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Monday, January 25, 2010

Last Friday to Sunday, I was working as a flyer Distributer in Puchong with Vivian Chin. Easy earning job, no supervisors, can do whatever we want all the time. Sit, chit chat, do homeworks, shopping, read magazine and everything, and each day we get RM100. No make up required, no skirt, no heels. Onli baby-t, jeans and shoes.. Hee..

Well, something caused me damn embarrassing during my working time too! But yet is funny la... XD We were too free all the time. We discussed a lot about dream guys and everything. And i shared mine, he must be tall, with wide shoulder, I like guys with small eyes, career man and ambitious and blar blar blar.. Well, we had stopped the topic for some time. Suddenly i saw a friend of mine, is also from SEGi! Well, can say that he is the type that i mentioned just now, tall, wide shoulder, small eyes. *P/s: but I got nothing to do with him* Is just that he is the example that I'd mentioned. Then I told Vivian, shit, why the guy appear ther? >.<>.<" So, we shop around in Tesco, and then..... We saw him! Lol, i faster pretend that I did not see him and turn around! Then pull Vivian away. But Vivian keep blocking me, we pushed each other, then we hide into a corner. Hopefully he didn't see us. But, when he passed by, he turned his head to our direction, saw us pushing each other, and smile to us... LOL! From his smile I think he already saw us pushing out there >.<" OMG~ **blush Then, Vivian and I went back to our booth.. Thought of doing our job, wanna go and distribute flyers. Again, when we are on our way to the escalator, we saw him queueing at the counter....... =.= I don't wanna look at him, but Vivian accidently had an eye contact with him again, and he smile to her. We went to car park and distribute flyers, but after some time, we feel hot, and plan to stand at the escalator to distribute flyers. Ther are 2 escalator, I don't think it would be so "ngam" that he will be coming down from the escalator that we are standing. Yet....... We meet up again. The situation was so "gam gai", and he just smile to us, and i quickly stand at a place and turn my back to him, so that not that "gam gai". Fuuuu... Thinking that he'd left. Not more than 5 minutes, he turned back!! So damn nervous, luckily he turn into KFC.. Or else I really don't know 1 day need to smile how many times to him! >.<>.<

Anyway, she cheered me up la. Think back the incident everything, really so damn funny.. Luckily I have got nothing to do wit the guy. If he's the one tat I'm into with, sure damn MALU... Hahahah! Thanx Vivian Chin for cheering me up^^
Thursday, January 14, 2010

Recently there're too many things happened, happy and also sad. Happy as in I enjoy a lot hanging out with my friends.. We sit and chit chat beside the swimming pool, talk lame joke and dance beside the swimming pool.. The funniest, I miss how vivian dance her Latin Cha Cha, damn funny.. ^^ Also, out for night market, mini genting, sing-k, yamcha.. Haha, full with activities for the past few weeks. Now a bit exhausted and need to rest. N since I'm so free, I plan to get an extra job^^

Last Sunday only I realised I'd lost my ATM card. I still feel that it would had stolen by someone and not i'm the one who lost it. Once I realise it was lost, I was a bit nervous, start crying. My friend Alexandra and Wenise help me to get the service number of the bank. I manage to terminate my ATM card service but they can't check my balance of my account! The only thing is they can only reveal the last transsaction was on 4th Jan 2010, withdrawn RM250. Oh my gosh.... Since when I withdraw the money? I even more nervous, damn worry that they'd taken all of my savings... I save them hardly but people just take away from me easily! Fuhh~ Luckily the next day I check with the bank, so far they only hacked my RM250..

Last Saturday, was invited by Kelvin for photoshooting in Putrajaya. I was told there are only two photographer. But when they reached, was a bit shocked, total of 3 person >.<
Well, the day was so damn hot and I'm like gonna melt.. Luckily i did apply sunblock, no need to worry about freckless and dark spot might formed. So total about 3 photographer: Kelvin, Shin Chan and Jeff. They are really proffesional.. Seldom talk much, very serious, lead u how to pose the jz snap snap snap. Salute their proffesional.. ^^And being very gentlemen too.. =) I love the pictures so much, some are still in progress.. Not that fast, cz I'm only KeLeFe~ XD Might wait till years I think, haha!

New sem just started not long, account subject really driving me crazy man!! Need to work out with it more.. New lecturer new faces, but still I hate the English lesson the most... =( Sigh, time pack, now gonna get some job to make it even more pack XD Jz for the sake of money~~ Hope i will enjoy my new job ^^

Going to Redang soon, must save more money, and also must take good care of body! Say no to FAT!! hahah, gonna wear bikini, later fat d looks like monster =S

Hope my day gonna be happy always from now on ^^
Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well, new yr new life.. I hope I can get rid of my unhappiness for the past. This new year eve is totally crazy for me.. I enjoy a lot wit everything. I appreciate a lot that I can spend it with my dear friends, and we were totally crazy for the night.

Barbeque as the main plan. We'd bought too much of food for that day until our stomach overloaded, especially Hotdog. Vivian Chin request for more hotdog bt can't finish them. Haha! Van's kakak did cook us nasi lemak too, tat's one of the reason we can't finish all the food too. After bbq, we went to I-City in Shah Alam, hoping that can enjoy the fireworks. About 11.30pm, we drove ther..

We'd forgotten that it will be jam. Somje of us pass their new yr eve in the car for previous yr and haten it to happen for this yr, well, that goes for me too. I don't want it to be so bored.. Cars were all moving slow, and we can't get a car park. Bt yet, miracles do happen! Our car been stucked in the jam and the place can see the fireworks clearly. It was really nice, and all the ladies screaming in the car like hell. Well, I would say it's better to enjoy the fireworks like this, with the air-cond and no need to be in such a crowded, stuffy n jostling place out there. After enjoying the fireworks, we went back to Vannie's house.

Party start!! All start to eat snacks, drink beers, play cards and everything! The only thing that enjoy the most is keep on snap snap snap XD. Everything went crazy, keep laugh and scream. Our speaker try to turn soft bt hardly can't. I was really enjoy with it!

The nx day, 1th Jan 2010, early in the morning, Vannie's mum spend us Bah Kut teh in Klang, damn delicous wey~ Then, we had a walk at the lake garden out there. Is so big n hot.... >.<
Then, nx plan is to Midvalley for shopping~~~~ Before that, we went home to take a rest and shower. OMG, they catch me to shower together! All standing naked, damn shy....... Cz i don't have a nice body as them. Was trying to escape bt yet they wet me.. XD Anyway I stil enjoy it^^

Well, recently I just got free from JAIL. I hate the person who lock me in and i swear to god I will never go into the JAIL anymore. I hate my ex a lot. Why he need to do so until I hate him? Why can't we just be as normal friends and talk nicely? I tried to treat him nicely as a friend, bt why he wanna do lots of stuff to make me hate him?! Check my phone again and again. Check me again and again. Create a fake account in facebook to add guys around me. Took my fren's contact number and everything. What some more he want? We'd already broke out for almost three months. Help me off can a? Sigh..

New sem just started, and I will be exhausted. Need to work 2 jobs in 1 time and also study. I wish i could have a life like my friends. Enjoy sleeping until late morning only wake up. Can I? Sigh..

And now, i'm suffering. Fall into something that impossible that I can get it.. I hope I can be awake as soon as possible, before i really step deep into it. I hope Vivian Chin can knock til I awake soon.. XD

Hope everything turn into normal and smooth soon.........