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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Money Not Enough!

I am working like a WORKAHOLIC, and seriously I need a big rest. Lots of issues happened recently, and I am kinda pissed off with all these in my life.

Monday interviews were all postpone =.= But then i choose to chill at Vivian's house. CD came and fetched us and we had our dinner at Murni. Finally i get to taste the Roti Alladin! Everytime been to Murni when it was late night, and i can't eat supper! Finally~ And it tastes SO DELICIOUS! =D Around 5pm, we depart and left Subang. Vivian was driving CD's car and follow my Blackie's back all along the way to my house. Then 2 of them chilled at my house, and we were crapping lots of nonsense with the TRUE and Dare but no DARE. =)

Tuesday, early in the morning i read my message and got last minute notification of job cancellation. So I slept until I woke up myself. Goh then called and ask for lunch. Well, since I have got no where to go, a casual lunch will just do. He did proposed for movie, but I just need a BIG rest. Lunch at Ole-Ole Bali Mont Kiara. I again thought on having casual lunch only nearby my house. End up still we went to Mont Kiara. Is kinda big turn off. Our food just served on the table not more than 5 minutes, and I received a call! My agent last minute has got job for me. And wants me to rush to the venue within one hour time! GOSHHH! I was not with make-up with my hair tied-up, was wearing only shorts and Sandals! And she wants me to rush there just in an hour?? I rejected her and been shooted by her too. She insisted me to reach there on time! Sigh. Okay then, end up Goh and I finished our food and just left. I went home and changed to my long jeans and wear heels. I did not make up due to time is inadequate. Goh sent me there and waited for me few hours until I finish work. I was so sorry about that. Luckily I have got my RM500 paid in cash right after working. So I spend him back Zanmai Sushi.

At night Goh dropped me to Vivian's house and left. We then chilled at Canai again. Someone has addicted to the SiSha feel~ haha! Total of 4 of us there, it was totally so damn crazy and fun! Is like I can forget all my stress at the point of time! We CRAPPED too much and out of the logic! 3 Indian boys, blue horse, with eye but no eye lid, dead camel in the dessert, blar blar blar.. Shit man.. All gone haywire! Haha, You guys meant a lot to me in my life, seriously =)

Then Vivian's turn to overnight at my house that night. I sent her for training for the next day. Planned to online in any cafe with wifi while waiting for her. End up the training was in Sg Buluh! And in a blur condition, all of us got the job pula. Haha! Thanks for Vivian for this, also to THX =)

And finally, here's my bad luck. I am all the time so blur. I dropped my Coach bag and I don't know where I dropped it. Everything inside gone. Well, that's not my main conscious. What Am I worry about is just the bag! My mum gave me that, and how am I gonna explain to her about the lost of the bag? She gonna spank me I think! Sigh.. I was really so moody and felt like crying actually. Tears flowing out non-stop in my heart. I wanted to cry but I can't. Vivian's expressions and worries makes me feel bad, I don't want people around me to feel sad because of my careless. So I just hold my tears. It's my own fault, so I need to bare it myself but not to troublesome others. I am seriously VERY VERY DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN~

I have got no cash at all, and I need to work for the next day. Borrowed RM50 from Vivian and bought some important make-up stuff. Luckily my job for the next day pay us on the spot. And here I got few hundreds to spend for my following days. ATM card and debit card lost. All my cash just frozen. Thanks for everyone who cares for me, I really appreciate it a lot. Some offer to buy me another Coach as birthday present, some offer to buy it for me and take it as he lent the money to me.. Thanks for all the offer, but seriously I am not sad because I lost it, it is just the matter how to face my mum.. And I am not really into Coach actually. SIGH..

Job yesterday was fun indeed. Is an International Golf event, and there were lots of foreigner. And ALL of them are millionaire there. That is the reason they are sometimes being a bit unrespect to us. But somehow there are lots of big bosses, and we have got lots of chances to mingle around and get ourselves some good chances in the future. Westports, the international company was offering job offers to ladies of 18-22 yrs old. How good if I can join such a reputable company once I am graduate! Too bad i still have 3 years more to go.. We can actually win the best usherette prize, but the other groups cheat by combining their Vote! Damn it man! Or else we could get the 1K in Cash too! Sigh.. Forget it.

Lots of unhappiness bothering me. I suddenly just feel like calming myself and stay alone. Don't feel like talking much when I think of all these. Now I am earning my own money. I stop giving burden to my family. I studied so hard to get scholarship and hoping by this would lighten up my mum's burden. I thought I have already help a lot! But yesterday morning, she told me she is paying RM2k for our insurance. And recently she spent a lot on my grandpa due to grandpa is having cancer. She told me her expenses is very high nowadays. Well, she was just trying to grumble and did not meant anything, but deep in my heart in makes me feel so bad!

After the day I had dropped my purse, I dare not tell her that I have got no cash at all and I am without license! Responsibilities still is there, I still drive and picked my bro after he finished school. Big fear was there due to there are too many blocks everywhere recently. And I will not able to bribe due to I don't have any single cents with me! Even report to police about my stuff lost, I don't have any single cents to pay for the report fee, luckily Vivian borrowed it to me! Sigh.. At night, my mum told me that my bro need a pair of Basketball shoes. She ask me to sponsor him. Well, I have got no cash at all, not even any single penny. But still I smile to my mum and ask her not to worry about that, I will get him a pairs. Deep in my heart I am kinda worry, where to get the cash as my bro is going for the basketball tournament next week! I don't feel like borrowing from someone as I feel sorry to borrow. Luckily with the job yesterday I got my salary paid by cash! Basketball shoes gonna cost me about RM100-150 after discount from my friend. Thanks a lot to him as he helped me to get the discount.

Early in the morning I received a call from my friend. She is sicks and need to find a replacement. RM200 to work from 10am-6pm. It's already 8am something, sigh. I am too exhausted due to whole day working for yesterday, and the last minute job I really can't turn up on time! Sigh.. Forget it again then =(

Just online in the Cyber and I checked my mail. There's a brand ambassador's interview TODAY at 1.45PM! Ans when I am reading the mail, it is already 2pm =.= WTH.. My shitty line at home just a big stop for me for getting jobs! Arghhhhhh! WHY IS ALL THESE HAPPENING?? Everything around me just slipped away! Chances too! I don't deserve it that's why all these are happening?? Sighhhh

Everything lost. i don't have my own room, and baby keep playing my stuff and misplace it. Even my friend's stuff is lost due to they just simply remove it. Sigh! I am so so so UNHAPPY. Only jobs can flush all my worries temporally.

I feel like buying a house in Subang. A low cost flat that I can afford. I can afford the down payment, but monthly installment I will need to work very hard for it in the future. Am I able to maintain my income after my college starts? At least 1k per month? Some advised me not to give myself commitment so early, and I might not having a good return in the investment. It's not easy to rent out I know, and it will be very troublesome. Since I am going to stay there for another 3 years, so I am thinking it is only worth for me to pay for the installment rather than paying the rental to others. But am I able to do so? House loan is not easy to get! How how how how how? Argghhh

Blackie's life is always BLACK
Saturday, July 24, 2010

Working freelance has already become part of my life? Mostly all my time is occupied~ Make new friends, slack while working~ Blar blar blarrr~~~ =D

Worked for Beauty Expo at PWTC last week. Easy job, slack around wit Ms VivianC and Ms Joan! We bought mask and also a scrubbing stone. Shop and shop non stop only while working.. The next day I was so damn blur!!!! Sigh, forget it.. Lose RM150! And they were just sleeping while working for that job =( Sadddd....

Follow on the weekends. I was working with MOL. Sigh, promised my friend too early for this job. And last minute I got a better offer with a higher pay! Wuwuuwuuu~ Again lose money.. Sigh! Always like that, dilemma just happen. We can only pick ONE out of so many. GREEDY me..

Enjoyed the day when the 4 of us chilling at the Mamak and pool session in the midnite! With my love Vivian, Joker Kevin and also CD. Crapped a lot and had fun =) This is so call cool and decent friendship that I enjoy~ hee! U guys really charm my life! ^^

Went to Lunar Bar for dinner. I thought it was just a casual place and i wore only t-shirt, shorts and sandals. Well, until my friend called me on the phone and told me that is a High Class place and complained that I wore only so CASUAL! Goh was okay that I wore so casual, as I thought we were having merely casual dinner. But it was a bit too outstanding that night with my casual attire. Haha! Before dinner was enjoying Fruit Juice with Mr Kevin =P Hate the Durian Juice~~~ T__T

New opening of Neutral Club, and urgently need a girl to work as hostess. Well, since I am available, again i take up this job. Thanks for THX for my transportation, as he was chilling with his friend in the club too =) In the club was quite happening, and I was just standing outside of the club to work. Kind of bored plus hot! haha!

Finally, working for Dewar's again on Friday for the golf tournament. This time my job scope is a bit wider with my responsibilities. Thanks for Ms VC for being my great assistant! And it was a super SUNNY day! I got tanned with the sun burn now. Nice experience with driving the buggie and travel around the golf course too =D

Saturday, Doraemon made a mistake and thought the World Stage will be on this Saturday. He made me felt so damn excited with that! End up he realize the date is 31st Jul, means next week but not this week. T__T Disappointed~ Both of us were so damn excited and end up, with a big disappointed =( Next Saturday is a big day for me. I am looking so important for the job on that day, and already signed black and white for the job. Is an International Golf Tournament! So, end up Doraemon gave up the tickets to others due to I can't turn up for the concert and decide to go Penang for his PC Fair stuff. =( Then 2 of us went for movie since both already planned for outings on Saturday. The blur Doraemon, again booked the wrong ticket at the wrong place! Hahah! He is going to Europe soon and plan to buy some sweater in midV. But he booked and paid the ticket in Pavillion. Blur~~~ hahah!

Initial plan was going up to Genting yesterday night with Vivian and CD they all, again the plan cancel. Hahah, well, good also. I can have a good rest at home. Have not been resting quite some time, keep on busy with jobs, this and that =)

Tonight might out for drinks. Monday got 2 interviews, but the 2nd interview I was not informed the proper venue. Kelana Square is just so BIG, and the person who called me was using a Private Number, how to trace...... T__T Sigh. International Show Girl interview, and I just did not get the full details. Why is this happening?? =(

July ending soon. August will be the last month of working like crazy.. Money money not enough~ =(
Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friday, I drove to Puchong again to attend for an interview. It was a contest. Participated last time due to my friend's introduction, and I just let it be. I did not post it on Facebook or what to ask others to vote for me. Totally forgot, until I received their reminder's e-mail. And I got their call to attend for the interview. Well, deep in my heart I know there will be no way for me to win this, so I just did not turn up for the first interview. But again, they call me and said there will be another day of interview and hope I will turn up on that day. So finally I decided to have a try. The interview was so damn funny, somemore need music for each participant to step into the conference room. Catwalk and posing needed before self-intro. Haha! Received their notification that I am in, and again need to have some rehearsal before the competition! Goshh, should I still continue with the contest? Should I turn up for the coming one? But it clashed with the day of my coming jobs! Even the one for coming PC fair. Sigh.. Stuck in a dilemma now =/

Right after the interview, I picked Vivian up and rushed back to KL. Then my dad with his one hand injured, drop the 2 of us at The Curve to work. Sigh, heart-ache actually to see my dad driving in this condition. My busy schedule cannot make it to accompany him for his minor surgery. Too many things happen in one time and I hardly can take it, sigh. First is my Mum's dad, follow on with my dad, my dad's dad, and now my mum. Why can't the fate stop toying me..

Saturday G6 was not really fun, the only memorable part is the time being crazy with my bestie V =) And this party made me realise of something too. Sigh, human are just unpredictable. Don't we should feel blissful to have friends in both gender rather than ignore the same gender? And I really don't like the attitude. Well I am just grumbling here, just ignore me. =/

Overnight at MsVivianC's house =)Thanx for her kind offer! Early in the Sunday morning, she even climbed up just to accompany me for the whole day! She has not been feeling well, and still she turn it up just because to accompany me @.@ I am really so touch! Always the one who will be there for me when I need. Sacrifice for me even! I am so so sorry to let her bored for the whole day and need to expose under the sun :( Really appreciate everything that she had done for me.. And I love her too ^^ No.1 Bestie in the World! And she is my bestie, don't jealous me ya =P hahah!

What a weekends for me~ =) Final for Football today, and I am going to sleep now. Hope to hear that Netherland won the game tomorrow morning when I am awake=)
Thursday, July 8, 2010

First New Experience at Dr Nano beauty center

Tuesday, early in the morning, I woke up and get ready. It was my first day driving to Puchong from Setapak alone! A bit nervous, and yet excited too! In my heart, I knew if I could make it this time, my mum will not be that worry for me to travel there next time, so it was a stepping stone for me to proof her that I can do it! Depart at 10.30am, and finally, I reached Vivian's house at 11.30am =D

We were to go for a Sauna Spa at Dr Nano in Taipan. Excited =D Once we reached, right after placed our stuff in the locker, we were asked to wrap ourselves with a towel and then stay in the Sauna room. It was misty and stuffy inside there. Both of us were working out hard, we did cycling movements, arm moving, move around and everything. But this only last for the first 10 minutes, haha! End up we sat down quietly, enjoy the sauna with our eyes closed.

After the sauna, we had been seperated into different rooms. Then the worker there use some advance machine, and helped me to break the stubborn fats from my thigh. It is like a very strong sucking machine. It sucked and pulled the fats to the ass, haha! Was feeling a bit ticklish, and I tried my very best to endure. Some how the process was a bit painful.

The treatment took us about an hour plus. Right after the treatment, we then rushed to Pyramid due to I had got a coming job briefing held there. Pity my Dear, she not yet eaten any breakfast, and still need to wait for me to finish my briefing to have her Brunch! I am so sorry and felt so appreciated =) Thanks babe~

We went to Sakae Sushi right after the briefing =D Nice food~ yum yum yummm.. Vivian's bf then come and joined us in the midway, and 3 of us only spent RM53 on the meal! Is was so filling and yet not so expensive! Wow~ Then 3 of us went to chilled at the Starbucks. Thanx my MsVivianC for spending me a Ice Blended Mocha and my parking fee <3 Heeee.. Was really enjoying! Follow on, we went to pay Amy a visit before left~

Wednesday, it was Lewis birthday! So I had lunch with Lewis and How Chung nearby. Follow on met up with Vincent for the coming golf event's discussion too, and he tought me lots of stuff =) At night, again I went for Badminton with Hong Jia they all.. Felt so good to sweat ^^

Relax and busy week for me! Somehow I enjoy it a lot =)
Life is just up and down, falling down makes me grow tougher.. Think positively but not negative! I've learnt a lot, Thanks to everyone around me~
Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jail Break from Hell

Right after the busy week of taking care of my whole family, I then worked for an outstation job in Penang with my Love Vvian. Non stop business makes me feel exhausted. Somehow I treat this Penang job as a trip to distress myself.

I worked for the Tropicana Golf Tournament job before, and I knew those golfer are good in drinking Whiskey. Gosh, but I never expect they can even start drinking in the coach until we reach Penang! End up the journey took us 8-9 hours due to they stop at every single rest station. =.= All of us were staying at the Northam Hotel. Is a 5 stars hotel, and Vivian and I were to be in the same suite! Wooow, the suite is damn big with a living room, 2 TVs, 2 beds, 2 washrooms and also a Jacuzzi! Haha! Damn enjoy! Even is tired and exhausted, but I enjoy the time having with my dearest =) We had Jacuzzi together and had lots of fun there. We even visited the club there. The 69 Club is Awesome with a swimming pool inside of it and the beach beside, but the only thing is too crowded and all of us did not get to enjoy.

Follow on with the Samsung roadshow, again working with my Ms VivianC^^ This is so call hell man! Working for such long hours with heel and our pay is onlyRM170 without commission. For the whole week, was so damn torturing and I even hurt my leg’s vain. The first 2 days was worst, as the Agent was there to supervise us. Until the third day onwards, life become much easier and fun =) Enjoy with the games and lame jokes! Hate the Jacky Chan’s portrait that caused me had a nightmare too! Hmphh ;(Hahah! Am happy to know lots of new friends there. But one thing I was too exhausted and easily get hot tempered. Sorry to my dearest if anything that offended you, you know I love you the most =P

Yesterday was my last day of the Samsung job. Was so glad that it is the last day of the jail of hell! Thought of going to yumcha with all the crazy friends there after work, who knows one of the demo unit set of the Samsung Galaxy S had been stolen! So happen Vivian was the one who realize it, and tweet tweet was the 2nd and I’m the third one who know this issue. So end up we need to cancel our actual pla, and went to the police station after work! This dragged our time until midnight only got to go home. Sigh..

There is something that bothered me too. Sigh.

There was one day, from far, I looked into a bakery shop, and I thought there was a cheesecake there! Again I walked pass-by the bakery shop everyday, again and again. All the time I was thinking about the cheesecake only, and this continues for about half year! Until one day, finally I got to approach the cheese cake and I ordered it! The waitress of the bakery shop noticed me since a long time ago and knew that I wanted it for so long. Finally, the cheesecake is just right in front of me and I felt so damn nervous, and of course excited too! Until the first bite, it does not taste like a cheesecake! Second and third bite, end off I stopped and refuse to finish the cake anymore. As the cheesecake only look like a cheesecake but doesn’t taste like cheese, it is a SPONGE CAKE!

From the day onward, I stop thinking about the cheesecake. But the waitress of the bakery shop still thought I’m into the cake and always offer to spend me the cheesecake! The waitress is too friendly and I don’t know how to reject her! End up I try not to go near or walk passed by the bakery shop so that she will not misunderstand anymore. But still, it doesn’t work.

One day, again she approached me and offers me! My ignorance was sensed by her and here she said I am toying her! Sigh.. Being ignorance is just trying not to reveal the ugly truth. So, should I tell off the truth so that my name is not tarnished? Or keep it to myself and let others keep such impression on me? SIGH

Too many worries. No more pocket money, and yet commitment increase.
Blackie is just an Asshole. =(