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Friday, April 22, 2011

Bibu Assignments!

Finally, the assignments are all submitted! Fuuhh~ What a relieved! My soul seriously went free! Eventually turned into hyper too! LOL

A week without JOBS ^^ Finally a week for me to slack.. Been yumcha for hours, night market again in OUG, chilling and life story updates session in Asia One, Puchong. Always enjoy the precious moments of ours :D

Friday, went dinner at Leonardo's, Bangsar. It's a dining room and wine loft located upstairs of the shoplots. I have never expected that the Restaurant would be full house and we can't even able to enter without any reservation. The foods there are freakingly delicious, with a 5 stars service too! Had Black Pig Shoulder Loin Stick, and it taste indeed super delicious! Thumbs up for that :D also the pork minced with mushroom, and Pizza, with the accompanion of white wine. After dinner, we then went to The Hill's with the J's bf birthday throw out. Always, The Hill is the super nice place to chill! Enjoy chilling there, with my Milo Ice which eventually make me feel tipsy!

Reached home around 3am+, and woke up again at 6am! The Black Mansion's people are paying the Gasing Hill a visit! Went hiking early in the morning. The fresh morning breast has made our day :D Freaking tiring as my legs went shivering throughout the hiking trip. Super steep, muddy and slippery roads almost make me slipped. Thank god we were both giving each other a hand. A nice place to lose weight as I sweat like hell! I'm loving it ^^ The Wanton noodles has became my motivation to finish the whole hiking journey! Wuhoo~~~

After the hiking and breakfast session, we all were fully knackered. All then went to take our nap and slept like the Pig seriously~K.O straight everyone.. LOL!

Sunday, an extra class conducted from Dr Joanne. Seriously, she had never changed. Wasted our time and talking the rubbish. I left in the mid with the absence of my patient with her. Went back to dorm after that, and been catched by the housemates for poker. Well, they are really insane with the game's punishment! Called to the Pizzahut hotline but asking for Mcd and KFC, shit! I got the stupid one too! Called H for stupid reason, and dance Nobody under the spotlight and everything! Duhhhhh..! Anyway I enjoy the laughness and the joy in the House :)

It was a hot Sunday, and again with the gang, we went up for Genting. Wonderful weather as it's not too cold and too hot, just nice :) Walked around, beer chilling session, story sharing session and everything. Did nothing much, but still I enjoyed it.

Revision session start. Everything shall run as planned provided if there is no any disturbance. Went to borrow notes from others as I do feel that our lecturer did not fully cover our syllabus. I was thinking to attend for tuition class and wanted to ask for the fees. One thing that bothering me would be my transportation problem. Sighh.. I can't be taking bus or taxi in the late night after the tuition right? Before the car was bought, it was said to be mine. After she has got used with the conveniences, she just can't stand with the absence of the car. Sighh. Discussion has brought up, but no one trying to respond me seriously. Just been brought over and been forgotten. Yaa, fully understand, no one can be relied on other than myself.

I was being super emo and down with all the financial issues lately. How great it is if I was born to be rich. Yaa, I know I am not. Was just trying to grumble for fun. If the tuition fees is really highly cost, should I persist, or continue hanging half way?

Too many unexpected issues have popped, and I have got no idea with it. Everything seems to be happen in the wrong time. Think a lot after the issues lately too.. Seems like I have some idea of what I desire the most. Somehow I shall stop thinking about them until my final ends.

Seriously, I am really nervous with the final. First time feel like being super unprepared. There are storm lately visited Subang continuously for days. And, what a great news, the lightning stroked on the Autogate, and also the BOTH modem in our dorm. Well, great, serve it right on time so that i could fully concentrate huh? Got it~~~

Pray hard I could perform well. *ll*
Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Birthday Girl - Van

A successful surprise has been given to the birthday girl and managed to make her cry with everything. The lost of car key, lost of her car, cakes, and surprise! :D We have then proceed with our Sushi Bonanza. Nice gathering with the lovely girls always.

Test, assignments. Again and again. Sigh.. To be honest, it is really a pist to have a teammate which does not really work out all her best. Due date is near, but can still out for non-stop. Job scopes and directions have been given since months, before Bangkok trip, and eventually nothing has been Completed. Was bugging for the workdone, and until yesterday midnight only received her INCOMPLETE stuff. My gosh..! Why can't just send me earlier so that I could work out with it?? Now what, tomorrow should be turning it in, but tonight she won't be at home for the assignment also!! Sigh..

Was being stuck with the group assignments, and don't know what to do in the meanwhile. Went for movie with KP on Monday and enjoyed it so much. It's super meaningful :) Had my lovely Expresso Cheese Cake, and gone over hyper until having insomnia till the midnight 4am+. LOL! Tuesday, finally a dinner with Kit. There has been weeks that I'd ffk him, lol. Picked me up from USJ but intended to have dinner in KL. Gosh, I was wearing only sandals, yes, beach sandals, and I warned him. Venue has then changed to a more casual one. We then chilled in La Bodega in Bangsar, and I enjoyed my cocktail :)

Friday, again, the first PC Fair. Was working with Lenovo with Vivian, first time for PC Fair :) Ugly spaceship uniform we were wearing, haha! Was a bit torturing with the job actually. Maybe has not worked for fair jobs for some time (first fair in 2011), the long working hours is really a hard time for me. Legs were super painful with my Killer heels and the standing for the whole day.

Something has gone so wrong recently, just don't get the reasons. It's my problem, or what? Or we were just too get used to it? Sigh. Tried to work out, but it seems like nothing has been fixed. Sometimes I just don't want to apologize, as apologize but keep repeating the same mistakes is just a vain one. I rather try hard to fix it and keep the apologize in my heart.

What a boom and bust in our life circle.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011








我,就耐心等待,等待那个火星男的出现 :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dealing with the Massive Assignments!

First time I have skipped a week for my weekly blog routine! The stress of massive assignments and tests are really pushing me hard, sigh :(

During 31 Dec, it's 2nd anniversary of the MIST. The lucky us have randomly given a try to bid for the job to act as the Siamese twins, symbolic of the 2 years old MIST, and there we got it! It's a fresh experience for the both of us. Funky costume wearing, short hair wig, super ease job scope, short working hour and the ots paying :D

Having assignments with the Tesco financial performance breakdown, and here we worked for the Tesco Annual Dinner again on 1st Apr.

Revisions and stiff battle with the time has turn into our daily routine recently. We faced our lappies for more than 6 hours, and the only rest time has fallen to our working hours. Only worked for jobs which is not more than 4 hours for this month, as we are running out of time.

Results in test were not really satisfying, but it somehow has turned into a bigger motivation to me to work harder during the study break. Even though the test is merely a test which does not embraced in the final marks, but we do really worked hard for that just to test our understanding level. After the clearance of the assignments, it would be time for me to boost up with the study mood :)

Was being rather a bit over-stressed due to the assignments. Keep hunting for sweet and cold stuff. Is it proven that sweet stuff can eventually mitigate stress? Well, it seems like just a nature react for me to hunt for them when dealing with Mr Stress :/

Assignments are all helpful as it's somehow a real life practice, but the only thing that irritate me is the jostling due date. I enjoy dealing them, but not with the rush hour :( Enjoy doing the financial breakdown of the companies, report and research on bidding a contract. Clearer view on our Economy side and understanding has attained. Appreciate on what I have learnt :)

Finally I am done with my economic research. I have got the wrong information, and hereby leads to an efficiency of the work done. I have done for about 1k word for the task one initially, but wrong information of 2.5k word count been received. I have then spent another day on expanding it to 2k, and again received the confirmation of 2.5k word count for the 3 tasks. LOL, Now what? I need to spend another extra time for the word cut! XD

Anyhow, I am glad that I have done 2 of the assignments. "Renovation" need to be done partially, hope to complete them in tomorrow as I am fully knackered on facing my Blackie Lap.

Was working for the F1.Tiffany & Co. Private Event this 3 days, 4 hours standing with easy job scope. Dealing with the high profile people, celebrities and the rich people. Enjoy peeping on their heels, bags, jeweleries, wearings and hair style. One that caught my attention the most - a guy who is wearing High Heels and Lagging with a ladies handbag! OMG! He seems classy and able to mingle in crowds, I am still wondering whether he is a fashion designer.

Jewelery Show were presented by Tiffany & Co. from the international models with the Catwalks. Glamor scenes had caught everyone's attention to the front of the runway.

Looking forward to 22nd Apr, the due date for ALL the ASSIGNMENTS! :D