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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Were overwhelmed by vacation, jobs and so etc. I somehow find my life is really fun and colourful :)

First would be the Carlsberg job in Gold Coast, Sepang. It's really a super fun experience with the girls, and with the people! Our actual working hour was only 3 hours! The rest is Party time :D First experience with the Beach rave party, and it's indeed super fun!

Another beach trip, REDANG! I enjoyed this trip along as this time, the people that pampered me during my growing journey has all come along :D Other than the Ms VivianC and the gang, I had lots of fun with the Kepong gang ^^ Watching them from being girlish, with long hair, until now all become so "Man"! With their girlfriends along too :D Crazy and super fun time I had with them!

My face gone "destroyed" as I came back from the trip! Sun burnt, clogged pores, caused whole face got irritation and pimples! It's the worst scene ever that happened to my face! Keep drinking water, avoid heaty and poisoned food, mask, skincare....! Finally it turns Normal :D I was being so down and shy to step out from the house during the period seriously!

What a busy time I had, hav not been having enough of rest as jobs keep coming non-stop. I need SLEEP seriously.. I am now committed to a 3 weeks project working in KLIA, along with Vv. Nice working experience I am having, and enjoyed my job so so much :D But i am somehow being over greedy, I grabbed my K1664's jobs to work along. Ended up I am working 2 jobs in a day. Almost collapsed last week seriously. Thank god I am feeling better now :)

Problems are solved, and getting better as day passed. Somehow I do feel a little different compared to previous. Is like getting a bit careful to avoid offended each other. As it's not supposed to be so right? Hmmm.. Somehow I do appreciate it a lot, and it's can't be replaced. Time would do it's work.

My life has a little changes. Finally waving to the 2 years single journey, and now Mr Liew has stepped in ^^ It's seriously an unexpected one! Well, no one would understand, as we ourselves could not even accept it at the first moment too!

I like it as we were all being merely friends, no any intention. No one would hide the original personalities. From my buddy's Bf's bestie, normal Hi-Bye friends, one of the buddies among the gang, problem solver, my joker, and finally ......... My Boyfriend! Weee~~~

I like the way he make a fool on me.
I love the way he make me Laugh Out Loud.
I enjoy the way he teased me.
I enjoy being bullied.
I enjoy the way he breakdown my problems.
I like his rational thinking.
I salute him for being Fair and Square, pointing my faults but not trying to side me just to ease my feelings.
I enjoy being pampered by him.
I dislike his skinny, trying to pump him to a Fatty!
I enjoy having my freedom even I am no longer single.

Oh well, of course my mum was a little mad with me. Yes, he is still a Student! Can't give me whatever that I want. Well, I do feel that happiness and the comfy feelings can't be buy merely by money :)

He don't know the existence of my this Bloggie~ It's my space to voice out my words without letting him to be acknowledged :P

I am a Blissful one! <3