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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

*~How I End My 2010~*


Christmas eve, dropped my job and celebrate it with my silly gang ;) Again, four of us! Hee.. We went for a simple Christmas dinner at Pasta Zanmai. Although it was just a simple dinner, but it is a warm gathering for the four of us. We have never sit down and chit chat for sometime. There, we share our recent life. Many things happened around us, but I am glad that the four of us are still being the same, still that close even we did not manage to meet often.

Lame jokes and silly talk will never absent among four of us :D After dinner, around 10pm++, we quickly left Pyramid and head towards Puchong. We were going to Vivian's house to enjoy the nice view and fire crackers. Glad that she is staying on a hill top, and all of us manage to enjoy our Christmas Eve without jostling with the crowd. Maybe we have got older, crowded Christmas is no longer what I want. A quiet, relaxing one we had ^^

Again, someone just can't absent from my mind, still I miss him whenever I left my mind blank,"How good if he is along with us," again my mind reeled. Phone beeped for times, received lots of greeting message, but none of it is from him. Sigh. After a long struggle in my heart, end up I sent out my first greeting sms to him. He then replied me after a long time. "Merry X'mas! =)" Well, what some more than I am expecting? Things would not change as it is already a FACT. How many festival more that I could take it as excuse to send him a regard? Sighh.. I should stop all these, until I have a conscious mind. I think it would be impossible for me to get his greeting sms from now onwards, things change... How good if we were remaining as the friendship as last time, at least a greeting message for each other won't sounds awkward.

Few days before Christmas, I received a call. "Hello, is the Krystelle H.... ? I am calling from Hong Leong Bank. You have won the voucher to TGIF to have a dinner on 25th. So are you available?" Zzzz.... I don't have any Hong Leong Bank account. =.=" LOL. It's SS who called. Was feeling so funny! He cheered me up day that day :) Somehow I don't feel like celebrating it. It's a happy day, but I am not, so I should not be celebrating it. He then asked where I feel like going. I answered: "Beach!!" :)

SS then agree and brought me to the nearest beach -- Morib Beach! We went there and had a walk. I was bouncing like a kid when I saw the beach! It was so so relaxing~ Trying hard not to think of him, but again failed. SS cheered me up by buying me kite, but somehow we failed to fly it due to the wind stop blowing. We then sat down n chatted. "Finally you have this day." SS said. He claimed that always I was the one who being ignorance, and now here's my turn to be ignored. Sigh.. Am trying hard to be strong. Did not post any status on Fb, don't want him to know I am undergoing such painful feel. I never expect him to turn back and have a glance on me just because of my tears. He had his choice and he is happy with it.

Never expected any Christmas gift, but I got some :) Thanks to everyone for everything.. The warmest gift that I have would be the instant make-up remover and Counterpain ^^ Doesn't need to be expensive, all the stuff is really caring enough. I could remove my make up instantly after my tiring jobs, and apply the cream for my muscle as it is really painful and torturing to stand with the heels for whole day.

Merry Christmas friends :)
I am not being happy, but I hope people around me would enjoy their celebration.

Year End BEACH Vacation -- Port Dickson

Knowing that I am feeling down, Vivian and her bf had organised a year end trip just for me! I told them I feel like going to Beach, and here they organised a 3days 2night trip to Port Dickson :)

Total of 6 of us. Departed at 27th Dec around lunch time. Had a nice lunch of YongTauFu in Puchong before we departed and shopped for food and junk snacks. Around 6pm+ we finally reached.

We were staying at the Glory Beach Resort. Well, what I can say it, IT IS NOT GLORY AT ALL! I was stunted to look at their beach! Yucckk~! We planned to cancel our advance booking, as we have not paid any single cent, due to their facilities are totally different as the pictures provided in the net. But the house was intimidating us by saying they will still charged us by the credit card. What a service! We then have no choice but to stay.

The place is Sucks, but the people is FUN ;) First night we were Barbecuing at the balcony of our Condo. As usual, chicken wing would never absent! Follow on with the crabmeat, luncheon meat, cheese sausage and lamb chop! Too bad we failed to buy bacon.. Somehow we had a great dinner :) Brought Shisha along in our trip too, hee..! CH brought Nitendo Wii! First ever play with Wii in my life. We were all acting like a small kids with the Wii, especially the boxing game XD Food were digested right after the boxing session. Good to hear that, as I could continue to eat again, hee =P

After the bbq, we then have a walk at the beach. Not the one of our resort, we drove to an open beach with bright lights and strolled. Jon brought some firecrakers, there are some light and heavy one. We then strolled to somewhere where there is nobody and light on the light one. It was so freaking funny! The idiot HY ask us to run once they had positioned the firecrackers. We were running seriously far, and end up, HY told us that he did not light it! Wth.. Haha! We lighted three of them, and it looked like shooting stars :) I wish I could make a wish, but I know my wish is unreachable.

After back to our dorm, again, shoot poker with the "Fuck You" game. All of us were exhausted, we were playing for few rounds only and all went to sleep.

Second day in the morning, we woke up early for the resort's breakfast. GOSH, the food is suck! I rather to eat my maggie than the food there. Never ever check into the GLORY BEACH RESORT again, what a bad experience! After breakfast, we went to another beach. Forgotten the name. They bought kites from there. Due the the wind is not strong enough, the kites fail to fly. Some of them had their coconut water there, and I ordered Milo =P

We then left. Went to bought a Volleyball before heading towards another beach. This time, we were going to Bayu Beach :)

Huge difference of the beach compared to our resort's. It is so clean, nice sand, and sea water too! Nice weather for the whole day in PD. We then played with our volleyball. All of us were so stupid for the game, end up with chasing the ball only. So, we changed the game to the Monkey game again. Well, it was so tiring. After a shortwhile, we then planned to head back for a rest.

I took a short nap, while they bbq some sausage left over yesterday as lunch. When I am awake, cheese sausage were mostly eaten by Jon! Hmphh.. We then grab the left over food like starved for days when the food is ready :) Was playing D Poker with the guys while waiting the sweet couple to get ready. Damn, they were bullying me by peeping on my cards, both left and right! Arghhhh... Bad one!

Dinner, we went to XiWang Seafood Restaurant. It is the only chinese restaurant with packed customers. So we stopped by and give a try. Well, the food tasted nice =D We ordered lots of nice food, again with 2 plates of Fried Sotong! Restaurants there all closed sharp at 10pm. Just nice that we finished our food at 10pm.

The only entertainment of people in Port Dickson are Beach, and Fun Fair. We then paid fun fair a visit, as I have not been there for almost 10 years I think. Hardly we could see any fun fair in KL right now. Colourful place, and crowded too ^^ I miss the yellow duckling the most!

We were watching at the Axe Machine, which rotate 360'. Felt so excited, wanting to have a ride for so much! My dear Vivian see me so eager to hop on, and she volunteered to accompany me. If there are only two of us who take the ride, I would not want to do so. I was begging them to play along. Face turn ;( when all of them trying to reject. End up, HY who is having acrophobia agree to accompany us! Woohoooo~! Then four of us go! Goshh!! It was so scary, but yet fun and excited^^ At least I got to scream and release everything out. Pity HY ended up puking badly when we're home. My face got red dots right after the game too! Looks scary! I think is because of the blood vessels :(

At night, again we planned to burn the firecrackers. This time is the heavy one, which are those we seen during festivals, with different colours and patterns. We released it at our own beach beside the resort. They looked so beautiful with the glitters and colours. Guys were acting so funny and clumsy as they ran quickly once they light on the fire crackers. People around walked out, and cheered for the fire crackers too! What a nice experience by light fire crackers ourselves, saying goodbye to 2010 ;)

It is not the end of the night yet. This time we did not play shoot poker. We played the Truth & Dare. The whole game process were so damn freaking funny, and lots of pictures have been taken down as punishments! Laugh non stop at the night with stupid question and lame pose =P

The next morning, we slept till 11am something. Rather to eat instant noodles rather than the resort's free breakfast =.= Finally we went to the beach of our resorts to have a walk. Damn it! If you want to have a relaxing strolling session, never ever do it at the beach of Glory Beach Resort. It is really sucks. The feeling is like stepping on the SHIT! Seriously! When they describe the feeling to us before we steeped on it, I was still doubting their words. Until I stepped on it, my goose balm all came up. Euuuwwww~ Really disgusting!

No where to go anymore. Finally, bye bye PD :) Slept all the way going back. In the midway, AC suggested to stop by at Gold Coast, Sepang! Another beach again, wuhoo! It seems like a beach tour huh? XD What a nice weather also. We then hopped off. They were so excited to fly their kite, as we did not get to do so for the previous beach due to the wind. Finally, they manage to fly it. And left them over the tree too! Haha! Enjoyed our Ice-cream, and photo session there.

Finally reached USJ. We then ended our trip by having dinner in Murni Discovery, USJ9. Gosh, I miss their food so much! Had my Roti Hawaiian and Ribenna Special ;)

I do manage to relax my mind after all the straining nerve. I did not really concern about time during the whole trip, just let it be. Just do whatever we want to rather than restrict ourselves what to do on what time and what time. With all the silly people and lame jokes during all the trips, it is really super FUN ^^ Even though I failed to get rid of him, but at least I felt better during this trip. Thanx to VC, AC, HY, JC, CH for the humor, you guys make me :D

Thanks for my dear VEEC, don't shy for our Kiss kiss during the trip, haha! With you, we almost have a trip every 2-3 months. It is my pleasure to have you as bestie, I lub eu so muchh ^^

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thanks Giving

Christian have Thanks Giving on the Christmas eve. For the end of this year, I have my thank giving speech in my heart too. I was being so naive and lost for the previously, and until 22th Dec, I have a big realisation of myself.

This year is the most exciting year for me, I am going to miss 2010 :) New approach to jobs, fun exciting experience, people, and hinders in life too!

This year, I changed a lot without realising. I lost my own personalities too. I was being misted by all the unrealistic stuff, as I used to ask myself not to be into them. Somehow, I lost in direction, turned into so pathetic and childish. When I look back myself in past, I feel so funny with myself.

Is jobs really so important to me? I mean freelance jobs. Yes, money is important to me, but not until the extent that I am so into it and dying to want for it. If it is mine, then it is. If it is not, no point of making big issues about it.

Look at some freelancers around me, I suddenly have some realisation. They are so into it, and are so dying to get any single jobs that they could. Will even call up the agent to ask for the job position even the job is not offered to them. Not about money, I can see from them. It is all about FAME, aren't it? Young girls chasing for unrealistic stuff. Wearing unique uniform, snapshot and show it to friends around. But then she revealed that all those jobs she was just working as replacement. Is that what we want? Want others to have a glance on us and said: whoahh! Her life is fun! Duhh.. Sound funny right? I used to be one of them. Just hope they would awake one day.

Few weeks ago, I shared my story to Des and Gab during our yumcha session. They asked me, "So what lesson have you gained from this incident?" That point of view, I was still been misted by my fantasy world. I told them, "I gain nothing!" I don't even know where is the problem come from. I went on depression because of jobs and everything, and I feel that is nothing wrong. Now I look back myself, I feel so funny!

I lost something precious because of choose to live in the young girls' fantasy world. From pictures it looks so glamour, fun and exciting. But in fact, do people know it is all so empty? Life is just so funny..

Just in one day, I have got a big realisation. I understood I should be the original me that I used to be last time. Work for decent jobs just for the sake of extra pocket money, with a conscious mind too! High pay should not buy away my own personalities..

31st Dec I have got a job offer. High pay but with sexy attire. End up, I turned down the job and go for another job which offer RM150 lesser but with decent uniform. Sometimes money doesn't mean everything. Higher pay but lost your own personalities, end up you might lost something even more precious. Do satisfy with our current situation, and choose jobs with conscious mind.

Yesterday, I visited Cannought night market. It reminds me of him again, sigh. That was long long ago, when I was still not into him. Vivian and her bf is going for OUG night market, and I would not like to be their lightbulb. So I messaged him, and he replied YES. Again and again, everything just flashed over in my mind. Even I choose for specs, it reminded me about him again. I don't know since when I am already so into him.

It is pain though. This is the process of letting go, and it hurts a lot. Went to chill in Beer Factory yesterday too. Thanks for my dearest who spent their time to accompany me. Don't be silly and try to make myself drunk. It won't change the fact, I will still need to face it. Don't worry my friends.. Pain is part of the process. Even how sad am I, I have never expect that he will turn back for me. What I need is just time. Cheers :)

For 2009, I feel that I have gain nothing, not even any maturity. Just a big lesson from my ex, as choosing boyfriend must be very careful and everything. Never made another wrong decision like last time.

It goes the same for my 2010. I felt I gain nothing even how many times I have fell. Until 2 days ago, a big realisation for me. I suddenly feel that I should see things in different views. I was being over stubborn for everything. I look so funny in the past, people around me do think the same thing I think. At least, now I am also one of them who laugh at myself last time. At least this shows some realisation of myself.

Sometimes, being over stubborn might cause us to lost something precious in our life. Have clear aim and fight for it is a good thing, but in the meanwhile being contented would let you sustain whatever that you have which is precious. So please appreciate it before it is too late :)

Thanks to my mum for being understanding in my life. I love you always
Thanks to VivianC for being my best best friend whenever I need you. The BEST BEST buddy!
Thanks to my true FRIENDS around that help me a lot and give advise whenever I am lost ;)
Thanks to Him for letting me realise that I have lost the original me, and being underneath in my own fantasy world. All the best to you :)
Thanks to everyone in my life for cheering me up whenever I am down and everything.
Thanks for the criticize and laughing which lead to my realisaton.

Thanks that I have gone up another level with a different point of views of life. I will love myself more, and appreciate everything that I have. Stay HUMBLE is the key! And be the Original ME~

New year is coming, a warm welcome to new life.
2011 -- New Challenge coming ;)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Blue Christmas

I worked like mad for the last weekend. Trying hard to fill up all of my time so that I will not have time to think about him. But yet, I failed. He bumped into my mind every single moment when ever my mind go blank.

I worked for Federation-D (Asia Drift) Launching Street Party, Formula Drift, pay shoot and Smint last weekend. Even Monday, I am working for Mohawk (Car Audio) Product Launching. Working non-stop and I have no time to rest at all. I should be feeling happy, as I am now more into event about motorshow. But am I really happy? I am feeling so empty with all these.

Karena was asking whether I am feeling blue recently last week, but I just smile and said no. Until yesterday, we get to chatted again, and I shared out all my feelings to her. She claimed that she found me different as last time when she know me during Avira. I used to be a cheerful girl with my laugh smile all the time, she claimed. And recently I am not.

Last Saturday night, I was working with Smint. Reached Pavillion and waiting for the others. While waiting, Pavillion was just started to snow. I was alone, standing out there, staring at the snow. It looks so beautiful.. What a Christmas, and I am feeling so blue. I miss him so much while starring at the snow. Tears dropped unintentionally.

Justin then suddenly appeared in front of me! Gosh! He saw my tears. He said he saw me from far away, observe me staring at the snow and looked so blue. I quickly wiped off my tears and smile at him. In such a crowd I was crying alone and been seen by my friend. Sigh..

I shared to few of my friends. I feel like quitting event line. I feel so empty even how far I have gone. Guys look at me, even fall into me just because of I am an event girl. I missed the time when I was just a promoter, and he was so into me. Offered me a ride back and purposely waited me even how late it was. Am still considering this question.. As I am feeling so empty with what I am having right now.

Just got myself free to blog, and there is a pass-by asking me this question. "If you found your true love, and he want you to quit all your event jobs that with less attire, just normal wear. Or even quit all of your jobs and just only be his girl, will you?" I was already considering quitting my event jobs before you have throw me out this question. My answer is, YES, I AM WILLING TO IF HE IS REALLY MY TRUE LOVE. I am willing to give in if it is worth. Will just work for normal event, as promoter or whatever. No point showing your body and you end up having nothing.

I asked Gen, is it possible to fight back for your love by trying to go after him? Gen told me, as a guy has decided to give up, no matter what you have done, you will not get anything in return. I am so afraid to know the truth. I have got no guts to drop him any sms. I was keep thinking what actually I have done wrong and so on. I am FAIL.

He used to tell me, "Your sms won't get me annoyed." But I think that was past.. My sms now would not cheer his day up anymore. Who to blame? Blame myself for not having guts to message guys. Blame my passiveness. Blame myself for not being brave enough to fight for my bliss.

I know it is too late for everything..

I still miss him every single moment.

I am FAIL.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let Go..

During DLE, from a little excitement, turned into a big disappointment. The distance is just so near, but it seems to be way far apart. Was still getting excuses for him, thinking that he might be busy or something. Still being so naive and expecting something..

Until YikXian and another friend told me not to expect anything from him anymore, I totally got the answer. I understand there is no point waiting or expecting anymore. You had your decision. And here I respect. Thanks for the informing, at least I know I should really stop for everything.

Friends around were telling me that he seems like toying my feelings. But deep in my heart, I can feel he used to be sincere and true once. Maybe until recently he found out I'm not his girl, so he is just trying to keep a distance and want me to slowly let go. I understand that once one had done such decision, there is no way to pull it back, as feelings can't be forced.

So happen his activities bounced on my wall, and I saw him commented on Christine's photo. Was being shocked as they know each other too. Somehow I never really thought of anything. Until another one, I think he might be into Christine already now. I am feeling grateful as Christine is a nice one, having good personalities and friendly. So, it is not a bad girl for him at least. And I wish all the best to 2 of them ;)

I am feeling heartache though. Trying hard to let go, but the memory seems to be so hard for me to be flushed. It won't be that pain if he never stepped into my inner circle, but yet it happened. Whatever it is, it is already pass tense. Trying hard not to think, but still it popped out. Sigh. Hope I can get rid of this pain soon.

Jobs jobs jobs. I hope I could work like mad so that I won't be having time to think of him.

Yesterday finally watched Narnia with KelvinP. It is a nice movie, and I enjoyed watching it :) Even it is not really funny, but the adventure of the story is interesting enough. We had our Sakae Sushi before the movie, it was a nice dinner treats, and a very full one! Thanks to him ;)

Today, Wednesday. Can say it is a bit rush for everything today. Need to be at Bangsar at 2pm to collect my uniform for my job tomorrow. It is Federation D Launch Party Event (Formula Drift Asia) at Bangsar Village. Then interview of the GoodYear Drift event on Sunday is at 3pm in Shah Alam. Gosh.. It is a bit rush, and I don't really know the location. Thanks for all the friends who help in explaining the map and the road for me, and at last I made it ^^ Thanks to Gab for giving me a rife to KL to take my car, and thanks to VEEC for with me along! At least I am not afraind to be lost.. Heee ;) Hope both of us would get the job. ^^

Rushed to class right after the interview too! Fuuhh! Late for an hour! Somehow it is lucky that we manage to catch up with the lesson.

What a week. =/

當我們擦身而過 那短短一秒鐘
都明白 什麼都變了

這段情就算曾經 刻骨且銘心過
過去了 又改變什麼
地球它又 公轉幾週了(濃情愛戀 都已陌生了)

我不難過了 甚至真心希望你能幸福
當我瞭解 你只活在記憶裡頭
我不恨你了 甚至原諒你的殘忍理由
當我瞭解不愛了 連回憶都是負荷

我不難過了 甚至真心希望你能幸福
當我瞭解 你只活在記憶裡頭
我不恨你了 甚至感謝這樣不期而遇
當我從你眼中發現已是 陌生人了
我已是 陌生人了
Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lelio Popo!

Tuesday, went working at KLIMS. I am seriously damn happy with my jobs. Confidence increased compared to last time. My uniform seems to be fresh for me, and the long boots too ;)

After the job, I then went to 1U with KelvinP for movie. What a blur me.. After our dinner in Dragon-i, we then went for the ticket collection. Then only I realised, the Narnia free redemption coupon is for NEXT week, but not on that day itself! =.=" LOL. We then alternately choose to watch Lelio Popo on that night.

We have never really bring on any expectation on the movie, as it is just a substitute to Narnia. Yet, we were laughing like hell for the whole movie! Seriously, I can say that this is the funniest comedy that I have ever watched ^^ Enjoy the movie a lot, and of course thanks to KelvinP!

Wednesday, I attended classes in college. The inorganised lecturer was driving us mad. She was wasting our time only. I was a bit sleepy and exhausted, have not been having enough rest. Whole day was being day dreaming in the college. =/

Night, I have been invited from Harith to MIST. He is asking for helps, as he is betting with his friends. So, here I go. It was so happened it is just after my exam, and it have been months I have not been to club. They were 6 of us, I only know Harith and Hilman there. Another 2 guys, a Chinese and a Korean, and another girl called Carmen. It was just nice with the crowd, not too pack and everything. I was not feeling well actually with my tummy. Felt like vomiting too! Losing appetite recently.. Sigh

Start to get afraid with meats, especially chicken! I feel like vomiting to look on chicken. Well, it is really weird. I was used to be so into meat and chicken, as I swear I will die if everything is turning into vege. Yet! I prefer to eat only vegetable and taufu recently! What is exactly happening to me? =/ It's all after my depression period.. sigh

The lifespan of love is harder to sustain compare to money earning. Is that true? Is we never really put on any effort to sustain it, or we are just mumbling for nothing? Maybe.. If and if. Maybe it is true for you. To sustain it seems to be hard, because there are too many distractions. Never expect a flying bird to land as they are hiding their legs.

Tomorrow would be the day of Digital Lifestyle Expo. Am being so unconscious. A bit happy as I could see him after so long. In the other hand, I don't know how to react when I see him. Am I supposed to be there? Am I supposed to bump into him? Am I? I really don't know what some more that I am expecting. Sigh. It doesn't feel good with all these feels.

Recently, I realised friends around are rather a bit cool. Cool as in they would text you if they need helps or something, but once you provide the info and helps, they show nothing, not even any appreciations or reply. They would ask for jobs if they need it, but once you shared, not even any "thanks" or reply that you will got from them. =/ So, does it mean that you don't need the jobs in the future anymore? Well if that is the case I will not be sharing anymore. I found funny as she could just accept the offer that I'd offered but without any replies. To be honest, in freelance line, we got jobs not only from agents, but also from freelancers around. I don't need any appreciations, but at least a reply of "noted". Is that hard? This is actually a simple courtesy in our life, not only in terms of freelance jobs. Yet, ... Speechless.

To a nice friend :
Thanks for the care and sharing all the time. Even is way far away from me, but still you are always there to hands on helps. I do really appreciate it, seriously.

I am sorry that sometimes I need a private and personal space to have a good rest. From facebook activities, you get to know I am online. You send me offline message, and hoping I will reply. As I don't, you keep sending and sending non-stop.

I am all the time appearing offline mode in MSN, the only reason is I wish to have my own personal space. I wish to chat only with those that I feel to on the point of time. Sometimes I am on Facebook, but in the meanwhile I am busying with my studies too. Facebook is just for me to distress for minutes or seconds. So, it doesn't mean that I am free to chat.. Sometimes I am doing my researches, the msn's noise do really distracted me. Sometimes I am being exhausted, I really hope I could have a space not to chat with anyone.

Sometimes when we were chatting, I was chatting with the others in the meanwhile too. So, late reply is just being normal.. Just pay a little patient.. I will reply soon.

It is nice to share stories, but sometimes it turned out to be reporting. Maybe I have got used not to report everything to people, so sometimes I might get a bit annoyed as you keep questioning me something in details. I am so sorry about it..

From your Twitter, you are saying that you are not being happy as you have been treated as an invisible man. I am sorry to hear that. But I hope you understand, I seriously need my own space. That is the main reason of appearing offline mode most of the time.

You might think that I am being evil now. I am sorry to be so. You are a nice friend, I do appreciate it. Thanks for the supportive sms for my test, interviews and so on. But sometimes it is rather to be too many of the messages that you have sent me in one day..

I am sorry that I seldom reply sms other than any important issues. I am sorry for everything. What I need is just a break. Chat once in a while is okay for me.. But chat everyday seems to be too tired for me.. Again.. I am really so sorry..
Monday, December 6, 2010

Ho ho ho! Ho ho HOLIDAY~!

Finally~!! Party time ^^

Well, what I meant is just time to RELAX! Whole semester was busying with assignments, essays and presentation for 3 months! Finally~ We have got a month to take a good break :)

It was a busy week last week. Busy with assignments, and also preparation for my test on Monday. Working for Sprint on Friday and Saturday, and yet need to worry for my studies.

It is a fresh experience working for Smint! As our job scopes are to distribute free Smints for people, and of course ask them to support by buying few of it. It's a roving team, and we travelled from one place and another.

I have been to lots of nice chilling place, such as Eco Bar and so on. Too many places that we have been. It's fun, and of course tiring. I love the uniform, as it looks cute and energetic! Haha! The marketing strategy to create brand awareness of them are quite successful, as people all were wondering what are we doing. Total of 6 girls in every night. 4 hours job, but the exact working hour is only 2 hours. Even it was just such a short time, we tend to get exhausted! =/

Saturday morning, I was having two interviews. One is in Kepong, and another one is in Paramount, PJ. Well, Kepong is one of my comfort zone, thus I have not much worries about it. But, Paramount!! Been there few times, but it was one year ago! Sigh.. Was hoping my dad could lead me the way, but he was mumbling and everything. Duhhh.. Forget it. So end up I decided to drive there alone. Without GPS, how am I going to get to the place?? =(

Luckily I have got a LIVE GPS! Ahhaha! A talking one, and could chat with me either! Thanks to THX for guiding me the way from the phone calls, and also my brother, he is accompanying me to interviews. He planned to online at my dorm in USJ right after my interviews. Finally, I reached my destinations safely ^^

This week is going to be wonderful for me! Various job scope that I am going to work as, ngek ngek ngek.. Tomorrow I am going to work for KLIMS. Yess! Thank god for giving me this chance, just ONE, and I am satisfied ;) Muackz!! Thursday will be going for fittings for my coming job of Digital Lifestyle Expo(DLE). Friday-Saturday working for DLE, and Sunday going to work for LYN shoe model! WUhooo~~~~

Wednesday?? Well, I will be going to college. Skipped too many accounting class, and soon going to get warning letter if I still skipped it. Haha! Who arranged it to be on Wednesday late noon as interviews and jobs are always clashed! And I have learnt all of them, was just day dreaming in all the previous class. *Trying to Push the Blame!* =P

Tomorrow will be going for movie after my job with KelvinP. The one that I have got it for free -- Narnia :) So~ Tomorrow onwards would be a charming days for me!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

When You Change the way You See, The Things You See Will change :)

Finally it is December. 2010 ending soon. Things were not going smooth recently, somehow I see the change, and it is turning better :)

KLIMS, the biggest dream in freelance line. Held only once for 3 years, and it is the biggest Motor Show in the whole Malaysia. Sad thing is, I lost the job. Lost few thousands because of that. Was being very sad previously.. Somehow I have learnt few lessons on all these issues that happened to me lately.

Without realising, the ego in my heart is increasing. It is not a bad news to have ego, as this shows our confident. But over the limit is not a good one. So, it's time for me to learn to be more humble. And, lose this jobs is somehow not the end of the world. I still have long way to go. Another 3 years might be the nice ending for my freelance life ;)

I lose my Ms Babelicious contest, but I gain lots of experiences. See through the reality world too! Things turning good after that.

Fresh experience jobs come to me again. I worked for the Kronenbourg beer (K1664) launching. It is a super premium beer from France, and yesterday was the first launch in Malaysia. I am loving the uniform, it looks cute! Hehe. We were required to learn some French word, such as Bienvenue (Welcome), Merci Monsieur / Madame (Thank you Sir/Madam) and Oui (Yes). Total about 40+ media were there for the launch. Fresh experience with pretty girls. Again I am working with Sonia and Rhea :)

There was a live fashion show during the launching, and this is the first time of me having such a short distance to look at the REAL MODELS! Damn, they are really gorgeous! ^^ Salute the way they walk and presenting themselves.

Follow on received a call for pay shoot on few weeks later. Well, things not that worst as I thought. *wink*

Today I went for an interview with Karena. Before the interview, both of us attached to the MyFM Perodua team. They were giving out gifts and everything, what we need to do is just answer the question given! Two of us were acting so damn funny! Haha, we were grabbing the prizes like 2 silly aunty XD End of the day she won a t-shirt, cards. I won a dining coupons, a cash rebate coupons, 50% VIP member card, and 2 movie tickets of Narnia! Woohooo~~~~~ My luck isn't that bad what~ =P

But........ I won the couple tickets, and I don't know who to invite. Vivian is working on that day. I feel like asking him for the movie.. But... I don't think he would be free.. And.. I don't know whether am I being conscious for doing this. Sigh. The feeling of not being appreciated is just so hurt. Please Krystelle please.... Please awake.. Arghhh.... I think I will end up hand off these tickets to others :(

Coming job's uniform it would be looking great too! Can't wait to wear on it ;)
I hope it would be a great month for me, as a great ending to my 2010.

Addicted to a Song now: 错的人 - Elva

  爱得太真 太容易 让自己牺牲
  太容易 不顾一切 满是伤痕
  我太笨 明知道你是错的人
  可能 在爱里面这样算笨
  可能 永远没有所谓永恒
  但是我 不愿放弃这里面一点点可能