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Friday, April 30, 2010

May is reaching soon... Sigh.. Soon I am gonna leave SEGi, is really so hard for me to take it.

Think back for last time, when I first stepped into the college. I don't really like it, as I should be studying in HELP actually, but due to my Ex's persistence, and I blindly follow his will. Damn stupid.. But somehow, I never regret for the choice of studying here =)

About my first week, the first Chinese to approach me after the class. That's always her, Vivian ^^ I was waiting out there for my Ex to pick me up from college. She then saw me waiting alone, and came to approach me, by asking how am I going back. I felt so warm, as she is so friendly by asking me that =) Slowly, we got closer, we sit together in the class, and then start to mingle around with the whole classmates. Just in a short glance, it is getting almost a year since we knew each other!

In the class, I got the Joy with all my dearest coursemates. We laugh, we got insane, we talked craps, shower together, drink beer together, non-stop eating with Vivian too! Haaha, until the lecturer complain that she never see the 2 of us stop eating since the Sem 1 until the last Sem! And complaint that the 2 of us, almost meet each other everyday but yet still have so many story to tell! XD I miss the time we swim, we go to gym, we study, we sleep.. <3<3

For all the year that I have been through, I have never seen a friend like her! She is 2 years elder than me, but yet I feel no gap at all between us! She is too pure in her mind, and treat everyone sincerely without any intention. Maybe this is the reason that I feel so comfortable of all the time spending with her! She will never abandon me too even she has got a Boyfriend! Always share her joy and benefits with me! She share me her only breakfast, accompany me to interview due to Im blind in direction, invite me for job once she found any vacancy, there for me even no one is willing to join my organised trip XD With her, I will never worry that she will betray me one day, because I know this is no way to happen. She is too pure in everything until I feel like pampering her all the time =)

Don't know why, I felt excited whenever I see her name appear in my inbox message! Happy when she left me any offline message. When I worked, she wish me good luck =D Everything just so warm from her~ Love her too much with everything that she did to me! Happy spending my every single minutes and second with her. Thanks for spending time with me by staying overnight here, as when I just started to sleep alone, I was so scared until I slept with the light switched on =/ When I am feeling blue, she will be always there for me to cheer me up! Heee~ =D She is already part of my life without realise! My password, pincode, almost everything is related to her!
There was once she mood swing and show a bit ignorance to me. That day only I realised how important I looked into this friendship! This is the first time he mood swing since I know her. I was so damn nervous, and even keep thinking why is she ignoring me during my training, I can't even concentrate, my whole brain is just full of:" Why she ignore me? Did i done anything wrong?" I don;t know since when she played such an important role in my heart! And, my tears even come out just because of this.. Shhh.... Is my secrete! =D HAhah, she is just like my lover ady~~ Can't imagine my coming boyfriend will jealous about this or not =D
Always never dare to share this feelings out, because I scared that she will thought I wanna lesbian with her XD In my heart there's a guy that I like, but still I will sayang her no matter what ^^

I can't imagine how we would be once we are not meeting up that often. I scared we will not be as close as how we used too. Everything just sounds sad to me, I don't wanna end my foundation course, wish the time could just stop at this moment. Enjoy the time so much until I can't take it.. SAD

I hope my driving skills can be improved by the time, hoping that my shorten memory could at least remember the way from my house to here and to Puchong, so that I can still chill out with her in the future often.. Hohoho~ Hopefully our friendship will not change no matter what =D

Heart U Babeh~~ Muackzz
Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunny Sunday~ early in the morning, met up Karena early in the morning at Ampang's Lrt station, then both of us head towards Sri Petaling to meet up with others. When we reached there, we then go for breakfast in one of the restaurant in Sri Petaling there. Wooowww, all the models are so pretty ther! There are about 10++ photographers. Well, in my heart I knew how will it goes for the shooting session later.. Messed up =/ First time in group shooting session. Previously is only photographerS VS me.

After breakfast, we then go to Bukit Jalil's park. First time been there, nice~~ Nice place to jog, exercise, and shooting too! Hmm, the shooting session started with an experienced model, Emily. She is so pro in POSING! All her pose is sexy! And one thing is, she has got a very nice body~ She is TALL! So all of her pictures are so NICE! Another thing is, only today I got to know that she is my Chong Hwa senior! Since when my school got such a pretty model? XD Ladies about 6 of us. All take turns, and then shoot. We are asked to learn and observe how she posed.

Is a very hot day, sweating like hell.. Shoot for only one place all the face already got oilly and shinny due to the hot weather. It makes me sweat! So all of us keep on touched up and touched up only! Haha! Well I didn't expect anything from this shooting, just take it for fun, enjoy spending time with Karena and Shanny. But after some review of the pictures, I feel so satisfied with them! NICE~ ^^ Can't wait for all the pictures get done!

Next week will be going to Sekinchan, heard that the place is nice! My mum is a bit worry about my safety, so I hope I could get my lovely brother to accompany me for my next week. hahah! It will be focused for a theme, so I am so so excited about it! Hopefully it will be as wonderful as what I have expected! =)

Is not easy for shooting session, is as tired as working! Walk around everywhere with heels, up and down from the hill. Being suffer by biting from the mosquito too! Sigh.. But for overall still I enjoyed it~

Huuuhuu~~~ ♥♥♥ Tired and Cheerful day =D

These are some of the Boutique Clothes Shooting's Pictures shot last time, Only some of them are nice =( Sad~

Friday, April 23, 2010

Whole week busying with my assignments, research and presentation. Last weekend went for working in PC fair, so for me, time is not really enough. For others i think it should be just nice to deal with all the assignments. Still, disappointed!! Some of us worked like cow! Rush for the group assignments and presentation. But there is someone damn free! All the time facebook but I can't see any contributions after that, can even hang out till late with other!! Well, I did facebook all the time too, but still I am rushing my stuff in another way round. Damn it really.. Some of us been food poisoned, still she rushed her work after getting a short rest. But the healthy one, contribute nothing I can say.

Damn, I was really angry to see her work. No offence, but is FACT. Well, for Economics, I am not in the same group as Van they all. Still, I care for them and don't hope they failed in the subject. I flipped and gone through some of their work, and GOSH! I saw one of the article is exactly the same as net! Well, I am the one who deal with the question for my own team, of course I would have some idea whether did i read it before. I then inform Van that their work is just copy and paste from the net directly! But when I ask the girl whether did she changed the word, she say yes she did, and left. Well, she replied me so. I then ask Van & Sharon to check from net. And then, we found that the girl DID NOT CHANGE anything! Hello! This is called as PLAGIARISM!! You are just COPY & PASTE from the net and tell us that you had worked hard on it?! You are gonna caused Van & Sharon to fail this subject along with you man! Shit lar! Luckily I realized it early!! For our English research, Im in the same group with her. Argghhh! You know what she did? She just copy and paste everything from 3 different website and e-mail it to me. WTF..! I asked her to simplify and make it in point form, she answered me: No need one lar, very fast to simplify it on the spot. Zzzz... For M'sia study's presentation, she should be the one who handling the Powerpoint. We have got no confident on her way of doing stuff, so Vivian volunteer to take over her job, while she herself already don't have enough of time. All of us rush like COW! When she know V will be taking over her job, she just: Oo! Hell man! What I can say is, LUCKILY WE DID NOT RELY AND FULLY TRUSTED HER. On the day of presentation, she did not even notify us that she falled sick and not coming. So?? What she expect?? Until we call her only she notify us wey! Well, she herself don't even care for her study, why should WE care? Is really FREAKING asshole to have a teammate like that! When she rushed to the class, she straight away copy her speech form Powerpoint. WTH! You did not even prepared anything for the presentation even for your own part? Speechless...

Last week I was working for the Window Mobile and based in HTC booth. This is my second event job, and I enjoy it a lot =) My job scope: Stand there, distribute flyers, explain to customer who is interested and pass them to the Sales. Additional: Let people shoot. Whooaoo, I really don't know since when PC fair has became SHOOTING FAIR! First time being shoot like crazy man. Is like one short about 10++ photographers standing in front of us and shoot! I don't even know which camera to look at! The feeling is like I became an artist out of sudden, hohoho XD Keep on Kachakk kachakk.. Fun and enjoy, and time passed so fast for the 3 days. So happen Karen & Shanny is working at the same booth, what a lucky us~ hee

Day before yesterday, one of my collegemate, a guy named CHEW, I don't really like him. He text me on Monday and invited me to play badminton on Thurs. he pleaded me to go with him because he said he is not familiar with those groups of ladies that invited him. At least ask me along he won't be that bored. =.=" I am not close to him either, what for to ask me along. So i ignored his msg, and his call. Until Thurs, he called again. Sigh.. I accidentally picked up his call and he talked to me. Well, I think and think, just badminton, and I feel like distressing also after rushing all the asgmt. So I agree to go with him. Meanwhile, Vivian called me and ask me along to Coco Banana as her friend is leaving here to Sarawak soon. Hmm, never been to Coco before, go and have a look also not bad. Then V has got no transportation, so I ask him to fetch V from Puchong. Well, in manners, I invited him along to Coco. I thought he will not be joining us, how the hell i know he say yes to join even with his shorts! Gosh.. So after badminton, we gone to Coco.

I am sorry that I club but I don't like others to put his hand on me. Clubbing for me is just dancing, NO TOUCHING! Never ever try to put your hand on my waist or try to touch me! ONLY IF YOU ARE LADIES OR MY BOYFRIEND! When we were dancing on the dance floor, he was like taking advantage! I was mad and stand still, not moving. V & Candy then changed place with me to block him from going near me. After this incident, I don't want him to fetch me home, and I asked V's friend to give me a ride. He then acting very aggressive! He insist to fetch me home! I then bluff him that I am going to stay overnight at V's house. He then shout at the friend who are going to send us back, said that the friend will be fetching V and he will be fetching me, and drop me at V's house. DAMN it! Is just the same place, why can't I just back with V? And WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO DECIDE HOW AM I GOING BACK?! Out of sudden he was acting exactly like my Ex! I got mad and shout at him back! he then keep on giving lame excuses and trying to apologize. In the end, V's friend is fetching us back. our stuff left at his car, so the friend went and took from him, V & I refuse to go with him. When the friend done taking our stuff, he claimed: "Shit lar your friend! He is totally mad man! I think he is sick!!" He told us that Chew PEE-ed in front of him while talking to him! He just pee without taking off his pants, and water just dripping down from his pants! GOSH~~~

Long story anyway. Glad that I am safe. Thanks to my Love Vivian and his friend for willing to accompany me for everything. Now only I know not all the friend can join to club. All the time was joining Robin's gang. They are so responsible about our safety and will surround us by not letting anyone to touch us. They will not touch us either! This is so call respect and enjoy. Coco was not really fun for me. Still, join Robin their gang would be much fun and they are funny and crazy!

A very good lesson for me. =/
Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I am just such an asshole. I think I had done something wrong without realizing. Thousands of apology if I really did so, and seeking for the forgiveness. I hope I deserve a chance to payback or what.. Can I..? At least just let me make the situation clear, let me know where I did wrongly. Sigh.. in Blur condition.....

Bad day again for me, sigh =(
Monday, April 12, 2010

Last weekend, I forgot to bring my broadband home to KL, so didn't get to online. Sigh.. There are too many things for me to bring back, till i forgot about it! Luckily my brother was attending for his basketball tournament, or else he gonna kill me I think! haha!

This month is a bit too busy for me.. Assignment, Research, Presentation, Test!! What a tough Semester that I have ever had! Shit man.. One subject has got more than ONE task! Sigh, thought of relaxing myself, but end up need to stress with all those PENDING TASK! =( Today's test was ...... Well, Out of 50 marks I am only confident for 25 marks i think, the Chapter 4, the question comes out is totally out of what she had teach! Y=C+S, Y=C+I. Yeah, we learnt this 2. But how if 3 of them appear in the same time?? Consumption, Savings, Investment! GOd! So Y=???? Wth man... After referring the notes that she had gave after the test, still my head is full with question marks.. =.=???

Our class just ended after the test! I went to work since the class release so early. Sigh, go at the wrong time, one of the Singapore managerial people is in the office and leaving today too! So I need to rush all the expenditure before he leave and let him bring it to Singapore! Rush and rush, keep writing the cheque, payment vouchers and collection report @@ Some more A Cat need her EA form for her income tax use, I was like driving crazy with all the stuff! Fuuuuhhhh.....! Should be finishing my job at 6pm, but due to the CEO is coming on Thursday, I am forced to OT and finish all my Debtor Listing report =(

After done my job, I leave office and walked to pyramid. SS offer to give me a ride, as he is going for his basketball training later, and need to fetch his friend along who stay in USJ4. So since he will be passing by, he offer to fetch me. Err.. Not good to let him waiting if I were to be late and cause him to be late for his practice, so I rejected him and wait for my bus. How the hell I know, I saw his car passed by, and I thought I see it wrongly. But then he stopped and called me, ask me to get up on the car! =/ So end up he is the one who fetch me home, avoided those jam and I reached so early today! Thanks to him of course~ =D

Yesterday was fun for me! Enjoy it a lot. Still there is some regret.. Why can't I just grow taller? If I were to be taller, it would be much more easy for everything! Met Melissa there, she is really pretty! And love her height too.. 1 year younger than me, but she is talented to be a famous model soon! How good if I were as tall as her! She looks nice in everything, unlike me. Sigh.. This world is always that materialistic, always the prettiest one will get special treatment. Admire them so much~ @.@ After everything, each of us can choose one of the shirts we like as appreciation, and I choose one that I love the most ^^

"He" called me yesterday, and the conversation really shocked me! He was actually asking me out for dinner in KL, and will send me back to USJ after dinner. After I text him, rejecting him for the dinner, he called. Well, first question: "Did K***** mention anything about me fetching her to HELP?" LOL. What is that to do with me? =.=" I think he thought I heard something that's why I reject him for the dinner. Well, he then shared to me about the story, and said he has got a feeling like being used of her. Well, I got no comment, as I never want to interfere. He then is like start to explain himself, and ask me not to misunderstand that he was interested in her. Ehh..! Since when I care who is him into?! I told him straight that there is no such need to tell me all these as I don't give a damn at all. He then explain, said scared later K***** will share me the story before he told me. So he just tell me in advance. Well, I don't know what's going on, still in blur condition. Suddenly after sharing me about K*****, he asked:" Actually what is that that you like? Maybe a phone? or a labtop..?" Waaaa!! I like got shocked! Shit man! You was sharing me about your story with her, what is that to do with what I like?! LOL =.=" Well I got shocked and of course reject for his offer! He said take it as my birthday present. Hallo, stil way to go neh! My birthday is in September! He then change his statement, said that just take it as he buy it for me as present for inviting me to join his coming company. Well, I asked him to wait until the company is really running, and the labtop is under company's properties but not belongs to me, then only I will use it. WEIRDO...... =/

PC fair coming soon, need to work again =) but my assignment and research...... ARghhhhh...! After blog gonna prepare my presentation for tomorrow.
Good Luck for tomorrow~ =D
Friday, April 9, 2010

This morning, I attend for my interview at Starbucks, The Garden. Thanks for my dear willing to accompany me there, as she know the place well! If I was the one who been alone, I think I might take time to search for the location! Was staying overnight at Vivian's house yesterday, just to convenient our friend which so happen going to send his car to somewhere nearby MidValley for car service this morning, and he is staying in Puchong too.

The interview is quite casual. I was interviewed by the boss who are organizing the event, and also by the agent. Both quite young! The boss is just in the mid of twenty i think, but he gave me a feel of mature of course, and with the "bossie" look! Every time when I answered the question, the boss will be there smiling and also throw me some other question too. Well, is polite to smile, but still I felt so pressure with it! I don't know he smile because I answer his question wrongly or vice versa. Sigh, I was damn nervous, I felt my face all gone so hot! But still I pretend cool and steady. Luckily everything just end in a short while. Fuuhh~

Today's issue I had done something wrong. I should have brief and share roughly about what I know. That is the main purpose I want her accompanion. But still, I totally forgot about it! If that goes to me, I think I will be facing the same problem too! My brain can't turn into faster to face something sudden even. I am really so sorry about it, is like I have done nothing of my best but only being troublesome! I knew I could have change the ending if I would have really done my part! **full with sorry** :'(

After the interview, Vivian and I shop around in MidValley. I bought my lovely sandals in Vincci! Love it so much =) Then, we head towards KimGary to had our lunch. Nice and yummy food~ Follow on, we are like lost of direction, don't know where to go and shop, so we just simply shop around and finally sit down on a bench, resting and chit-chatting. We were actually waiting for the friend to pick us up and send us back. So happen there was a Barbie Launching in MidValley today, so we just waited until 3pm and have a look with it.

There were only invited guest allowed to enter and join the event. So we just watched from up there. Whoaooo, lots of them dress up in Pink! And also the event are playing the old Barbie song for the opening, "be a barbie girl, live in barbie world~". Hmm, this make me recall back my childhood with the song! hee, somehow I seldom play with Barbie, more into the sword and boy's toys. Haha!

After the Barbie launching, we at first plan to head towards MPH to look for a magazine. But before that, we went to the wash room and here Vivian's bf called. He just finished his class and was just being nearby, so he offered to fetch us back. I then text our friend who sent us there this morning that we are leaving by Vivian's bf car. So happen he also sent me a message to informing me that he will be reaching in 5 minutes soon at the same time! SHIT!! Both on their way coming! So end up, we split. Vivian went back with her bf's car and I went back with the friend's car.

It was raining, and thanks to him that gave us a ride to and from MidValley. It was so damn jam, just can't imagine what time only will I reach home if I would have taken public transport! My phone took to repair in Pyramid, and I need to collect it today. Luckily he is kind enough to drop me there, and even waited till I got my phone and fetch me home!

Just done my English essays. Pending tasks are all pilling up! Am so happy to done at least one! So just blog and relax.

It is an enjoyable day with some regret. Sigh..

Suddenly strike in my mind. Yesterday, "his" mum called me up. I think the mum likes me =.=" She keep asking me, why don't I dress up nicely when I am out with his son. LOL His son just came to find me for dinner twice, and we met up are just to talk about job stuff. The mum want me to help and join his son's coming company, and even offering me a VERY HIGH pay, 4 times to my current part time accountant job. I am just a student, and she allows me to work as part time by home, and receiving such a high pay. Well, I am the casual type, prefer to wear only t-shirt for dinner or yumcha, sometimes even with my specs and with the front hair pinned up.. Is just a casual dinner, why should i dress up nicely and with make-up?? For the twice, I just wear shorts and t-shirt. Purposely wear nice to impress you just because you are my boss or you are rich..? Err, sounds ridiculous for me, I still prefer to be the who I am =) The mum told me that the son is those picky type, like girls who know how to dress up nicely. The son complaint about me to his mum that I am being too casual for him. The mum again, ask me to wear nicer next time, so that she can persuade the son to court me, WTH.. =.=" Speechless.....

Always be the who I am, the Original ME =)

Some sweet memories with my Love V ^^

I LovE this the most ^^

Whhooaooo, I love my Hair colour so much! =P


Lunch together in KimGary

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

As usual today, I went to class early in the morning at 8.30am. In the class, nothing special happen, still being insane and mingle around with them. After class, I went to work. And yeah, I received a call for attending an interview for the coming event job! Huhuuu~~~ Hopefully I got the job! But still, I think I will be much more happier if my friend is also ask for interview for the job, thought of can work together with her, sigh.. =(

Interview will be on Friday, and it will be at The Garden. Sigh, I am not really sure how to go there, as I am a bit blind in direction! Thanks for my LOVE Vivian, she offered to go with me along, and we are going to shopping after the interview =D Love her so so much! We were planning how are we going to The Garden there, and she suggest to take bus from her place which will straight away reach there. For me to take bus to Vivian place, well is not far, but there are only ONE bus to Puchong! If I missed one, I will need to wait for quite long to get another ride! So I need to wake up and take bus to Puchong early in the morning. Hmm.. Vivian then offer me to stay at her house, but I feel so paiseh lar~ =/ hmm.. Further will be discuss on tomorrow when we meet each other.

After worked, I walked to Pyramid. I took my phone to repair, as the touch screen problem is bothering me! And I learnt a lesson too, never simply just pass the phone to those normal shop to repair, best is just pass to the original shop straight. Sigh.. At first wanna save cost, but at the end, add up the total all is about RM250. After passed my phone to be repaired, I head towards Station 1 to collect my salary for last time. My phone can only be collected after 2 hours, but the sky will be dark, and I will not be able to go back to my dorm. So I decide to collect it only tomorrow.

Without my phone, I got totally no idea about the time at all. I was waiting for the bus at the bus stop, from the sky still bright until it is dark! One after another bus, stopped and left, but none of it is heading to USJ! What happen to the USJ bus today?? I was looking at the sky, stoning at the bus stop there. People at the bus stop getting lesser and lesser. I was thinking: How good if I am able to drive well, so that I don't need to rely on bus. Almost waited more than half hour I think. My phone is not with me, so i was a bit bored. Not because I can't sms or what, nobody bother to sms me. Is just if my phone is with me, at least I can take my time looking at those pictures that taken last time. Finally, U63 turned up!

Is happy to see the bus, at least I know I am on my way going back. But looking at the jam, sigh.... I was stuck in the jam for quite sometime, and finally I reached my dorm at 9PM! The sky was so dark, and I walked back to my dorm with fear. I dreamt that I'd been robbed in my dream recently! With a very fast pace, I walked home then.

Finally I am HOME~ Felt so lonely without Vivian, sigh. No one to speak to, so just blog. Nothing special to share actually..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This morning, woke up early in the morning and went to college just to return the gym membership card before 10am. Class will only start at 12pm, so after return I came back to my dorm.

Vivian has already awake by the time i reached, at first plan to sleep, but then left not much of time also. So I switched on the PC and online, along with Vivian.. Around 11, we depart and go to Summit to have our breakfast. There we met Alexandra and then we had our breakfast together in "Winnie". I ordered "Mai Xiang", enjoy it a lot, the Oat taste so good! After breakfast, we then walk to college.

Normal day, nothing special that happened in the English class today. Is just that I should be learning how to be QUIET in the class and so that won't disturb the others. I just don't get what they want, when I am being quiet, stoning while lecturer teach, lecturer came and approach me and said I am feeling down. What the hell.. Seriously run out of my mind how should I be acting in the class. Sigh..

Malaysia Study's class, time to relax~ Is a joined class with other courses students, so the lecturer don't really bother what we are doing. Just as same as our moral class in the first sem. Some of them play their labtop, msn and play games. My gang, we read magazine and some camwhore, busy taking pictures in the class only. Hahah! Until half of the class, my course's coordinator came in and announce that Result for the FC students are now released! Damn!! I was so damn nervous, I was so so scared, I can't stay still and wait quietly until the break time only go and collect my result. I was TOO nervous to think and wait even 1 minutes long to get my result! Then I suggest to take it immediately, and the whole FC students go along too.

Well, I dreamt before that I got "C" in my English! I was crying so badly in my dream. Once I woke up, i was still in fear. I quickly share to monster about what I had dreamt. He keep on said it will be opposite, but I was still worrying how if it is really true?! He then suggest me to resit the English paper if I really got "C". He will then intensive tutors me after he is back for my resit paper. Fuuuhhh~~ At least I felt much more release after he said that. But still, I don't hope to get "C" for it. Or else need to spend another RM150 on it, sigh.. My mum might lost trust on me too if that really happen!

End up, I took my results, and! Fuuuh~~ I got "B" for my English, others of course I am satisfied with it. At least a "B" in my english is still acceptable for me, as I am weak with it all the time. Finally the big stone has been released.. But some of us failed in one of the subject, and cried. I felt so sorry for her, as she worked so hard already. Even staying so far, she will still come to my place just to learn together, but still she failed. Hopefully she manage to pass her coming resit paper..

3 assignments in 1 time, all now still pending. Need to start up my turbo already.
Brumm brummm~~~
Monday, April 5, 2010

Finally today, plan to work out in the gym ON! Since the first day in the college wanna go for gym, but until today only make it, hee~

Our SEGi, damn kiamsiap lar~ Only apply for 4 membership car, 1 lost. Left 3. But 1 of the 3 been borrowed by others, so only left 2! Shit la, there are 4 of us there, how are we going to enter with 2 passes?? =/ However, we tried our luck and to 3K there, hoping they will allow us to enter with only 2 cards, Hee~

Once we reached there? We head towards to the gym straight. But they need a pass to enter, we don't have, and Van they all knock the door so hard, shit la.. Hahha! We were peeping inside the gym through out there, COOOL~ And the music playing inside is so NICE and HAPPENING!! We then go to the counter to register, they were asking us to pay RM10 for each hour for those who without pass. We then Beg them.. Finally, they ask us to ask for the instructor, if he say yes then Ok. In the end, we manage to enter for FREE! Huhuuu~!

We play, we sweat, but stil not as bad as we run out there, due to we are doing exercise in an air-cond room. Play lots of stuff, but still, the running machine suit us the most. After exercise, we were all hungry! We then walked to the A&W. I was so enjoy with my rootbeer float! So long I never have it d~ Just burn off all the Calories, but then eat back again, LOL

Somehow I am not really happy with what had happened in the class today. I learnt a lesson: Never be the volunteer to voice out anything. Or else, all the blame will just put it on you only. Sigh. The Econ class, the way of her teaching is really too fast, we couldn't take it! Everyone wanna voice out, but no one dare. So I am that kepo, and volunteer myself, and confront to the lecturer, Michelle. She is the type that sei oi min. When I was trying to give some suggestion, she is like hardly wanna accept. She then keep on "menyampuk", so end up I raise up a little of my voice and finally she kept quiet and let me finish all my words. She then damn "beh song" d. She showed smelly face, and her attitude everything is like telling us she damn BEH SONG.

Well, when I think back, yes is my fault that I raise up my voice, but i did it in a polite way, of course not yelling or shouting, just the tone is slightly louder. So I intend to apologize to her in the end of the end of the class, and I told Vivian about this. Mana tau when Vivian went to toilet, one of the coursemate ask me to apologize to her. LOL, yeah, I memang intend to. She then add on: is actually your fault, you shouldn't raise your tone up! What the hell... Sigh. Is like no one appreciate it. As now Michelle is pointing her gun on me. Hmphh.. Is hurt to hear that. I knew is my fault, she just seems to show non of any appreciation on it. Now Michelle is teaching in the way that we want, simple and easy to understand. Benefits all, but harm me. Sigh.. Out of sudden Im like have a gap with her d. I hardly can smile to her also, and I don't wanna talk much about the issue anymore.

Anyway, what a nice day with Gym and bad day in my class =/
Saturday, April 3, 2010


I have got no plan for today. No where to go.. Suddenly just feel like dying my hair. So, I quickly rush back home today, hoping to reach KL before my mum close her saloon.

About 3.30pm, I left my dorm and head towards KL. After 1 and a half hour, finally I reached! Once i got back, i put down my stuff and went into the store room, went to have a look what colour of hair-dying material that my mum is having right now. Hoping the colour that I want is not out of stock! My mum feel weird that why am I entering the store room as I seldom enter it normally. Hahha! When I told her I wanna dye my hair, she then took out 2 colours which she feel it suit me--- red and light blonde. Red?? Arghh, I don really like it. Light blonde, hmm... I was really worried that the colour come out will look like larlar.. Hate SEAFOOD the most! Luckily end up, the colour is really NICE!! I like it so so much! It's light almond brown =D

Then at night, Kelvin ask me out for Bah Kut Teh. They ask me where got nice one to eat. All I know my place here don't have ler, only Kepong. I then lead the way, but due to I'm blind with road direction, I bring them to a longer way.. Shin Chan keep complaining his dinner gonna become his supper, LOL =.=" Finally, we reached and eat at "Kar Kar Bah Kut Teh". Enjoy with my Yao Char Koay ^^

Today, I am wondering a question : Am I an insecure girl?? Did i change? Who am I? Sigh.. An insecure girl which she don't even know who herself is. Am I? Well, it could be true or fact in others' perspective. For me, I am just a simple normal girl that I used to be all the time. Heartache to get such comment, as don't know why, I care and mind for the comments a lot. I am bad in making up story or making a statement in convincing people. Since when I cook up a story..? Still, I am the only witness of my life. I can't change others' perspective on me. Just let it be if they want to think so ;'( I am still the who I am, which all the time lazy to make much explanations, bearing with the heartache and disappointed. Sigh..

Is actually my Sad day. I just don't know why I mind everything.