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Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm a grandma now, having my grandchildren^^ 26th Nov, My daughter---Tissue gave birt to 4 cute babies~ I was damn nervous when she start pushing her puppy out from her stomach. Here are the 3 puppies that come out 1st before the last one.

Finally ma Tissue gave birth to 4 pups, but 1 die.. which is the apricot 1. Sad... Now left 3: White, grey and black..

Now, I'm really tired, busy nursing ma puppies every 2 or 3 hrs includin midnight. Sleep till half way need to wake up, jz lik taking care a real baby lik tat^^ heee.. Exam now, tire+tired....

Well, jz hope that they will grow up healthy and active. Enjoy lookin the process of up-growing of them. Might keep update the pictures in the future..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recently i met up with ma friend. A lady.. We used to be very close, but due to she backstabed me last time, v argued and became not that familiar d. But still, i treat her sincerely as my friend.

She's a hot chic, slim, tall & pretty. But dunno why, she give me a feelings that she wants to take everything from me away. Last time she did mention that she is jealous. But she is way more prettier than me, i dunno what is that for her to jealous.

Recently we met up, she told me that my EX-bf did search for him last time. Said that he keep calling her n even ask for further----to have an intercourse with her when I was stil with him. I feel so hurt, but jz feel it's over, cz he is no more my bf. Then, she told me that my Ex went for swimming with her too.. Well. It doesn't matter. One thing tat reli hurts me is, she ask: U nv seen my look of wearing bikini rite? Haih, ur Bf oso seen before, but u neva... Well, It reli so damn hurt!!

I trust all her word. My Ex stil goin after me, stil msg n give care. Tat nite after i met her, I straight away msg him nt to bother me o contact me anymore, as i feel he's so damn DISGUSTING!! I gave him chances to admit, bt he said he dunno what to admit as he neva done anythin wrong also. I get frustrated and ask him not to contact me at all until if and onli if he get any proff. I told him whateva my friend told me that he did, he get even more panic and angry, he said he'd been accused. He persists with his answer that he neva did it before.

After end of the conversation with my Ex, he called my friend immideatly. Then, he RECOREDED everything, recorded all the conversation between he & my friend. He play out the recording, only i realised that my friend who is the one who make up all the story!

Why she did so? Well, she deny in the call that she said so, bt the worst thing is she push all the blame on me said that it might i'm the one who make up the story! WTf.... I wish i could play the recording here.

Then, she called me finally. I thought she gonna admit and explain why she did so. And i'm ready to forgive her. How the hell i know, she deny it again, and said that my Ex have gutts to do but don dare to admit. Even said that she don't wanna step her foot in our story anymore. =.=" She's the one who started all these what!

I really don't understand..... Jz gave me a lesson that, is such cases, we can't onli trust the ladies' side. Proff is everything..
Really disappoited as i treat her sincerely as a friend. Even until today I did not tell her that I knew bout all the story, I jz remain silent cz i stil respect this relationship. Haih... Problematic...