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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Malacca Trip + Bridal Month Press Conference

Woohoo~~ Malacca!! Here we go! There were total 9 of us =) And around 3pm on Saturday, we then depart to Malacca by 2 cars. The objective of this trip was to have FUN fun FUN during all the time, and not to forget the most important thing ---- The delicious FOOD there!

We rented a Villa in A'Famosa. Around 5pm+, we finally reached there safely. I was the one driving, hee.. This is the second time for me to drive another long distance. Somehow I am not always that lucky. I scratched WongSiewPeng's leg! The rim got scratched when I passed one of the toll during the way to Malacca. Wuwuwuuu~ Feel so so sorry! Hong Jia gonna curse me for hurting his SiewPeng =/ Sighhh..

Once we reached the Villa, it was so cool to see that we have a pool behind there! All of us then started to choose for room, and we got one that face the swimming pool view ^^ After a short rest, we then depart to Jonker Street for a walk. Lots of stall all along the street, and nice food too! Vivian and I enjoy shopping there ^^ They had cendol, curry mee and asam laksa there, and I got to try the taste of the food from them. I did not order anything there, was trying to keep my stomach for the Portuguese Village's food after that!

In Portuguese village there, we ordered lots of nice food again! I miss the fried sotong and the sting ray, delicious ^^ Those guys were crazy man! They could load so many of the food, even they already had their first round dinner in Jonker Street! Salute =P After such a filling dinner, we then went home for shower and have our short rest, follow on with the shoot poker game -- Fuck you! Geeee.. It was so damn funny and stupid! Hui Yang was a little tipsy already, and begged for others to Fuck him for the poker by saying "Fuck me! Fuck me!". hahaha! **He was actually asking HJ to fuck his ownself.** Carzy one.. Vivian end up puke on the stucked toilet bowl! Hehe! Pity the technician to smoothen the toiletbowl's flush on the next day. Andre even took a picture of the stucked toiletbowl with all the puking stuff XD

Second day was the best! Again we bang to the Malacca town. Ate Chicken rice ball in Jonker Street! This is my very first time to eat that. Even some claimed that it is just so normal, but the satisfaction is there due to I was dying to eat that since last time. With a full stomach, we then shop in the Jonker Street again. We went to visit almost all the shops, played with those stupid and funny stuff, took lots of silly pictures! The twins bought the Gun and bullets. And this gun end up to be a nightmare for huiYang, haha! Right after the walk, the chicken rice ball was partially been digested. I still felt freaking full actually. We then went for Sate Babi for the next station.

OMG~ Sate Babi!!! It's like an addiction man!! It tasted so damn nice! This is the only food that I miss the most from Malacca! Even how full I was, I just can't stop chewing the Sate Babi! Nice nice NICEEEE!!! Goshh.. With the freaking full tummy, we again went for a tart shop. I bought a cheese tart, AND I CAN"T STOP EATING AGAIN EVEN I WAS FEELING SO DAMN FUULLLLLLL! =.="

We then went back to Villa again for the bicycle riding session. We rented bicycles and planned to cycle out from our section to another one. Due to one of us is not familiar with bicycle riding, we end up just cycling around our villa area. There was fun and silly thing happened during the cycling session too. Andre's bicycle is having an extra baby chair behind. And guess what, he tied his tumbler behind by putting it on with the sit belt XD When he cycled, it's just like a father cycling the son to study! Hehe.. And and! There was once during our cycling journey of our whole Villa garden, the tumbler dropped. He straight away U-Turn and shout: "Oh!! My BIBI!" Ahahahhha..! The stupid HongJia, was having his own sweet time front there by making few turns. But when he heard us complimenting Andre gonna be a good caring father in the future, he then rushed there and offer some help! Haha! Haloooo, is too late okayyy.. =P Even was merely an hour ride, we all were sweating like hell! Were all panting heavily when we were home.

Was so eager to flopped into the pool! But due to we just done sweating, as ladies we scared of getting the sweat spot. So few of us were enjoying watching the beauty pagean show in the living room while chewing the snacks. Again! NON-STOP Eating!! Few guys had already soaked themselves in the pool. They were so damn enjoy life wey!! They brought ShiSha along to this trip, and they swam while having ShiSha beside the pool! After a short rest, Vivian and I then changed to our swimsuits and Bumped into the pool.

Was just thinking to soak myself, but not to swim. So I tied a nice bun with my hair, hoping that I won't wet it. It was like so quiet, and kinda bored after some time.The twins then suggest to play water monkey game! Here we go, CRAZINESS started here =D There were two monkey to be in the centre of the pool and try to catched the bottle. Everyone then spread out and surround the whole pool. Damn it man, I be the monkey so often! Sighh.. We were having supreme fun! I even play cheat =P I splashed the water on them when they try to throw away the bottle. The whole progress was damn freaking funny and enjoy! Joy and Laughters just can't stop for any single moment^^ Until Jon reminded us about the time, we then force to stop the game and depart to the town for food hunting again.

Right, Jonker Street again. Planned to have the nice laksa, but most of the stalls closed due to the time was already 11pm++. They all were so fancy about the dimsum as substitute for the laksa. After a short walk, then we head for Stay Celup! =D Celup celup~~~ Nice! I love the flower flower mushroom, hehe! Eat eat eat, eat non-stop!

Back to Villa again after the dinner. Vv & I then follow up with some presentation work for the next day on Monday. After we done, we then join the whole gaing in the living room. All were like Gambing God wey! They were playing poker with the Chips and really gambling with money. Vivian, Jon & I then play Mahjong in another side! First time learn to play Mahjong! Is fun! Hehehe.. Again, we hang up until midnight 4pm something, and went to sleep after that. Felt so damn sleepy dy, and we need to rush back to Subang on the next day for the presentation.

Finally, is time to leave. I felt so damn mm seh dak~ I really had lots of fun with everyone of them there, especially my Ms VivianC =( It's gonna be a sweet happy memory for me!

Monday's presentation, our group was the most simple one. Simple and yet complete, compared to others. Heee~ We did not really work on the presentation, but we done well on that! Bravo~~~

Tuesday~ Which is today. The day of the Press Conference of the bridal month in DoubleTree Hotel, Hilton. I am dressed with pretty white gown =)Working as a bridal model, along with another 4 models. But! I don't like the hairdo and make up. It doesn't bring me out actually =/ Easy job, as we did not worked more than 1 hour. Most of the time we were just preparing ourselves with make up, hairdo, rehearsal and camwhore. We only got into the Conference room for the opening, and the journalist of those media shoot us for a short while. Anyway it's a nice experience for me =) Was eager to wear on the bridal gown for so long! And finally~ Here I got to ^^ We got our pay on the spot too! Rm200 for working not more than one hour, Cool man!

Again I gain fun experience in my life~ I'm Loving It!
Thursday, October 21, 2010

Swim! Rush! Hairshow! Bridal Gown Fittings! And my Modelling class~

Again, new week for me. And a supreme fun one too! =) Kinda busy, and was not having enough of sleep.

Tuesday, went swimming with all my sweethearts ^^ 4 of us were so damn funny, and we swam for 3.5 hrs! Goshh, we still not willing to leave until Van's mum is rushing her back for the car. Vivian is super strong! As she can swim till the deep end of the pool. It is really a big challenge for me, and also Van and Sharon! The water level is way too deep for us..

Right after Vivian taught us how to stand in water, we mastered it and plan to have a try in a deeper water level. I can stand for just a while, my legs tend to get tired after some time. So, Van and I try that just a small distance away from the side. Van still not fully master it. Once she got tired, she pulled me by hoping me to support her up. Goshh! My legs were tired too and can't support 2 person. End up we were struggling in and on the water! Almost die! Haha! The funniest thing is, we were just near to the side, but we hardly manage to swim there. Sharon was just resting at the side, enjoy seeing the two of us jumping in and out of the water without trying to give any hand. She claimed that she know we won't die just like this because we're just nearby the side, ahhaha! We played lots of stupid game, and silly punnnishment for the losers too! It is just so so FUN =D I love everyone of them so so muchhh ^^

After swimming, we were conducting interviews for those party girls for coming Friday. I follow on went to Old Town to rush the essays that need to be passed up on the next day. It's a group essay, and everyone of my teammates do care for it as this need to be sent to UK university for the marks.

My teammates were all so co-operate! All of the contribute a lot. I am the final one who need to merge and combine all of the main points into essay. I thought it is gonna be super easy for me. But alas, I found it super HARD! I end up to burn midnight oil until 4.30am! Even change location from Old Town to MCD due to Old Town closed at 1am. My teammates were all worried about me. Even they have done their part and can just sleep like that, but they just choose to stay awake and accompany me. I was super exhausted when the time is at 1am stg, but their msn conversation just cheered me up and made my day =D I lub them so so muchiieee~ *touched*

Thursday was my Wella Hairshow. Glad to see that among the 8 of the models, my hair seems to be the most normal one. Some their hair have been higlighted like Zebra stripe, blonde and red! Some cut on the stage. Mine is the best~ Heheh! I just need to touch up the highlight of my fringe after the show, as it looks a bit too blonde for me. Nice and fresh experience for me. There is a short runway, and we need to do some catwalk and posing in front of everyone. Easy job! *winkkk* In the end of the show, right after posing and approached the audience, all the models posed on the stage. My position was just sitting on a chair with a super cool pose =P And everyone down there was like Papparazi! Kepp on "kaachhaakkk kaacchhakk"!

After that Hairshow, I rushed back to Damansara Perdana for my Bridal gown fittings. Don't get me wrong, it is merely for the coming job purpose =) I will be wearing the white gown on coming Tuesday for the press conference of the bridal event. 5 of us will be wearing it and pose for 3 hours on that day. Goshhh! I was so so damn excited to see myself with the white gown during the fittings! I love it so much! Heeee.. One thing is, I am not allowed to wear any bra with the gown =/ Haha! Glad to hear that I make their job easier, as they don't need to do any alteration for the gown. It looks just nice for me ^^

I am offered to attend a Modelling course. It costs about 3.8k. Well, is kinda waste for me to learn those modelling stuff, as with my height, it is really impossible for me to be a professional runway model. Persuaded to attend the first two free class, and here I went to. James end up to offer sponsorship for me for the course, but there are terms and conditions. I will need to work for jobs that he offer, and I could only turn it down with possible reason. Attended 3 classes in total. My instructor is a caucasion professional runway model! Learnt a lot from her during the 3 classes that I had attended. Well modelling class is not only about teaching you catwalks, lots of theory and homeworks need to be done too! Thought of giving up for this class before, as I am not as potential as others. But after a long dilemma, I decided to continue and finish up the whole course. Even I won't be using it for my future job, but at least I learnt something fun. I learn and gain lots of experiences that I would never regret. And since I had got the sponsorship, why not I give myself a try? From James, I am the only one who paid nothing for the course. But I don't know how true it is, sooo.. Just keep it to myself will do. Equiped myself with modelling knowledge and get a certified model cert! I lose nothing =)

I have learnt how to normal walk with a good posture during casting for jobs. It's not easy! Confidence, hips, hand's position, emotion, ....! Goshh, too many to learn! We also need to train how to look good in polarate. As interviews, people will snap you sometimes, and there are no 2nd chance for you to pose in picture. We are taught how to catch the angle and nice posture in the first shot. P/s: Somehow I am still bad in that! I looked damn pale in the pictures :( Follow on we learnt how to dress with our body shape to bring out ourselves. Homeworks include reading fashion magazine, do research on the famous models, designers and stuff. Fashion is just SO important for a model. *Sighh, where the hell I could get the money for fashion..?* We need to know branded stuff, the designers of the brand and everything!

To walk in a straight line, it's just exactly like what we heard from last time, we need to train ourselves by putting a book on top of the head when we walk, with a super high heels along too! Not the short one =/ Follow on with basic catwalk, pose shifting. Third class add on with the half turn of catwalks. It's gonna be lots of things to learn! Too many knowledge in walking, and they are not easy! I am waiting for the crossover catwalks *chuckle* It's fun and cool!! Next class going to teach about quick beauty skills. We gonna learn about make up, work out, and also healthy diet. It's going to be SUPER FUN for the following class =)

Lots more to share. Just came back from my Malacca trip with my Ms VivianC!
It's gonna be in the next post ^^
What a colourful life I am having! Appreciate it a lot and thank god for giving me all these =)
Monday, October 18, 2010


Was so naive to believe on the terms of forever.
Nothing is forever.
Things change when it is meant to, even how firm it is.
Money always the sensitive issues.
Tried to give in, but doesn't works.
Appreciation will never happen.
No one knows what you had done.
Share whatever that possible.
Hide because of afraid it hurts. But this tends to be misunderstood.
People only tends to see and remember the darker side.
Toleration has become a chance to overstep.
People step in when you give in.
Sincerity been treated as threats.
Aids been treated as overtake.
Harsh words that hurts spilt without consideration, and it happens more than twice.
Tried not to be calculative, tried to forgive.
Things gone worst, and heart really got ache.
Is time to let go if meant to be so.
Claps wouldn't be done without another side.
Faults did not blame on any side. There is no such thing of who being wrong.
Maybe is just I don't have the honour to be one anymore.
If it is happier to be without me then I will leave.
If it used to be a burden, then I apologised for that.
If and if..
Just do it if you are happy with it.
Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sick Sick~

I have been having fever for more than 1 week! Enjoy life and play too much! I never really take care of myself, continue eating heaty food. And here, I turn into --- A BIG SICK CAT!

At first I was just having fever, nothing else other than that. Persuaded by buddies and went for swimming! haha! Thought this can cure my fever, but end up I caught flu and having bad cough now, hehe =P Anyway still need to Thanx for those who care for me.. Thanx for the greetings, fever pad, 100 plus, honey, porridge, medicine and the cough syrup. Aprreciate it =)

When I stared at the pail which full with all my wore clothes, I know it's time for me to wash them again. And 1 week passed again just like that! Went to queue for the Rojak again, follow on with the snowflakes. Went for badminton to sweat it out.Went for shooting of Miss Babylicious. Went for Gao Wong Yeh. Went to Sushi King Bonanza! Had my haircut and dying service and get paid! Everyday full with different interesting stuff=)Been Zouk for 4Play to last week! With the fun gang.. Mostly same faces of them, still Robin, Daryll, Sandy,..., and extra lots of people too.. Was about 15++ of us that night. Seriously had a great night! Have not been clubbing for months! =D

I've been shorlisted and chosen for the Miss Babylicious contest which organised by MAC. It's gonna held on next month. I feel really damn excited for it as I am the 1 among 12. It will be 3 days contest, and lots of exposure with this event. I just hope to gain fun experience from this competition =) Winning is a bit hard as others are way more better than me, hope I'll be enjoying the process of it.

I had my hairwash, haircut, colour dying and highlight today in one of the saloon in Pavillion. This is the very first time for me to enjoy all these service! As my mum owns a saloon, I seldom go for other hair saloon for my haircut or whatever. I was treated like a Diva! Many of them serviced me, and I just sit there for 4 hours~~ T__T I was at first had some self-prepared that they gonna cut my hair until super short, like a bob, or slightly longer than that. But end up the hair stylist just get my hair short for only 3-4 inches. Fuuuu~ *was a bit disappointed actually, thought can forced to get a new look, haha* I bleached my hair for the highlight too! And that scare me the most when I had my first glance on it! =/ Luckily they then dye the ash grey colour on it.. Looks cool and I like it a lot ^^ All these are for the Wella Hairshow next week, hope I can perform well that day. First time being Hairshow Model, nervous plus excited;) Free hair service and got paid, cooolll~! *winks*

During the Sushi Bonanza day, Vivian and I skipped the account class just to avoid crowds and massive queue in Sushi King. Was so damn enjoy for the meal! We crapped and ate a lot. Aimming for the Salmon too! Those abandoned rice, we played some games and losers will force to get rid of them. Some how we also hide the rice between the tall plates =P Was so damn filling! Heheehe, enjoy the craziness among everyone ^^

Tomorrow going to Ipoh for outstation job again. There will be open-book-test next week. Things are going so pack! Hope I manage to organise everything well =)

Heart Everyone~ ^^
Monday, October 4, 2010

Met a Raving Lunatic

Few days after my birthday, finally I met the raving lunatic after so long. It's was at MCD of Asia Cafe there. My auto-reaction when I first saw him is to shun and run away from him immidiately! LOL! What the hell was I doing?? I felt a clench of fear in my stomach!! I ran away instead of him running away from me?! What a f**king asshole who owe lady money and never intend to return!

I then took a deep breath and encountered him. Gave him face that I did not ask him straight in front of the lady along with him. Don't give a damn who's she to him. He told me that he will be banking the full amount to my bank Oct. I hope he could stick to his word.

Sunday was a big day to Van. Is her day for her singing competition. As buddies, of course we will be there for her =D Am so proud of her now! She could sing so well, and others too! Suddenly just make me feel like pursuing for what that I really into. Really feel like enrolling myself in a dancing class. But dancing fees.. Again another burden for me. =(

Even is jz my second week of college, but task-to-do seems to be piling up non-stop! UK system, long research and answer needed for the case study. Even is merely a homework, but it stress me out like hell man! Sighh.. Referencing is the worst T__T Each question took me 5-6 hrs to answer! And there're 3 of them! Sighh, stress out!!

I had a very fun birthday week, and here's the price to pay. I need to rush all my assignments and homeworks in few days time. Wednesday was the due date to pass everything up. Tuesday night, right after had dinner with Harith, I came home and rush everything out. Planned to print, but my Window OS had changed to Window 7, and my printer's software can only support until Window Vista or XP. Sighhh. Was a bit blue until I received a call from Kevin!

Goshh, he just called in time! It was 1.30am! Normally no one will call me about this late. So happen he is not going to work on the next day and his laptop is in Window Vista, so I asked him to come over and help me out.

Two of us were so damn funny! After done installing my printer sofware, here comes another problem. My printer is run out of ink! Arggghh...! We were refilling the ink again and again and trying on the printer for HOURS! Hands got so dirty and damn funny! Being lame all the night, I think is because he has got not enough of sleep and keep talking nonsense. =.= HAha!

End up we stay up until 4.30am and gave up. CURELESS for my printer! Sigh. He then left. But still he didn't give up. He called his friend early in the morning at 6.30am to print out my stuff! And sent it to me again the next morning before 8.30am! Goshhhh! Felt so touch!! It's just so nice of having such a cool friend like him! Help as much as he could, and even stayed up almost the whole night together! Thanks to him a lot, I really appreciate it, and he made my day too! I felt so fun on that =)

I'm actually having fever, but not very serious one. Stayed up too late for the assignment cause me lack of rest and my fever got worst on the next day. Luckily after a big sleep I felt so much better =)

Sensed something, and it's not going right. I am trying my very best to work out with it. I don't know is it my problems or vice versa. I hope I could make it through. I want the laughters as last time. I want the sincere ties. I am sorry if I offended something, apologise for my bad temper too. Hope I am right beside you when you are feeling blue. I hope i hope... I hope to have a talk.. Sigh