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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Valentine is being too overrated.." This is what my friend told me. A friend who is crazy with those weird and lame article that normal people won't go n read them. XD He was actually asking how is my Valentine gonna be, and i stopped him from asking that, because this year is my LONELY valentine, all the single hate the day i think.. But he is the only one who don't =S But thanks to him for sharing me the history of Valentine, and everyone tends to forget the meaning and origin of the "Valentine".

Valentine Day is a day who named after a Roman Christian, named Saint Valentine. He martyred during the third century A.D. by the Emperor Claudius II. Prior to his death, Valentine continued to minister in prison by witnessing to his prison guards. One of the guards was a good man who had adopted a blind girl. He asked Valentine if his God could help his daughter. Valentine prayed and the girl was given her sight. The guard and his whole family, 46 people, believed in Jesus and were baptized. When the Emperor heard about this he was furious that Valentine was still making converts even in prison, so he sentenced Valentine to death. Just before being led out to his execution, Valentine wrote a love notes grows out of a letter to the the jailer's daughter, signing it, "From your Valentine." The first valentine was really a Christian witness. Growing out of this story we participate in a custom of sending cards to people we love.

Finally I got to know the history of the valentine day. It is a day used to remember St Valentine and how he express his love to his love one, but everyone tends to just celebrate their own lover days..

My Valentine, well, this year i received a surprise! Big bunch of lovely blue roses. Total of 13 roses, 14 Ferrero Rocher chocolate and a bear.. Is from a friend. I was totally surprised! I never expect for any roses for my Valentine this year, a single lady does not entitled to any roses or chocolate. I was in my mum saloon and suddenly the roses came and get me shocked!! Indeed, is happy for ladies to receive flowers.. But, my heart is still not ready for anything! I just got out from a big big PHOBIA that given from my Ex bf.. Is not the right time to receive all these, i tend to be pressured and don't know what to do. Finally, I get the right time, i shared to him my feelings. He, at first try to stopped me by saying anything cause he don't wan't to get hurt, but still i continue my words.. Then, he replied, "This is just a gift, as ladies must at least have roses during Valentine.." He asked me to take it easy and just act as usual, as how we were last time, merely decent friend. But in my heart, I know he can't do it, i feel pressured and afraid that i will hurt him for the third time in the future.. I really don't know what to do. I don't want to give any hopes to anyone, I don't know what the hell is in my mind now.. Damn EVIL! Am i?

Saw lots of lovely couples on that day, holding flowers walking and hugging, and also wear couple-T. Well, luckily I was not lonely on the day too!! XD My 3 friends came and find me, just to celebrate our SINGLE VALENTINE~ hahahah, not bad huh? Keep looking at the watch and hoping Valentine faster over.. But stil, couples sitting around us with couple-T and everything, SAD~

Anyway, I believe that couples all must have enjoyed their day right? Well, is hard to get one who can really match and can get along together.. Must appreciate it if you already got one. And I'm waiting for my Mr Right to appear in my life to cheer up my coming Valentine and everyday.. But, I know is not easy.. And that will not be so soon, so, just stop dreaming... XD
Monday, February 8, 2010

Last Saturday, which is on 6th Feb, I had an invitation to my college's mate to attend for his 21st yrs old birthday party. Well, my gang, Van comfirm cannot attend due to her mum's supervision, ShaV won't wanna go, Sharon won't attend without Van, Alexandra went back Johor, Amy back serdang... So onli left me and Vivian, so we at first decided not to go. Tat morning, I was waited long for Van they all to come to my house for revision, but no one turned up on that day. They did text me to ask me about the revision whether is comfirmed or not, but i was too busy workin and forgot to reply, thinking that they might turn up on that day. After worked and reached home, which is already midnight 3 something, after shower everything i was too exhausted and fell asleep. I forgot to reply their message >.<

In the noon, my friend find me to have lunch. Had PanMee in Taipan, after that planned to go back home in KL straight, but then thought of go back so early also nothing to do and also my room has turn into a public study room, I have got no privacy and a proper place to rest, why not I rest here.. So I decided to stay, until 5pm stg 6pm, I took all my luggage, then I left and walked to the bus stop, waited for bus.. Almost got on to the bus, suddenly received Vivian's msg, said she suddenly feel like going, so, Plan On!! So i walked back to my domitories again, after informing my mum that i'm going to clubbing. >.<" Lol.. Then I do Account's homework while waiting for Vivian come to my dorm.

Almost 8stg, i started to make up and dress up nicely. Then I received a call from my mum. She spoke to me a lot, told me that my bastard Ex called her and text her, asking her to stop me from going to club. My Ex damn idiot! Stalks me in Fb and saw my friend's comment, so he knew that i'm going to club and trying to stop me! Well, I don really care that he told my mum that I'm going to club, because I already informed her. But the main point is, he went and told my mum i'm working as a waitress out here! My mum called and screwed me up for workin 3 jobs, and ask me to stop working. I know she is just caring me and don't want me to be so exhausted, but I know how to manage my time, I hope she can trust me just like all the time how she trusted me for the past. I cried til my make up all @#$%$#%, Vivian was looking at me, busy passing tissue to me while i was on the phone, until she herself not yet ready for everything.. After not long, Robin reached and we all get kelam kabut XD With a very fast speed, we get ourselves done and got down.

When we reached MOS, omg.. We thought there wil be only 20++ ppl gonna be there. Total of 60++ of ppl ther! Is just like our big group of private party! Vivian and I just know few of them, which is also from SeGi.. Got lots of faces and new name, intro and intro, but I onli remember some, which is Sandy, Jess and.. erm, who else... trying hard to remember, but i have got shorten memory >.< Well, we'd opened 6 bottles of Chivas, so damn fast>.< Ther is stil 1 bottle opened later on.. As for ppl who know me well, I don't drink in Club. So just to entertain, i was jz holding my cup, cheers and kissed my cup and the chivas, hahaha XD Then, we start dancing.. I felt so damn secure for that day. As for ladies, ther wil b at least a guy to excorted the way or keep a tab on us. And they wil stand behind us when we dance, like body guard. Of course, they dance along too..^^ Well this is the first time I'm dancing with guys, the feeling of reject is not there cz non of them trying to put their hand on our waist or any part of our body, all of them being gentlemen and did not tried to get advantage. We jz merely dance and enjoy.. Some of the ladies, they hug those guys and dance, and also do lots of rubbing movement.. I felt so damn..... They can dance with so many different guys with rubbing each other. Don't it seems to be a lil.......? Well, maybe is my own problem, am i too conservative?? >.<" I think so.. Sigh..

Haha, anyway, I really enjoy it a lot.. After club, we went to Tanjung to yumcha.. Unfortunately we met accident, and Junko's car kemek d >.< Vivian's leg has got a small cut. I'm fine, but got phobia after that issue.. When those car come near to my car, i got scared and panic very fast.. I'm really really sorry for Janko... SO SORRY.... Such a nice day but face such an unhappy issue. Junko's became so damn down after that accident =S

I enjoyed the day so much, but in the cost of my leg pain like hell. Wearing heels dance for the whole night, and also worked in restaurant, stand for so long...... Hope to recover asap soon =)