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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Recently it just goes wrong with everything. I just don't understand why.

First one. People just don't understand I am just trying to maintain a healthy and normal relationship. I am not trying to restrict or ignore, but just want it to be a normal one. I just don't want to meet up too often as it really makes me feel bad. Was being concern because I appreciate the friendship. But somehow after some harsh word, I don't think there is a point for me to be that concern for this anymore. Yaa, sort of. As people said don't wanna waste my valuable time. Well, maybe things would be better to have a fullstop in this way.

Another one. I just don't get what is wrong with US! As mentioned, how many people can manage to "forgive and forget"? I guessed there's only one in a million. Always thought things would turn out right after all the settlements. Well, always not that easy.

About the invitation to Party with the freelancer babes, I have mentioned it early in the first place. Even asked whether wanna skip working as this gathering is only once in a blue moon. But been threw with the answer of "No thanks, it's money". What can I say anymore? If I were to offer to pay you back the loss, yes I would continue for the inviting. But I am not afford to, so I do think I should keep my mouth shut right?

In Sepang, again Tania has mentioned and inviting her again. Well, I am not too sure about the answer given. Just remembered that I am only been asked for who else is joining, and will see how things go, that's all. LOL

Tues, went for k-session with the gang. No one even mention about the party session. Wed, went to had Fried Laksa with HY. Knowing that they have just had it few days ago, so just did not ajak. Night, it's the party session. My first party in 2011!

It's actually damn complicating. The plan was not solid, and venue is keep changing! First would be G6, then Mist, then Sanctuary. LOL, damn sienz lorr!! Plan keep on changing like that, and Sanctuary pula! OMG, it's a LaLar place i thought?! Sigh. Called Tania, was trying to tell her that I just feel like ffk. But Tania said she turned up for the party just because I am going. If I ffk is like abandoning her then. Hmm, so just On only. Called Dorcas for the venue confirmation. Thank god Dorcas's friends are hanging out in Velvet, and she asked us to join them.

It was really happening in Velvet! Really had fun there :)

Thurs noon, WA-ed and tried to have a chit chat. Was trying to update what's going on lately. Suddenly been answered with the sarcastic way, said I went and had fun without ajak. LOL! i was still being so naive and thought it was the noon Laksa session. Mana tau it's about the Velvet one. LOL, wtf. WA-ed Tania straight to asked for what's the answer that she got in Sepang for double confirmation. It's the same answer. So what now?? Tania even offered to fix it up, but I insisted to DIY.

Seems like I am the only one who is trying hard for this. Such a small issue can turn out in this way!

Worked together again. Harsh words keep split towards me. Well, I think is time for me to got used to it huh? I just did not retaliate much. Just accept and let it be by agreeing all.

Again some small issues. Was just trying to inform and explain, ended up been take it as I am blaming for something. Sigh. It's really WhatEver..

Recently hanged out a bit too much with HY. People might thought both of us were really having fun meeting up each other. But no one knew 9 out of 10 words are about her. I do think he is the only one can help me, as he know both of us and the story well. I do care a lot. Was trying not to take it too much, but it just can't.

Was advised to take the initiative to solve all these again. But after the 3 days mingling for the jobs, I do feel a bit pissed. Maybe it is just meant to be so?? I don't know. I have no idea what to do anymore.

As said, let the nature to take it course. There is another issue that take the natural flow until over natural! Even me myself can't take the contraction! It is really out of expectation! First person to share of has just turned me down on the day itself. I just don't know where and how to solve this anymore..

Am pondering should I turn up for the trip tomorrow. Used to be no doubt because I do cherish this relationship so much. Now is like a bit meaningless for everything. Used to think that after getting an i-Phone would fix everything up. Somehow it just seems like nothing much changes.

I have tried not to be too concern on this anymore. But it just bugged me!! What can I do??
Applause would not made it merely from one side.

I am kinda sick of these.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It was quite some time I did not update my blog. Too many things happened recently, again and again, sigh.

Happy that I have gathering with the babes! First one was on Saturday on two weeks ago, with the FC babes ;) This time ShaVsha joined us along for the chilling session. Sharon absent due to her family issue. Felt so sorry to hear about her Nanny. Bubble Milk Tea in ChaTime and Fried Laksa Session, Yumm ;)

Another that eventually got me excited was the gathering with LaoPo ;) We finally had a complete gathering after so long! Most of the time of the gathering or chilling session Yi would eventually absent due to staying in far away.. Feel so grateful that FOUR of us manage to hangout together and had fun again. We had our brunch in "XianDIngWei", shopping and Sing-K session. I heart them so much, lots of memories floating in my minds, reminding how close were the four of us were in the past. They're really awesome to me ^^ heart them so so muchie!

I thought it would be a relaxing month after the first week of the buzy-ness. Somehow things never stopped. Jobs, unexpected issues always there. Work and work, until I have fallen sick, with the heaty body, swollen eyes and face :/ Thank god it recovered after some time..

I've got my new white Baby, named as BehBeh! Hmm, problematic one! The one that I got was actually malfunctioned with the speaker. Is a phone that can't buzz still considered as phone? LOL! Thank god KP has helped out a lot. Fighting hard to get a new set of phone rather than to follow the procedure to be sent it back to the manufacturer for warranty. Thousand appreciated as it's not an easy work!!

Again, same thing happened. It should be in this way. I should take the responsibility on this. My fault as I shouldn't let it to be so in the start. Sighh. Other than sorry I have got nothing to say. The more I respond the more gonna be pissed.

Really disappointed with my ownselves, as I swear before never to give anyone fake or false hope. Feeling so guilty and evil on myself. Sighh

Hope time can cure everything. Appreciate whatever that I am given from god. Thanks for giving me nice friends to charm my life. I am blissful and blessed.

S I G H.