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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Traumatic Day

Yesterday early in the morning 6am, I was awake by my mum. She was screaming! I knew there is something not right. I rush out from the room and ask my brother what's going on. And my bro replied me that my dad been robbed and been attacked. I was still not that afraid when I heard that, until i saw my dad whole body in BLOOD! His head keep bleeding non stop and shocked me! My mum threw me the car key and I quickly drive the car out. Then, along with my mum's accompanion, I drove my dad to the General Hospital which is the nearest one to my house. I was driving like a mad person! Even ignored the red light! I am so damn relief that he was still conscious even been attacked by hammer for so many times!

The asshole robbers attack my dad by using hammer and hit his head straight when he approached my dad. Even my dad ask him to take everything and stop hurting him, they still don't care! DAMN IT MAN! End up my dad's head been hammered more than 15 times, and he broke his left hand's bone! His head went for 27 stitches, and it's so damn painful! I was awake early in the morning, sent him to hospital, and accompany him until 9 stg am, then my sis came and replace me as I need to rush to work. The whole day I was so damn worry, felt so uneasy! When I imagine how he was attacked, this make me feel like crying! I did not cry at all, because I know I will need to be strong. And I should be glad that he is still conscious and able to move around. That night was the first night that Vivian staying overnight at my house, and happened such issue. I felt so sorry that I didn't get to accompany her but busy with my dad's stuff. Sighh..

This is the first time I am caring for my dad. Used to hate him due to what he had done to us last time. I never care for him, never talk to him, even never give a damn to keep him update that where am I going. All the time I only care for my mum, and I hate him a lot. But after so many years, at least I start to release and start to accept. Until this issue happened, only I start to play my role as a daughter. I help him to change his clothes, wipe off his blood and everything. Even help him to cut his nails. I felt so damn heartache to see him in such condition. I felt so helpless to see him in injury.

Sighh.. Life is always so fluctuating, Up and Down. I'm feeling so down now. Down with such issue happened to my dad, worrying about his condition and everything. Also, I feel so lost in direction.

When I tried to share, it's hurt that the only one that I am willing to share replied me with only ghost gonna trust my word. Sigh. So, really only ghost will trust my word? Well.. Think so.. As me myself also don't know how trustable my word is now.

I am feeling lost now, and acting evil too. Entertain those that I shouldn't, and over the limit. Out of control when I heard the tears voice. Giving advise and comfort which beyond the position. I knew I shouldn't, but still i did it. Such an evil me!

Is it only couple will listen to you patiently? And only couple can give fully attention and forgiveness to each other?
I felt lonely, and lack of something. Don't feel like getting a boyfriend now. But is that only the boyfriend can give in whatever that others couldn't? Cares and understanding.. I still not yet met my Mr Right, and how long more I will need to endure for life which is lack of something? Sighhh... Life is sucks for me now.. Hopefully I can get rid of my down period asap..

SAD =(
Friday, June 11, 2010

Workaholic ME! OMG.. I realize my life is getting fun and interesting! All my time is full with WORK, PLAY! =D But one thing is I have got a lot of pending stuff still not done yet due to too many jobs tat I have been working with. Is good, and money money COME TO ME! =D but I have got no time to meet up with my old friends.. I miss them a lot.. My 3 LaoPo: Wenise, Abby & Poney, come back to KL already but still got no time to search them, SIgh.. And my 5E7 frenz..

Just done Exam. Work for ICA Fair in KLCC for 3 days: 8th-10th June. Nice pay and short working hour =D but one thing, i met a moron person! He thought he is the best and mature one, LOL. Please larrr..... Look at yourself man!! Arghhh

On the 10th of June, I was having my English exam. Right after my exam, I rushed to KLCC to work. Reached about 1pm, and finish work at 5pm. After the ICA job, I went home and take a short rest. Recently have got no time to FB oso, at most also 5mins, sigh.. Keep on work and work only. Then at night, Vivian and I worked for a job of promoting the World Cup T-shirt by SWING! Wooow, it does really act as an eye opener for me! =/ I saw a lot of scene that I had not seen before on that day. Hmmm. Feel sporty to wear on the Football shirt =D hhehe, and the pay is on the sport, short working hour too! Fuuuuhhh.. Exhausted!

Friday, finally a day can rest, I thought. I attend for an interview, along with Vivian in USJ9 early in the morning at 11.30am. After interview, we then need to stayback for the product training of Samsung. WTH, the training was held until 5stg! Vivian wanna work for the world cup t-shirt promoter and pull me along. Well, i do want to join her, but I have got another job offer at 4.30pm until 8pm! How am I gonna rush? And the time is not sure yet.. Sigh.. I was stuck in middle, wanna be greedy but failed to do so =( At last I didn't turn up for the world cup job, that goes to Vivian. Due to my training ended at 5stg, I rushed to my working place late. I started my job late and so it ended late too.

Yesterday was my first day dining in a 5 stars Japanese restaurant, along with 2 big bosses of Singapore. Total of 2 Big boss, and 4 ladies there. Woow, he taught us how to eat those Japanese food and everything. I ate lots of nice stuff yesterday, and i was FULL! And, yesterday from start till the end, we were having a wine tasting. We start with a good one! Dom Perignon! Heard before? A French wine that cost RM1250 per bottle. T__T Nice one really =D Then follow on with different different expensive wine! And nice food such as lobsters, seasonal fish and everything. Our dinner cost about 6k something i think, or more than that =/ They are too enjoying life.. I was so stress that we need to take care of our table manners and everything. Even wanna call for waiter, we just need to clap our hand twice, and someone will attend to our dining room! COOL MAN XD

Follow on we went to the Wine bar and tested different kind of wine again to watch the world cup! Damn, the boss had bet on 100k on Mexico! OMG.. I wonder how they could spend money like water... Again we spent about 1.6k++ at the wine bar.. Then, we went to the Zeetar Bar after that. Nice band and everything! Huuuuu~~~ Enjoy =)Met Veona there, and she is a nice girl <3 Glad to know her really..

Yesterday was my first experience in such a luxury life! Cool man.. Is a nice experience for me =)
Next week onwards will be another busy week to me, as I will need to non stop working.. Hope I enjoy it! Freelance job is indeed so much fun as we get new experience, face new people and deal with different job scope! Im LOVING it! Again, is Easy money =) I wanna save as much as I can! To get my dream come true ^^
Thanx VIVIAN for accompanying me for all this while and ALSO in the future! =P And thanx my MUM for being considering and everything! I love u guys, my 2 most IMPORTANT person in my life <3