be too much. I should master how to manipulate my mind. Most of the time the image of us could just appear in my mind, even I was trying to concentrate on the lecture class. Sigh. Having super bad time for the 2 days.

Tuesday, Double-Chin were intended to be my paster. Asking me out for Snowflakes, so that I will not be thinking too much. Was pouring out all my feelings, and both of them shared their views. Appreciate it a lot. I got to know that "dignity" is just a word. There are things that we should fight for our own sake. However, I am too passive to be one who able to express themselves.

I seriously had a great day on Wednesday! Certain reason that I skipped my class. Along with VEEC, and my housemates, all of us paid a visit to Connaught night market. Invited HowChung along, as I have never seen him for quite some time and I was always busy whenever he called for lunch. And there he turn up for our visit too. Traffic that night was a bit jam. THX msged me for night market too! Well, just go along together since I am going to. We been there by 2 cars, met up with Vv's bf & HowChung there. Was really enjoy that night, this is the first time to come out with the whole housemates :) I hope they enjoyed the night too. Somehow it was a big gang of us, so we do spread into few groups. Too pack, jostling with the crowds.

Thursday night, I attended my class. Been there by bus, as I seriously need to be independent. Learnt One and a Half walk with the accompanion with musics. It is FUN~ Hee! Start to mingle and get along with my classmates, lame jokes coming non-stop. However, my instinct is always right. Always get myself reminded, humans are always unpredictable.

Was being unhappy and being emotional previously.
However, I have found back my smile ;) Don't worry my dearest~ Don't forget I am the strong one! =P
Monday, November 1, 2010

Porcupines are Thorny to Protect Themselves from Getting Hurt

I am a Porcupine.

It's freaking hurt. From nothing someone pull me into such a deep hole. And when I am already into it, one try to push me out.

Too much of worries. Worry that you can't give me this, you can't give me that. Worry about your body condition. To be honest, I don't care about all that. What I want is just YOU! Even how my Queen disagree for this, I am already well-prepared. Because I am seriously into you.

Finally I walked off from the sorrow in my heart, stepped out from the phobia that I was having for so long. And now, I am hiding back under my warm shelter again.

The conversation really hurts. It seems like you are pushing me away, or trying to get me half hanging. If never thought that you are able to give me happiness, then what is those courtship that is more than half year? To the matter of confront, you choose to shun.

Everyone would easily got into something that is unpredictable. I would even get involved in an accident and just go away like this! Life is always unpredictable. Why should we get restricted by all the nonsense reason?

Maybe those are just an excuse. Maybe you have got other hidden reasons. Maybe and maybe. Maybe just as what Vv said, falling into me is uncontrollable, but the moment of deciding make him have the super low-esteem. If really so, then just keep your love to yourself and stop all the courtship. Stop pulling me in and pushing me away.

I don't like to be half way hanging. I tend to get hurts more in the end if everything did not work out. So I am sorry that I can't do as what you had told me yesterday. Even now, my heart already shatter into pieces.

Don't ask me whether have I found it or not. The matter now is just whether are you ready for it. No point of pushing.

I had put down my dignity, and when I look back on myself, I looked so cheap. Is like I am begging one to be with me, even I did not do it obviously.

If you think things won't work out, please leave me, even how much you feel you love. I am sorry to be selfish and thorny. I had enough of hurts in love. Don't message me or contact me for this moment. I seriously need months to get recovered and be alone. I am forcing myself not to miss you, as this is freaking hard.

Sorry for the following unreplied message.

My life seems to be fated that my love is always hurts. Full with disappointment. In term of love, my life sucks.


Bought My Black LappY!

Finally, I had enough with my stupid PC. Lag and lots of problem. And here I bought myself a brand new Lappy! Asus, also in black! So again this is my another blackie to black, hee.. Here again I feel super heartache to spend a few k on purchasing my first laptop :(

Was busy working for last week. Rushed to work with my dearest VeeC after our class on Wed. Well, luckily we did not get disappointed, we received Tips! Heee =D Easy job again for us..

Thurs, I am working as an usherette of the Glenmarie Golf Club for a golf tournament. The whole working experience was SUCKS wey! Hate those people who don't know how to respect the others. Sigh.. Some how that day I've got something to at least cheer up my whole sucks day.

Friday, finally a day for me to rest! Still, I need to attend class for the night. But at least I am not working. Was really freaking exhausted for the week.. I cleaned my dorm, wash all the clothes, and took a refreshing nap too! =)

Again a busy day for me on Saturday. Early in the morning, I joined my modelling agency's trip to PD for shooting. I am seriously damn freaking tired and plan to turn down the trip, but I am failed to due to certain reasons. Been there and met some photographers friends. I then catch them to talk to me rather than shoot me! I don't wanna shoot with my attire that day. A feeling of been con. Sighh.. Luckily I manage to walk away from those photographers by using lots of stupid reason, haha! So I did not manage to shoot lots of picts =)

Went back to KL right after the PD trip. I took a long nap, and woke up for job again. SIghh.. Work work work! Luckily my dear Vivian is working with me! We're working for the dart event in Royal Selangor Club. Was amazed that there are still people fancy with dart! Heee.. At least with her accompanion I won't feel that tired =) But pity her.. She hurt her hand's nerve.. Hope she will get well soon :)

At night, met up with my Kepong gang for Haloween party! We went to Maison, and somehow is really too crowded on that night. Chui, Lion and I were a bit bored. Not really having mood. We then walked off to get fresh air out there. A Man and others were all having fun inside in the meanwhile. 3 of us then walked to a mamak nearby and had our supper. First time of me having supper! Was so damn hungry! We then crapped and gossip a lot, haha! A nice gathering for us.. We then meet up with the others right after we received their call after they done their party.

Sad thing happen. My friend's mirror been smashed. Luckily the people did not manage to steal anything. Somehow it has already became a hectic issue to my friend. She was so mad catching the person-in-charge and yelled. Her dad's Altis~ =/

Sunday, family day for me =D Turn down a job offer. I enjoy shopping with my family. Even is just a short while, but we were enjoying the whole process. We were joking around and had fun. Bought lots of food for me to bring them back to USJ. I love eu Mummy~ Muackz!

I am so shit.. Falling into a deep ship. I am now into him! Swear before that I will never into him, but yet it happened! Arghhh..

I don't know what is really in his mind. Is he serious? Few times that I almost trust his sincerity. But again and again he makes me feel that I am not that Important. Should we got together? As we have got almost the same attitude. Don't like to give explanations to alter others' perception.

Sad to say that I already into him. I am too afraid to get hurts anymore. I think I should control myself.. Was a bit out of conscious yesterday! Sigh..

I miss him so badly.. :(