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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

~Modelling~ Luxury, Upper Classes Life

Last Wed, again I went for dancing with Mr Kevin. New steps and new moves. All my sweats just make me feel so good! =D But one bad news is, HJ is admitted on that day. I forced him to go for medical check up on day before, and luckily he really did so. One of his lung shrunk and pierced! And he got his operation in the next day.

Was having gathering with my secondary schoolmates-- Gor and Tikus. It has been a month plus I didn't meet up with them. Promised Gor to visit him and had fun togetehr oncehis body condition get better. Now finally I can see him in a better and healthy condition, and I feel released. Yumcha until halfway, I received a sms to work! lol. Was so sudden! I then quickly sms Ms VivianC and ask her to work along too! and with a fast pace, I took LRT to Asia Jaya, and THX pick me up from there and send me to work!

After work, is already 11.30pm. We dropped Vv at her house to let her pack her clothes. She will be staying overnight at my house due to we are going to work outstation for the Johor Golf Event. Was hanging up with Mr Kevin and THX while waiting for Vv. We were chatting, crapping while enjoying the nice view beside Vv's house. After Vv is done, we then rushed to Gleneagle Hospital to visit HJ even the time is already 1am. This is due to I am going to Johor in the next day ady, and will be busy to visit him on another day. At first I still don't know about the seriousness of his condition, until Yik Xian called me and tell me everything! HJ was trying to hide and pretend to be nothing! Even keep telling me all the lame jokes. Once he laugh, the tube that connected to his lung will bleed! Goshhh.. Pity him.

Friday morning, we met up wit Vincent in Station 1. After our breakfast, we then depart to Johor. Was a bit disappointed, as Johor is not as fun as I thought! No nice food, no fun venue. Fishballs?? I can't feel any special about the fishballs as I have never into them. After the short tour and starring Singapore from Johor, we then went back to our resort. Before sleep, we were playing a poker game named "Fuck You" along with our boss and some golfers. Was so damn crazy, and drank a lot too! Felt so tipsy, but stil not until the extend of drunk. Pity my dear, she puke a lot! End up she went back to the room, lye down on the bed follow on with her deep slumber! Haha, so funny to see her blur look =D

Saturday was working whole day. In the mid of working, Vivian and I had 30 Mins break, and we went for the Japanese hot Jacuzzi of the golf club. Is public for all ladies, and no towels are allowed. Ladies must fully naked to soak in the jacuzzi. Luckily on that point of time, only Vivian and I in the changing room. With a fast pace, we showered and bump into the hot jacuzzi! Whoooaoooo~~ Hot but yet enjoyed! After the jacuzzi, our blood circulation went so fast! We were panting right after it. What a fun experience! =)

That night, again they wanna play the "F you" game. I was sleeping ady, and those golfers knock at our door at 1.30am! They bought us supper. Goshh.. Suddenly there are 10++ people in our room! I just awake! They came in, and we don't even have enough of place for the to sit. All of them start to play the poker game again! This time, there is a special guest. Our principal of Dewar's is joining us too! Worked for him for so many events, never see him joining any of the ambassadors, and this id=s the first time! Vincent also revealed, he knew him for so long, this is the first time he saw him joining ambassadors girls. Well, what I can say we are not those "fat hao" type. Were just wearing decent t-shirt and pants, and just enjoying the fun that we were having. So this is our pleasure that he joined us for this poker game! =D

Sunday morning, we depart from Johor and heading back to KL.

Monday, I went for movie with Kelvin Foon in MidValley. We watched the "Adventure of the King", and were laughing non-stop all the way! Heee! Really damn funny wey.. We were chilling at the Zouk cafe after the movie. Once I looked at the menu and saw alcohol drinks, I feel like puking! Goshh.. Drank too much recently.. Luckily we just ordered some other drinks, not alcohol =/

Tuesday, I had an interview at Porsh Time Modelling agency. I am glad that I have passed the interview, but one thing is, I will need to sign contract with their company for at least half year. I am told that, once I had sign this contract, I will have no time for myself and my friends other than my college time. They will train me everything including catwalks, table manners, attitude wise, communication strength and everything. They will even groom me from the top until the bottom. Whole body gonna be branded stuff to represent their company's models image, and everything will be sponsored by the company. They are going to push their models to be cover page girl in a very short period. They are more to pushing their models into celebrities line! Tempting right the offer? But once I had signed the contract, I will be theirs. Any future job I will need to pay them back 10% of my salary. Wearing bikini to attend any parties is the most basic one. If required, I might need to nude to shoot some artistic shoot. The social networks are going to be among millionaires and billionaires, drink a lot and stay up late. The company is going to change my life into high class and luxury lifestyle. They will be having only 20 contracts, as they want it to be quality but not quantity.

Rich and luxury life. Is that what I want all the time? Think back when I stepped into this event line, my main objective is just to enjoy and have fun experience. If I choose to have this kind of lifestyle, will I get my true love? Which guy can accept their gf being nude in front of public? Unless they are those rich fellow and playboy. Am I really looking for fame? or true love? I was tempted by the offers and was a bit shake. Until I think back the reason of refuse to work as air-stewardess.

All the time I am just asking for a lovely guy to pamper me and love me. Loyalty is a must too! If last time I choose to work as air-stewardess, I will be flying everywhere and hardly to secure any relationship. No matter how much the ladies gain in money wise, she will still lose if she don't have any true love. So, now I am firm, I will not sign the contract, as that is not my objective to step into event line =)

Right after interview, CD and I had a surprise for Vvian! Hahah! I damn scared she gonna spank me once she realised I was pakat-ing with CD to kacau her! Hahah, should have recorded her expression, it was so funny! XD

Back to KL, I went carefour with HJ to buy some daily use stuff. He is buying his stuff for his Europe trip, and I bought my mask and lipbalm. Suddenly received call from my mum, claiming that my granpa almost left his last breath, and rushed me back.

Once I am back not long, ambulance reached and send my granpa back. Luckily his situation get steady back. But at most he will be having only 3 days life. Sigh

I have got my Penang trip somemore. If really things turn bad, will forced to cancel the trip :(
Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It is late night now. But I am still awake. Lots of stuff playing non-stop in my mind.

Thanks for those who pamper me and contribute non-stop, but sometimes i just feel so sorry and guilty to accept any offer. Please stop treating me so nice. Everytime when I accept the offer, is seems like I am giving hopes and chances. I am trying so hard to be independent, but due to the lost of my license, I couldn't drive. And here I accept some of the offers of help. Really appreciate it so much, but in the other hand, I am afraid that it seems like a hope to them. So I would rather to accept offers from those who treat me merely as decent friends. Really sorry.

I am an imperfect one. Having low-esteem, and a big phobia too! No confident in fact, deep in my heart. Guys are always being superficial. I hate it. I feel insecure. Why is that so important? But is fine, even for me, I am a perfectionist and trying hard to be the perfect one too. So I have no right to comment or alter other's perception.

Loitering. Afraid to stop at any station, because of the strong insecure feeling! Every station seems to be so superficial. Want to be pampered, but I want it from the real heart, not just from the surface.

Until recently, I get to hear something that I was dying for so long. The words from his mouth just make me feel so secure! I was really shocked! I never ask for it, but I just don't know why suddenly he could just story me all those nonsense. I was showing my madness and angriness, but in fact I mind it a lot and appreciate it. Thou I am touch, but I just showed my disregards towards him.

Am I into someone now? I don't know. Just keep this to myself, as sometimes it is just a fault feeling. A feeling of secure cannot proof anything. Just hold and wait, as I don't want to make any mistakes as last time. Time can proof everything.

Yesterday was the Valentine day of the Chinese. He shared to me that his colleagues told him, if one propose on that day, the one would definitely success. He then add on with he don't believe it, because he knew I won't be accepting his proposal. Haha! Silly one. I replied him not to think to much and ask him to rest early.

I don't hope any decision I had made will be another big mistake again.

Mummy is being super realistic now. Only rich one can bring happiness and blissfulness, this is what she think. Keep sharing me those evidences around her. Stating that I am a SUPER HOT-TEMPERED one, should just get someone who got no temper to get along with me, and a RICH one too! Sigh. She mentioned about future, next generation's education, luxury lifestyle and everything. After marriage there will only commitment left, and no longer stay lovely. Money would be the main concern for everything.

I agree partially. That is the reason I am working super hard now. Which ladies are not into any Gucci, LV or Channel? I am so dying to have one Gucci too! but for me to dump the money into branded stuff, I just felt a bit unworthy about it, unless I am capable to. Who don't want a luxury lifestyle as in having an own big room and a nice house? I am dying to have it too! But is it the another rest of my life have become a trade to get all those things? Will he stay loyal to me if the "he" is a rich one? Will I be happy?

Just watched the HK movie: "Beauty Knows No Pain". Guys are all unreliable, just like what have instilled into my mind since young. For ladies, to get what we want, we work super hard to fulfill our dreams. But end up? We lose the love one. Life is just never be fair, it will never balance between love and career.

True Love or Luxury Life with a trade? Is still a question. Mummy, why can't you just weight your daughter? Who do you think she is? She is still not qualified to ask for anything. Super Model? Tan Sri's daughter? Beauty Pageant? Sigh.

I will not be the decision maker, as she is the one who sign the approval. Somehow I still don't feel too start a relationship now. So stick to my current position would be the right choice. Right? =/ I think so....

Please don't treat me that nice, as I don't deserve it. Thanks for everything and appreciate it. I am just so sorry. Thousands of Apologies..

Nite :(
Sunday, August 15, 2010

Panasonic! Ideals for Life~

What another week with joy and laughters! =D After resting the whole morning on Tuesday, Mr Kevin called me at night to ask me out for dinner. Since I haven't had mine, so I just join him for dinner out there. He missed the BRJ Nasi Lemak so much, so we went there and had it, and I had my Indo Mee there finally =D

I was claiming I need more exercise. Suddenly I suggested to go Titiwangsa for jogging. He starred at me and stunted, hahah! He just finished work and felt so damn tired and I want him to Jog! =P End up we just strolling the half Titiwangsa. Then we sat on the table and enjoy the view of the lakeside, in the meanwhile we crapped lots of rubbish and nonsense too! Haha! He just make me laugh non stop with his humor!

He need to leave at 7.30pm, and reach Kajang at 8.30pm to teach those small kids to dance. I have not been dancing for a long period, missed the time so much! He invited me to go along with him, and of course I nodded =D Those small kids are just so cuteeeee! During stretching time, lots of memory suddenly just play in my mind! Some small kids stretch until very funny! Hee.. Kevin taught them some MJ dancing. And he taught me some dance step too, is fun! Hee~ But I was damn stupid la, the first 2 eight also I can't really master it. Sighh.. We exchanged then, I taught him some Latin move too! But due to my absent-minded and I am not really familiar with the guys step, we were so clumsy and turn into very funny! His Asshole! He told me that he gonna teach those small kids until 11pm. But in fact is only until 9.30pm! Hahah! So the rest of the time we were keep practicing our dance and sweat like crazy in the hall! Is FUN indeed =D

Wednesday, I should be going for training for a job. But end up the training postpone to next Tues, and here all the plan change. I then suggested to go for Cannaught pasar malam. Lots of nice food there! And I keep eating non stop with THX! Hee~ Lots of nice clothes tempting me there too :(

Thursday to Sunday, I was working with Panasonic along with my baby V and THX for the Perfect Living fair in PWTC. Basic is only RM120, but the commission is 1% of the total sales. For the first 3 days, I can say that I was having a super duper LUCK! First time I have got such luck during sales! As normally I have got no luck AT ALL for sales. But luck will never stick to me all the time. I was not really performing well on the last day :(

My sales was only 21k on the last day. Actually, I had closed a sale which cost RM67k. Long story for this.I thought the buyer was just doing window shopping, and he looks like an Indon. So I did not really bother or thought that he will really wanna buy. He told me he can't confirm me the units. End up when I close his sales, total of his purchasing is 67k! lol. And the deposit wise, he just put in RM300. So whether this sales is ON or not, I have got no idea at all :( If really on, my total sales of the 4 days would be RM120k! Pray hard that the sales will fully close when he paid full payment for all that.

Was really busy during this job. Don't even dare to out for lunch or dinner due to the sake of our commission! Hahah! And during the last day, I cut my toe and it's hurtful. Somehow is just an accident, no one hope to be in this way =D

Saturday I was really surprised! Goh went to Perfect Living fair and passed me a bottle of hand-made candy, which there are writing on it. It tastes really nice ^^ But the thing that shocked me the most is, he present me a manual mini music box! Woow! Is my love song - Fly Me to the Moon! Goshh.. I was dying to have it since last time! Did I mentioned to him last time? but I never tell him where did I saw the musicbox and I wonder how he could get it! Goshhhh.. I am really so so so happy! even until now =D Whenever i play the songs, it just make me feel so stressless and happy without any reason! The musicbox! <3<3 I could just starred at the music box and turn the manual key without thinking anything. Thanks to him really =D
But one thing he made me feel scary to mention what I like to him. Just posted my status of wanting a Pup! Goshh! I hope he won't get me that too! Or else!!!! Walaaoo, I will really need to bang the wall! Should stop mentioning what I like to anyone. =/

There was another issue too! On Thursday noon, which is my first day working with Panasonic, my mum received a call from an anonymous. He claimed that he had kidnapped me and blackmailed my mum for RM30k! Goshh! My mum was so nervous as she said the girl in the phone who screaming or help sounds exactly like me! My mum was crying badly during the conversation with the guy on the phone, and beg the guy don't hurt me. My mum whispered to my sis and ask her to call my dad back. She never thought of calling me to confirm my safety! Luckily my mum's customer was there, and she could think rationally by asking my sis to call me to check me safety. So happen, I picked up the call! Normally I won't be picking up any calls during my working hour, and luckily I did! My mum was still very emotional! After my sis told her that I am safe, she hang up the phone and call me straight. She was crying so badly on the phone and ask me not to scare her. I felt so heartache as this is the first time I see her crying so badly! I tried my very hard to calm her down. She still doesn't feel secure and ask me to call her back. After that issue, my mum treats me like a Princess u know? Even refill my bottle with water also she ask my sis to do for me. LOL. Hahah! Really need to be extra careful for all this sindiket.

It is Monday today =D A day for me to rest, blog, and wash my clothes too! Coming Friday to Sunday will be going outstation for the Golf event with MsVivianC =D It's gonna be a good week!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Again, work =/ Was working with Run-up company, an Online Game company. Tuesday, I met up Kiro at LRT in Bkt Jalil, then with another girl we go to Bandar Sunway to work. Our job scope was to give out all the online games free CD installer. Right after distribute, we could just left! =D Went to cafe nearby all the colleges. Around 3-4 hours, our job done and finally can left! Wooo~ Again easy money ^^ After left, met up wit Vvian to have lunch in Taipan, then again rush back to KL for another Brand Ambassador's interview.

Damn it.. Been con pula! Was damn angry and a bit frust! THX then offer to spend me movie and Baskin robin to cheer me up! Hee.. Pity him, was nothing to do with him but he need to cheer me up pula.. First time taste the Baskin Robin's $%@$@.. Forgot the name d. It is a set with lots of small scopes ice-cream and with chocolate for us to dip! Nice one of course! And we choose to watch the "Despicable Me" due to no other better movie to watch. Well, I thought it will be damn bored. but somehow it just make me =D =D =D hahahhahaha! NICE one of course! ^^ Thanks to him for everything for that day~

Wednesday, I went to Putrajaya to reapply my IC. Is fast, no long queue compared to other branches. After that, i met up with Vivian & Kevin to have a look with Puchong's houses. The one that I intend to invest, the developers are not trustable, so I'm advised not to invest on it. What a turn-off! :( We then went to have a look with Kevin's houses too! Well, what a weird and fresh experiences to have a look with houses and properties along with friends! Haha!

Thursday, again I'm working with Run-up company. This time the location is fixed. I was working in Sg Wang. Well, this is not the main conscious. The main one was we were required to put on the "wings"! Well, was so damn heavy man! And everyone will ask me the same question. =.= They asked, "Hey Angel! Can you fly?" Gosh man.. It caused me to have backache right after the job! And I got my fever on that day :(

Friday to Sunday! PC Fair II. Was planning to work with another company for this PC Fair, but my company is the only one who is giving the best offer. 2 meals included and short working hours compared to others! Due to we worked for the company before, our pay is increased. Well, so no choice, stick back to the same one.

This time I am no more located in the Ballroom. Was a bit sad, was wondering did I did something wrong? Haha! End up only I know they need only 2 girls in ballroom, unlike the previous one. The booth that I was standing need 4 girls. Some other booth need only one girl. So I am considered lucky that I am not Alone =D Not much of photoshooting compared to the previous fair, but I still feel happy! The reason is: My face looks sharper compared to the previous PC Fair! ^^ Yuhooo~~~~ So even the pictures are not much, but I am glad to see my several nice picts ^^

And and! There is something funny during my working days in PC Fair! Haha! There was a foreigner, standing in front of me quite some time. He then walked to me and smile. I passed him a flyer as I am working. He then asked me:" How much the company pay you to stand here?" Wooow! I thought he is trying to offer me for his another events, so I mark-up and replied,"RM250". Guess what he replied! "Okay, I pay you DOUBLE to have lunch with me." LOL.. What the hell! I rejected him and said I already had my lunch. He then offer for dinner! Crazy man! Luckily my colleague saw and pull me away from him! Haha, somehow is a bit funny =P

Monday, AGAIN, WORK! Was still having fever and not fully recover yet, but no choice. But the job will be at night. So early in the morning, I went to Putrajaya to get my IC. Nice picture wit my COOL smiley! haha! Perasannya.. Due to time is not enough for me, so my license is still not done yet until now. So luckily THX is free and offer to give me a ride. Right after collecting my IC, we went to pick Vivian up. We then head towards KL to avoid jam before the peak hour reached.

Our working time started at 7pm, so while waiting, we chilled in Timesquare Neway. Was screaming like crazy in the K room! haha! Around 5pm stg, we start to make-up and changed. After we get ourselves prepared, we then GO TO WORK~ Venue was in Jukuya KL.

Enjoyed our jobs a lot as we crapped a lot and had fun! Easy job, and we drank a lot too. Was feeling a but tipsy, but still conscious. Again thanks for THX for fetching us one by one home~ =D Appreciate it!

I felt a bit heartache to lost a friend. As we used to be very crazy, and quite close. We could share everything and joke around! But due to certain reasons, he had made his choice from Facebook. And from this, I respect it. I don't want to be any spoiler, as I never intend to. Maybe stop contacting each other that often would be better. Friendships will never end easily. But to stop making things got complicated, I choose to quit. I don't know whether can we still as crazy as last time when we meet each other in the future. But still, I appreciate the friendship and those funny memory of us last time. Friend is still forever friend:)

Finally I got to rest now. Enjoying slacking at home!

Tomorrow going for job training. Thurs to Sunday, again, WORK! Perfect Living~

Here comes August, and it will be the last month for me to earn as much as I can! Ushh ushhh! Go all the way to work before my Degree start! ^^