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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Well, was having a very great day with my lovely coursemates in Cameron last Sunday. Total of 6 of us. We at first depart from USJ to Shah Alam, then we head towards to Ipoh for Old Town White Coffee and ate DimSum at the biggest DimSum restaurant in Ipoh! Thumbs up for the food and the coffee! =D Heee~~~ Is worthy! But somehow i felt some regret for not buying the Curry Bread Chicken from there to Cameron =(

After Ipoh, we then departed to Cameron. I brought my pillow along, so all along the way i was sleeping so nicely with hugging it ^^ Hehee~~ So comfortable with my pillow.. Until couple hours i think, we then reached up there. Hmm, nice view.. I thought Cameron is just a small place like Genting! Until I reached only I knew it is BIG! One thing disappointed me is the weather. IS NOT COLD AT ALL! Warmer than Genting.. I can even took off my sweater. Sigh.. All the time I never thought of going up to Cameron, I never regret for never visiting it. But since Vivian suggest take it as a distress trip, so I just take it as my time to spend and enjoy with my dearest.. =)

Trip of visiting is not fun, beautiful scenery but with a bad air condition T__T Dusty.. Ishh! Food is not really nice too! =( The steamboat! Arghhh..... Don't ever remind me about that. The only thing which is fun and memorable is only the time we spent together in the apartment where we were staying. ^^ I miss the time we played the game of "Fuck You"! Hahah! Is a game related to poker card, only card with the same number can choose to rescue or defend or even double fuck! XD People who forget to point at some one and say Fuck You will need to drink too! Damn it, we were drinking Vodka. Only 2 rounds all like K.O dy.. It was fun to during the game! Pity me, all the couples defending each other, only me keep on kena "double F".. T__T But is fun anyway.. =D After the game, all went to sleep. I was biting by those stupid mosquitto for the whole night and it was just so warm! Sigh..

After Cameron, we rush down to USJ just to attend an interview. We can't make it at the end due to we still need to rush to Kajang for the Munchy's Music commercial shoot. We were working as a K Le Fe.. ANDDDD! Is totally a tough job as we thought T_T Is was easy as we just need to dance and dance and dance. But pleaseeeeee... Director, please don't keep on cut cut cut cut cut only lar! Keep on: One more! Camera! Rolling! One, Two... Sigh... Damn tired. We were working since the sunset until the sunrise!!! 5.30pm work until the next morning 7am! Shit man! But luckily our payment is on the spot! And!!! I hate the PINK LAGGING!!!! Hmphhhh!

Now I am working with Vivian in KLCC for the HTC Desire's Roadshow. Well, position is only Promoter. But the Pay is GOOD =D RM150 per day, and there will be commission too! For the past 2 days, we sold about 55+ each day, commission to each person in about 130++! So one day salary is RM280++ Hahahha! With only T-shirts, not a must must make up, and without heels! Job scope: Keep on play the phone and do demo for people =D Heee~~ Im loving this Job! <3

Anyway exam is coming. Hope I manage to get it through.. Sigh..
Nite =)
Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I never thought of my week will be so busy again. Well, the "again" again non-stop, will be continue for till the next week too!

Monday, I was provided tuition from Monster. Vivian not coming due to got job, Vannie last minute ffk due to whole body pain after cycling. So, only me alone who attended. Shit man, I was required to write him essay. And what happened is, he felt so damn @@ after read my essay. He said he feel like crossing the whole thing. Hahah! Well, is not funny T_T Is a sad thing, and this shows how weak my English is. How to improve? By reading? I hate to read.. Aikssss.. Then after it, I went back home in KL.

Tuesday, in KL. Busy sending my sis and bro to and from college and school. Did online for a while, at least I had a rest on that day. But the only thing is I am forced to wake up early to send them in and out. =/

Wednesday, I drove to HELP University College. Err, I don't really like the environment. The class and everything,don't really like it. After some time, only I realize how good my SEGi Subang Jaya is. Everything is in a building, don't need to exposed under the sun. Elevators are still inadequate for us. Swimming pool and gym is tied up with 3K, as is just very nearby to SEGi. Haiz.. Still not sure which college am I going for my degree. SEGi KD is nearer, but somehow is too big, I am too lazy to walk. And from my dear, she told me that the lift is not enough. =/ My results......... How? My econ hanging half on the sky, my Eng even more worst! Hopefully my MS result will be able to balance for my CGPA. Haiz.. Then, at night, I went to night market in Connought. Somehow I don't feel the nice of shopping there anymore, is like not much stuff to see, all repeating and repeat. Hmm...

Thursday, a night that I am feeling a bit upset. Went to Maison with A Man and Chui. Well is happy, but not as fun as with my college gang. I met Nam there too! Normally i seldom drink in club. But was a little moody, and then I drank 2 cups. A bit dizzy and tipsy, but still not drunk and very conscious. Chui drank a lot and she was drunk. Puke a lot, and we were waited her to get better only send her home. Everything drag until the 5stg 6am only i reached my dorm! Shit! Was so so damn tired!

Friday, still I woke up early to go to work. No choice, haiz.. After work, i went back and took a nap. At night again went for movie. Was last minute plan, and they bought the SHREK 3D due to that was the only midnight movie. It is NICE!! =D After the movie, 4 of us chilled at somewhere in Damansara, just to drink the Hoegarden. =/Hahah!

Saturday, went to Beauty Fair in KLCC with my love Vivian =D We then meet up with my sis there. Spent quite a lot there, haiz. Money money~~ :( Bought a mask, a facial service. And soon gonna go for Dr Nano. Hahah! Wanna slim slim slim! Facial theraphy and everything with Vivian soon ^^ SLIM SLIM SLIM SLIM SLIM! Yeah, we are soon gonna be! Then after that, Juan and Boon Keng picked us up. Then 4 of us went to 1Utama for dinner. Hahah! That was a crazy day for me man! Everyone gone so crazy on that day! Crazy act and lame joke, and the stupid slang! Never buy books from the Pasar Malam, the "Opera of the Phantom".. WTH..! Hahha! ONLY FOR TODAYYYYYYYY~~~! Shit la, totally drive everyone crazy!! Juan spend us dinner, ate in WongKok. Vivian ordered wrong drinks, but I love it so much! HAha, fun things keep going around us non-stop. Thanks to him a lot for the dinner =D At first the 4 of us are going to work for a job, but then l;ast minute cancel. So we went to chilled out in the Library with Juan's secondary schoolmate, It was about 10++ of them there. Vivian and I, both wearing only t-shirts and jeans. Well is not a club, just a place to chill. Was there since 9stg until 2stg. I din't really drink a lot. But was too free, so will keep on wet my throat by drinking few mouth. Juan was really blur and his face whole thing red. . Boon Keng then suggest us to leave then. I was still so conscious. While waiting for others washing their face and everything, Vivian and I sat on chairs, and there I start feeling so so sleepy. How nice if I could sleep there on the spot. We then all sat out there to wait the alcohol went off. There I lean on Vivian's back to take a rest. Shit man, the alcohol then went up to my head! It was just beer, and I start to felt so so so damn SLEEPY! I think I felt asleep at one time =/ After some time, then we plan to move on. Shit la, my feet became so strengthless. Boon Keng's silly joke: I will Help U, because I am Studying HELP! Wth man... Make my feet even more no strength! Laugh till non-stop! It's fun =D

Sunday, Cameron trip with Vivian & Vannie~ Too long to story it here. Will share it only for the next post =D

Happy + Blissful ME~ ^^
Thursday, May 20, 2010

There was an exam last Monday, Malaysia Studies. Finally I can ditch all the stupid Unused subject! But now starting to worry about my 2 coming subjects.. ENGLISH and ECON.. Aikss, my worst broken English... How am I going to improve in such a short period time... =(

Tuesday, there's a presentation, and we did not done well with it. So the whole class are required to re-present on Thursday. Haiz.. And, this is the day that Monster came back to Malaysia.

Wednesday, having test of Econ. Holy shit man.. I did study but all come out theory session that the note in not provided! I don't have the text book, so now I am facing the problem. T_T So now i am borrowing textbooks around, hopefully it do helps. Should I ask for tuition from those seniors? HEheh XD After test, five of us having dinner together at KimGary. And then, we watched Iron Man 2~ Hmm, nice to watch the technology, but i don't really like the storyline.. I mean I prefer comedy more =) But however it is, I enjoyed it a lot ^^ First day met him, he is a bit not get used to our group as we all speak Mandarin. Again another BANANA~ haha! Same as Vivian's bf!

Thursday, again a busy day. Right after class, the 3 of us went for interview for some freelance jobs. There are 2 interviews, and Vivian's bf is the one fetching us =D Thanks a lot to the both of them n mafan sai~~ heheheh! After the first interview, we went to Ikea and loiter there while waiting for the second interview's time. Saw lots of housing stuff, so lovely~ I wish i could get all of them =/ Vivian from just stepped in the Ikea, keep on mumbling and manja her A Gong she want this she want that! Hahahah! Cute her~ I saw a room design damn nice too! With the wall painted black! I told them what will happen if I suggest my mum to paint my room in Black. Both answer me the same thing: She will kill you! Ishhhh.... So after the second interview, we then send Alex back. Hong Chia asked me for movie, first time he date me, ahha! My mum's friend's son, and we were in the same school. I don't even recognize him, and he can call my full name in Low Yat! Goshh.. We then, watch the Furry ^%$^ with Vivian n her bf. Well, forgot the movie's name! XD

Friday. I went to work and then finish at around 1pm. Had lunch with Weng Sum at the Chilli Pan mee there, and then rest at home =) At night went for shopping at Midvalley with AW. Did nothing, but just shop around. He at first suggest to catch up some movie. Gosh, watch movie in the 3 days continuously? You must me pulling my leg! Of course i said no. And then we had dinner at somewhere nearby with the nice Hokkien Mee and Yin Yong. =)

Saturday, working with my Dear Vivian in Putrajaya. It's the Youth Day, and there are thousands of booth there! It was so so so damn HOT! We got our skin burn and get tan even after applying sunblock. Working hour is short and easy task. The best part is, we get our pay on the day! Due to our hardworking, we distributed all his brochures and they did not manage to get them reprint in such a short periods. T_T End up, the job from 2 days job become one day! Arghhh.... On that day, i break my own records too! The hottest day ever! And i had drunk more than 6 bottles of water without going to the washroom! Fuuhhh~~!!

Then last minute plan on Sunday, we all decided to go for cycling! Heheh, so damn fun with the cycling session at Bukit Cahaya. Total of 5 of us actually, and I am the odd one. Haiz, no boyfriend is like that de lor~ Hahha, but not to worry! My two best friends never abandon me at all, never feel lonely along the whole day but only with joy and laughters =D We sweat like hell man! At last, we sat on the shutter bus and had a look around. There is paint ball game there! Soon we will be playing that, hehe! But Plsssss, don shoot me~ =/ I wanna play the skytrex too! ^^ We gonna be there next time, There we Go!!!! XD

What a busy week huh? =D Enjoy spending time with my love one.. Can't imagine how it would be again.. I will miss you all like crazy. =( Miss the sillyness of the CHY the most.. Aiksss....

Coming Sunday gonna be the crazy trip again! Drive to Ipoh, eat then go up to Cameron! We gonna stay crazy all day long! Alcohol night! Make sure all KO on the night! Hehehe, excited with it. Can't wait for the day! Yuuhoooo~~~~~ <3
Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last Sunday , along with my lovely brother went to Sekinchan one day trip. About 11pm stg, Justin and Taffy came to my house, pass me shirt that they bought for me to try. After trying and short discuss, we then depart. All along the way, I can see cows, goats, palm oil tree, plantation and everything. As for me, my hometown is KL, that goes to my parents too! So, I seldom go or travel out of the Klang Valley area. Feel relax when I see everything all along the way.

About one and a half hour later, we then reached there. Met up with another photographer - Ah Xiang there. Hahha, his dog is so damn cute! After having our lunch, we then travel around to have a look on which spot to shoot.

Sekinchan is NICE! All the scene are just so lovely, everywhere also can shoot! But due to time in inadequate, we just manage to go few places. First start with a wooden house in the middle of the greenish plants. Fuuuhhhh, Damn hot weyyyyy.... My skin been sun burnt until it pain! My skin get tan already now, really Black Black Crystal.. Hahah! Follow on with the left-stranded bridge, river, fishing village and last one, the Beach! I was sweating like hell! Hot weather, and pity my brother. He was whole day standing and watching me shooting, and busy help me to carry all the bags and umbrella. What a Lovely him~ Hee.. The whole process is not easy. Now some of the pictures are published. I love it so muchieeee~ <3

Then, Tuesday. Again.. But this time is for portfolio purpose, shoot and clients might choose it in the future for any advertising needs. This is a studio shooting, and again with Shanny and Karena~ Hahha, the 3 of us were so damn funny =) Enjoy the shooting a lot, as it at least was in an air-cond room.

Can say that I am SO SO DAMN EXHAUSTED with shooting already. Almost every week!! Now is time to take a big big rest~ Stop everything for current moment. Unfortunately, something weird happened! Sunday night when I was alone in my dorm, the next day when I am awake, my room light is switched on. =/ Well, I might "forgot" to switched it off, or I dreamwalk to on it?? Sigh. BUT!! The same thing happened TWICE in the Tuesday night! OMG.. I was awoke in the midnight and also early in the morning to switch off the light! WHO SWITCHED IT ON AGAIN?! =S I don't know.. As I am the only one in the room. Yesterday, finally after I pray, my light did not switched On anymore.. Fuuhhh.... Though, I had sudden attack of Asthma I think! I hardly can breath! Is like every single time I try hard to breath but yet I can't feel the Oxygen! I was so so damn suffer! I hardly can move, wanna get myself some warm water but failed to! Wanna take my phone to have a look of the time, yet I can't! I need oxygen! My heartbeat went so fast! What happened?! I never had Asthma attack before. What is all these now?? Slept until half way and suddenly awake because of difficulties in breathing! Sigh..

Luckily for the following day, nothing happen. Well i think it could be due to too stress. Assignments, researches, exam on Monday, Presentation on Tuesday, Test on Wednesday.. All these are driving me crazy man! Next week is a tough week for me, and also the last week of class too! Happy to greet bye bye to all the assignments and test, but in the other hand, it is SAD for me to say bye bye to my lovely coursemates. I am gonna miss them so so much. =(

Tired week.
Starting my engine now to study.. Brruum bruummmm~~ =D