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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Peoples in Black Mansion

Weekdays, as promised, less jobs and focus in study. Too many assignments to be finished! Well, this is co called college life.

Thursday, Mr T is back :) Morning class has been cancelled, and 3 of us went for the delicious fried laksa in SS15. Enjoyed the famous Bubble Milk Tea in Mentari too! Erm, it was really a coincident. Met my Ex's bro there. Thank god I was not saying anything bad about him! XD

Mr T was about to give me a hand to change my wifi password, but end up it's lock. Can't even access the internet :/ We were rushing for class then. So T promised to get it fixed after my class.

Ms VivianC went back to her house as we had some plan for the week. Will be back to my dorm on the next day again. So do I, I planned to went home straight after class. But due T promised to get my line fixed, he promised to offer me a ride back after that. Well, thank god my housemate gave me a hand and we managed to fixed it :) Mr T had arrived, I then suggest to pay OUG night market a visit.

Again, I managed to eat the world's most delicious Lor Bak Gou! The satisfaction could hardly to be delivered, especially to have it when I am freaking hungry! It is seriously a Nice one :D And the Fishball! Yumm yumm! heee~ After the walk, we went to Sunway University College to pick up his bro. After everything is already 11pm. Mummy then called. When she knew that I am going back to USJ again in the next afternoon, she then asked me better just stay in USJ and come back only next week. LOL!

Friday and Saturday night was working at Chill Out with the V. Nice environment seriously.. It's really a nice place to chill :) Easy job and just walking around. 4 hours job seems to be damn long for us as it's really not much of work to do. Morning we were both rushing for the assignments.

Last day of working, which is on Saturday, we reached our dorm at around 11pm. All the housemates were chilling in the living room. MsVivianC was teasing S to out for chilling session in Genting. All of us started to bully and worked out together to persuade S to drive us up. Coin were toasted for times and lots of funny scene during the process of deciding! Once the toasted coin displayed our answer, all of the people just ran into individual room and changed with our cold wear, without giving any chances for the S to fight back! Damn, it's really super funny!

Reached Genting around 2am something, we chilled and enjoy chui sui-ing in the super cold weather! Haha! Lame topics and everything, until no one wanna leave! Gosh.. We're Insane!

Reached home around 6am stg, slept not more than 4 hours, it's time to get my ass up again! Aww...! We'd planned a getaway to Sepang Gold Coast on the Sunday! The super random Genting trip was really making me knackered.

It's GLEE session, beach again :D Enjoyed the sunshine. Did nothing much there, mostly just sit and enjoy the environment while chewing some snacks. The purpose of this trip is to distress from all the pressure loaded by assignments and so on. We bought a mat and it's just nice to fit 4 of us on it.

After watching the sunset, we then left. The lovely weekend ended with the Western dinner in Kelana Jaya :)

I seriously have lots of joy and laughters to stay in current dorm. People in this house is all helpful and crazy. Compared to the old dorm last time, everyone would just lock themselves inside the room. But this one, all of us would rather to spend our time in the living room and keep our door all open. At least there are more interaction among each other.

Finally, it's time for assignment again. Duhhh~! I wish I could get rid of everything asap!

Monday, March 21, 2011

St Patrick's Celebration

St Patrick's Day, Mar-17. It is the month of St Patrick celebration, and here's the Merry Goes Round! Lots of jobs going around but all clashed with my time of study and assignment, thus I only join for days.

It's really freaking happening wey! Clowns, dancers with the old school dance, balloons, cheap beer, magicians, games, slammers, tall Green Hat, tall guy with the super fake long legs, people with their dogs and the Joy, I am seriously loving it :D I promise myself to join St Patrick celebration next year with my peeps but not by working :)

Tues, I had my skincare shoot. Well, it's really FREAKING tough! Light make-up and super close up. I did not really performed well, compared to the professional one. Sighh.. Accept the fact that my features are not pretty enough. Weight myself for everything. Don't intend to make any comparism, but others would just simply do it.

Start to turn down jobs as I don't wanna work over often, I need more time in my study. Something should comes into priority as final is coming soon. Revision should take place from now so that I would be well-equipped for the exam in May. Loads of assignments is really pushing me hard! Somehow I still caught myself slacking in some time, haha! Well, few days before the date of submission would be my nightmare as a pay-off then! ;(

Enjoyed the student life too! I had a great time singing-K with MsVivianC and the gang :D Our chilling session after that is fun though! Planned for our coming and future trips! A'Famosa trip in July has been confirmed. Follow on with the Redang. Then again Bangkok for next year! We were all discussing about the budget of expenses, upgrading years from years! Greedy Vv's budget is to be one times greater, OMG, she's indeed a Shopaholic! XD I am looking forward for our future overseas trip such as HK and Taiwan :D

Watched Big Mamma with KP and it's really Funny! Laugh like hell! Weee~~! Watched Rango with T and it's totally SUCKS! First time felt like "naik kereta" on a wrong movie since years! Arghh.. A totally bored one, meaningless animation! Damn it :/

Sometimes when people don't voice it out doesn't mean that he don't care. YX pm me in Facebook inbox, and it's indeed shocking to see his name. Normal chat, were asking helps for some stuff. Really feel like asking him about Him, yet.. I held it. Was pretending like nothing, along with my Big Smile! But right after that, again I went and have a look of his profile. Well, his life seems fun. Both of them still interacting. Anyway it will never be my business anymore..

Time would fade everything off, but is that true? It seems like everything still as usual. Sigh.

This is how my week gone..
Sunday, March 13, 2011

War in Bangkok

After waited for such a long time, finally, it is March 10! Wuhoo~~! Day before our departure, we had our Japanese buffet in Damansara Perdana. A Bon Voyage to US :D Weee~~

This is my very first time to get my feet step out of Malaysia. It's my FIRST overseas trip! Hee~! Forgive my "sampat"ness, as I was experiencing lots of "First Time" during the whole trip. This trip does actually meant a lot to me. Everything by my own effort, without any sponsorship from anyone. And the best part is, I am going with my Bestie! ^^

Upon our arrival on the first day in Bangkok, we had our dinner on a cruise in Sky River City. Well, I was told that we'll be having buffet dinner on a "boat" == Was really shocked when the cruise is just right in front of us! It's really a nice one! Hee..

We were staying at Citin Hotel, in Pratunam. It's located at the core of the city and we could go anywhere by just a shortwhile. It's like our Petaling Street in KL! Below our hotel there are lots of stalls, and it's where the nice hawker food would be found. They had lots of weird food, fried cricket and everything! Euww~ I don't dare to try on it :/ I love the Pat Thai, coconut-flavoured ice-cream, Roti Pisang Planta which is different from Malaysia, fried fishball and the pork satay! The food which I miss the most would be the MCD pork burger and the KFC drumstick! It's totally a fresh taste for me! We could not find it from here :(

Second day, we paid our visit to Four-faced Buddha, Germ-stone factory and the Honey Retail factory. What a small world, we met Agnes there! Right after the visit, finally we get to our main spotted location --- the wholesale fashion mall "Platinum", the place where we commenced our big WAR!

Damn, their clothes are full with variety, and the mall is really too BIG for us to shop! All the goods are selling at a super cheap price!! More choices compared to our Timesquare or Sg Wang! Gosh.. We spent our whole day there and still failed to shop all! End up we spent 2 days for the same building, yet it seems to be not really sufficient. Seriously, this is my FIRST time to SHOP until my BOTH HANDs not able to carry other things else! We shopped insanely! We enjoy bargaining, and Laugh out LOUD when the price told was super low! It's cheap until the extend of only 80 bath for a top! And it's really nice! 100b for jeans shorts, high waist pants, 50b for belts, 20b for thong, 20b for make-up bags, 10b for accessories, 290b for Bikini! I shopped crazily on the first day and bought about 14 items, guess what, I only spent RM310 for the 14 items! Second visit, again I shopped and shopped. Same thing goes to the second day, shopped until our goods are too heavy to load on only we stopped! :D

Their Paragon mall, something like our Pavillion. We did not get to shop there as time is really too limited for us! We were battling like crazy in Platinum!

Night, we paid our visit to Silom night bazaar. It's like our Changkat, they have lots of pub and bar there. Lots of people chilled there! Another biggest night bazaar -- Cha tuk Cha is under renovation, we did not get to have a look there :( what a waste, sighh..

Finally, our Thai body massage! We went for the premium one, which is not those along the roadside shop. A huge one beside Ecotel. Damn, it was really too nice until I had fallen asleep! 2 hours of body massage indicating to a good sleep for me. I slept like a corpse on the night itself! Hee! Even it is a lil expensive compared to the roadside one, but the skill, service and everything is really super Good! :D

Eaten seafood there, it's really super cheap compared to Msia. Thanx for Van's god mother for the treat ^^

Finally, I'm back with an Overload luggage. All full with goods! I bought myself 18 piece of clothes, sandals, necklaces, socks, bags, make-up pouch, specs, bags, belly ring, belts, bracelets, hair Extension and a Cute pencil box :D Others were bought as souvenirs to friends and family!

My winning after the Battle!

Oppsiee, I left out my Bag! :D

It has been years that I have not really shop for myself, only shopped for job purpose in the previous. Since it's a trip to travel, I'd set myself a budget to spend. With all the winnings, shit man, my wardrobe is not having extras hangers for them! I need to buy Hangers after this. They are still all in my Luggage! Haha!

The whole trip has used up RM1600. Budget was RM1500, over RM100 pula :/ Haha! Well, anyway I enjoy my trip a lot. Weeeee~~!

i LUB this pict the most :D

I am not from a wealthy family, everything thing I want must be fight by my own efforts. But, I am wealthy to have my Besties with me to share all the joy! Thanks for Everything ;)

I have my first dream come true. Preparing my spirit to hit the second one! Ushh ushhh!! :D

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fun Experience of Being High Profile Executive

This week is rather a bit busy. Busy with assignments, and keep travelling here and there. Freaking tired indeed.

Waited for U63 to head back USJ after taking LRT. And it took us 1.5 hr! Damn it, sigh. How good if I own a car. How good if I am wealthy enough to take taxi with the massive jam. How good if I have a boyfriend to give us a ride. How good if and if.. Sigh :(

Nokia E7 is launched now! I am working for the launch, and I'm required to attend briefing on Monday. Well, again, I am facing transportation problem to travel there, so I turned down the briefing. Hoping that she'll reject me for the job and I will be able to work for the PC Expo. It was so happen that there's another job offer for PC Expo. But things run out of my expectation. A sms sent to me and tell me it's okay for not attending the briefing, just make sure I don't FFK on the working days! LOL! No choice, forced to take it.

I was actually still blur with our job scope. Thinking that it would be a tough job. What I know is we will be wearing formal wear. Until when I worked for it, damn! I love this job! Yes, this is the first time of me enjoying my job SO MUCH! :D

Our job scope were to bring out the image of E7. It is meant to be for businessmen and executives people. So, our job scope is rather a bit ridiculous! We were all wearing in Black and White formal wear, walk in a straight line. Sometimes we would just spread out, sitting beside the road and whatever. Stop until we received any signal from the leader. Then, open our newspaper and read, then turn the page inside out to show to the public. The page was showing about launch of Nokia E7. We travel the KL area and did such stupid stuff! People around were laughing and starring at us! Foreigners busy shooting our weird scene too! Gosh..

Easy job! As we worked half and hour and rest for another half hour. Travelling by sitting on the Toyota Alphard, damn comfortable wey! We have bouncers along with us all the time, with the police to escort our way! Lunch break 2 hours, slept in the car for an hour! Seriously,the total working hour is not more than 3 hours! Haha!

There was a slot of time, we were all split into groups with 2 person each. We were required to shop in Pavilion with carrying the Nokia E7 paperbags, acting as an successful executive and enjoy shopping. We have total of 2 bouncers, and my group was so happen to have a bouncer with us all along the time we shop. Shopped with the specs and bouncer following us, it actually caught lots of people's attention! Seriously, this is the first ever time in my life to enjoy such feeling of being like a fame people, artist or whatever high profile people! Haha!

Worked for the launch from Friday to Saturday. Sunday, it's FOOTBALL! Man Utd vs Liverpool. Hmm, I am not really into it. It's another day of working again.

Here's the picture during our Job! Left:Bouncer Right:Driver Middle:Police to escort our way ^^

Look of the Working Day :D

Few more days to go only! I can't wait for it already!! Wuhoooooo~~~~!!! Bangkok! I'm CoMiNG :D