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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ladies!! Beware!

This week, a week that I had gone through my super worst issue in my life! I was struggling strongly in my heart, was still thinking should I share this out. End up I'd made my decision to share partially of the incident, as a warning to my close friends around since my blog is only acknowledged by my close one.

Tuesday, we were invited to attend so call friend's friend birthday party. High class area with good service and DJ. People attended mostly fucking rich. The flows were normal as we had fun playing with poker, pool, sing-k, and alcoholic drinks were served. Well, I don't really like to drink, so I'd chosen to have only beer with my babe. Punishment of losers were to drink, we were trying not to drink too much, and when someone served us coffee, it actually flied us to the moon!

Well, here comes the problem I think. Something is wrong with the coffee, I doubt! The other girls were super good in drinking, and they continue with their Whiskey. Only my dear and I, we had the coffee, and we're still feeling glad that we could actually have coffee instead of alcohol drinks. People around keep toasting our cups, and I am brought out by S to avoid from being toasted. We then enjoy with our pool session beside.

Things went weird. I start to feel dizzy! Herrmm, what's wrong with me? Is it too long I have not been drinking? But it was only beer! And I did not even finish half of the cup of the beer! I can't even concentrate to hit the balls. I end up sitting beside and passed my Q to others to replace me. I reeled to the seats beside and take a rest. Well, seriously weird! My vision suddenly just like as shown in the movie! Things that I was seeing are all tearing into pairs. Means I can see DOUBLE of you standing front of me! OMFG!

Thank god my babe quickly came and looked for me and dragged me to the washroom. She was just at the right point of time! If she came later a bit, I can't be imagining what is going to happen next. She got shocked that I was squinting my eyes while looking at her. She then claimed that our drinks might be spiked by someone! as she used to drink a lot and won't get dizzy that fast. I was asked to vomit out as much as I could, and warm water was later on brought to me by my babes herself! I really don't know who somemore that I could trust at the point of time, other than her. Really thanks to her a lot.

I was really in my "fantasy" world, and thanks for her warm remind all the moment so that I would back to the reality world. My memory become very short, as I could forgot things that just happen in a seconds before.

She was forcing herself to be conscious as she was a victim too, until she can't stand for it, finally we left and went home. Thank god it's my time to get a little conscious and forced myself to stand still until I'm home. First thing ever while I was still conscious I called AC to informed that we're home safe. But I knew I can't really talk in a normal way as I kept repeating my words and mumbling, so it's better for him to come and have a look, I added on.

Thank god they came. I finally relaxed myself, and I am strongly been affected by the ecstasy. It turned worst after I had trying so hard to be conscious and then finally relaxed. I then start to have hallucination! Damn. I can just looking at you and hear you talking, but I can't even understand what are you trying to say. I can see you sitting at my left, another you sitting at my right! FML! It doesn't feel good at all!! DAMN IT! Being super sensitive to sounds too! I can suddenly feel that I am dreaming.

Next day was a bad one. Whole day I don't have any appetite. Ate only Milo and porridge for the whole day. Forced to attend class as I don't want to skip it. The lecturer was walking left and right in the class, and I had a sudden feel of throwing something to him and ask him stop moving! It was making me even feeling super dizzy! Thank god I was still able to control my own will. Wasting my time to attend class as I hardly can understand what is he talking about. Body keep shivering, and both hands feel so numb! It's like I can't feel my both hand at all.

My whole body hardly could coordinate with my brain. Even when I washed my face, I want to close my eyes when I splashed with the water, and, I FORGOT TO CLOSE my eyes ==". I tend to react super obtuse. Need time to answer one's simple question. It's like the hangover of the alcohol, and is hundred times WORST than it!

Fuck it that I am still having the hangover feel even until now. It is going to be a week! Still feeling a bit dizzy. Body immunity went so weak and I end up falling sick. Flu, headache, sore throat, whole body feel so strengthless. A bit depress, but I don't even know what am I depressing for! Arghhh! Now it's even worst as my sensation of my whole body is a bit numb! It's like I'm feeling itchy, but when I scratch it, I can't feel my hand scratching on it, and the itchiness did not get relieved.

Please let me get rid of this feeling now! I am feeling so sick but I dare not eat any of the panadol, worrying that it might adverse the effect. I AM JUST THE VICTIM! Why can't just STOP IT?!

Was working for Shiseido from Fri to Sat. Don't really enjoy the job as we need to hit some quota. Was still in a weak and blur condition, and thank god I manage to stand for it. Sunday working with my MsVivianC at KLGCC for Stars Charity golf tournament. And it's our pleasure to see our Deputy Prime Minister to tee-off! Worked for so many golf event before, and this is the only biggest and highest class golf course that I had ever seen! Lots of the business big shot, CEO or directors of Digi, Maxis, GAB, Prudential and more were participating. It was an easy job for us and it was super relaxing :D

To me, I had bought a super big lesson. It was quite a long time we did not went for any party, and now this shit thing happened. Thank god we girls are safe and nothing happened on that day. If really something were to happen, I really don't know how to face my ownself. I am being super disappointed with my ownself seriously, as I was supposed to be the one who should protect my babe. But now I got her into this shit along. I am just a useless one. Damn it.

I am feeling super grateful as we had gone through so many issues along. Thank god for presenting me a BEST bestie in the world. Really appreciate it. Thanks a lot for being aside whenever I need you. Mwaahhhh~~~! Sister forever ^^
Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Valentine 2011

It's VALENTINE! An overrated festival. Couples busy preparing present to each others, booking restaurant for candle dinner, roses, movies, blar blar blar.. For those who are single, well, not a big issue actually. Just try to corp in and celebrate along with our bestie :D

I feel kinda weird with some norm. During Valentine, people who is single is being pisted, I just don't know why. Why must hate Valentine? And, is there a must to post "Lonely Valentine" in Facebook to announce that you're still Single and Available? My Facebook home page was spammed by lots of Single account, busy clarifying they are SINGLE. LOL

Valentine fell on Monday, and so happen my class has been cancelled. Weeks before, I thought my Valentine is going to be a normal day and just spend it at home. Hmm, it's not a day to go out with any guys as this is going to have any misunderstood. Seems like giving people any hopes. Well, Sharon was complaining her Valentine is going to be lonely as her bf will be working. Thus suggested to hang out together. Here we go, four of us have our Valentine together!

Around lunch time, Van & Sharon reached my dorm. Instead of having romantic luxury Valentine meals, we choose to have NICE and delicious Friend Laksa! Yumm yumm~ Nice one :D I am a bit picky, hate onions and mint. So i picked all of them away before I ate it. It tasted like Fried Kuey Teow with asam! Haha! But it tasted seriously nice.

After our meals, we then head towards Sunway Pyramid for loitering and movies. We watched "I Know What Women Want" by Andy Lau. A funny comedy for us, as we keep laughing non-stop. Vivian is the most blissful one, as she has us and her bf for her Valentine ^^ Another one is a special guest from Ms Van. So it was total 6 of us during the day.

Tuesday Wednesday again with jobs. A very tiring and rushing journey to work after class. Fuuuh..!

Finally it's Thursday, Chap Goh Meh.. Chinese's Valentine. Supposingly I am planning to join the crowd for the orange throwing festival. But end up my mum is having her nose surgery on that day. Well, I feel a bit sorry to have fun on that day while she's suffering admitting in the hospital. So end up I just stayed at home.

Here comes the HELL period. Assignment! Gosh, this is totally different as what we had used to have last time. Every class of my degree seems to be so important, and I would even feel super worry to skip any lesson. Finally we are involving in the realistic world and figure. By playing the role of financial consultant, there are tans of efforts that we need to contribute! Before commencing our consultation, doing research on two public listed company with their previous five years performance and study the behaviors of the top five from Board of Director is a must. Well, it seems to be SUPER FUN for me as it is so challenging. But yet, I got defeated with the annual reports of the both company! Too many to cover and understand! I start to feel stress with it :( Hope I manage to finish it on time, as the time given is actually inadequate!

Friday again work. First time working together with all my babes! Vivian, Van & Sharon! Together along with Jenny :D What a busy dinner dash game we were playing actually, claimed by Van. Well, enjoy short working hours with our on-the-spot payment. Tee hee~

Saturday, whole noon busy analyzing the report. Without forgetting to chew the junk food along :P Read until my eyes went @@.. Night time, went to have a simple gathering with the darlings. Long time never seen each other. Well, to be in a right phrase, long time never have a nice chatting session with them :) I have a great night and enjoyed our chatting session. Too bad Wenise was at Kepong to join us.

Sunday, again, report. Annual report. Soon is driving me crazy!!

Two years Valentine with the absence of my Prince charming. I hope next year would not be the third one, haha!
Thanx my gurls, with love :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chinese New Year :D

I had a great one for the CNY compared to my previous year :) Upon my grandpa's demise, my family is not having any new year celebration. It was a bit quiet at my granny side, all the relatives not coming back as we are not going to have any praying ceremony. Only at my mum's side was being happening.

As usual day before Bunny year, we ate reunion dinner. After the dinner, we then depart to my mum's relative side. Everyone was gathered together there. Cousins were gambling and I had fun being the card distributer.

Chor Yat. We had made an appointment for a movie with my relatives along. Goshh, woke up and saw my friends' random plan of going to Malacca! Well, it's too random, and the plan was a bit early. Thus I decided to join them only at night. Right after they're back, they came and picked me up and we head towards to Kepong straight. We had our dinner as Chui has won some money! Right after dinner, it was already 12am stg. And here's the time for us to HoiToi again, at SuYen's house. First time ever that I gamble! But with just a very small amount. There were total 6 of us at the night, and everyone were being Super enjoyed! I had lots of fun with all the girls ;) I reached home about 4am++ 5am on that day.

Chor Yi. Noon, I went to TianHouGong with the whole family. The CNY feel there is so happening! Had a walk and prayed there. Night I was out for pool session with the gang, again until the late night only I'm home.

My mum woke me up and claimed she's bored. Were asking me to bring her for another movie! Well, again we went to cinema and watched another comedy :)

Finally class started on Monday. Thank god for that, or else too many holidays would just drove me to crazy. Nothing much more to do already.

Tuesday, they are throwing out a steamboat party at my Black Mansion. Huge gang having fun at my dorm :D Enjoy shopping for glossaries with the gang! A fresh and fun experience of doing the soup for the steamboat on that day. We had TomYam and Chicken soup :) Gambling session started right after the dinner, Poker and Mahjong! Had fun chit chatting out there while enjoying the fresh breeze too. We had our LouSang, and it tasted so delicious compared to the normal one I had! The way we Lou were funny and crazy! I indeed had a great time for the day, I hope everyone enjoyed too. The party finally end at 6am in the morning, and everyone left.

Lots of issues happened at the meanwhile. Things changed, it is not as how it goes last time. Harsh words would simply carved in heart. Forgiveness is chosen, but to forget is a bit tough. Used to think that if we treated one with sincere, you would get the return in sincere way too. I was being over naive. No one could really feel it. Or maybe, I don't deserve it.

Used to being so stubborn of it, because I do feel it's a waste, as I thought it's a venerable one. I suddenly feel that I have never knew it at all after some issues! It seems to be so strange to me. Well, the stubborn was gone on the point of time.

New year, a Renaissance for me :D Wooottttss~~~!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011