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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Finally it's over! The stress for the last sem for the first year of Degree is really pushing me hard! It was only my first year, but already killing me. My Aunty Mama have not been visited me for 3 months, soon going to be 4 months if it still continue to be so. My period arrrr.... Thank god I don't have a boyfriend, or else I think I am going to live in fright!! :/ haha!

Thought it would be a super relaxing holiday for me right after my last paper on Friday. Sigh, still, I rushed back from USJ just to work for the job in 17Saloon at night. Saturday finally a day without job! Still, need to travel to attend for a casting in Manjalara.

I'd left my heels in the LRT! Gosh, were being over exhausted and missed out my stuff. Were not having enough sleep for all the exam days. I hate the insomnia! Arggghh... Feel like taking sleeping pills but been hind by my mum :( I have a job in Sunday and I will be needing a pair of heels. So, I am forced to pay Timesquare a visit after the casting. Thank god I have the ac-companion of Tania ^^ Thought it would be a lonely shopping spree. We shopped for few of the goods! Both of us were being over excited of grabbing the nice heels! I got one which looks super classy and elegant but only cost me RM35! Lucky to have it ^^

Sunday, I was working with the GRA Motor Race event. Simple and easy job scope, met new girls and enjoy chit-chatting among each other :) Hate the tyre pieces and dust as they drifted. Whole face turned out Grey after work =="

Monday, again I am working for a shooting event. My pleasure to be shot by Kenvin Pinardy! A well-known international photographer from Jakarta, Indonesia. What impressed me the most is not his skills, but also his great personalities! A generous, humble, and funny guy :) Thanks for the invitation by Raymond. It has been months that Raymond have been contacted me but due to my busy schedule in study we only manage to run this by now. I am loving all the pictures!

After the shoot, it's my Family time ^^ I brought my Lovely mummy for Snowflakes, movie and Jap food, along with my dad, bro and his bestie, Oscar. Again, we watched Fast 5! Heheh, still enjoy it that much even it's the second time of watching it. Kinda regret to bring my mum for Jap food, she doesn't seem to enjoy it a lot :/ I think she preferred Chinese cuisine. Will replace her another one next time ^^

Night, rushed to Puchong and have another shoot with Vivian by Kenvin and the gang. This time is the Lesbian shoot! Hahah! it's gonna be cool huh? I can't wait all the pictures to be finished processed. Finally a shoot with my dear VivianC! Woots!

Second day, Tuesday morning. Phone been stolen by the SON OF THE BITCH! Arghh..! Whatever! Thank god it's not a brandnew phone! Was being really depress on lots of issues. Felt so helpless on the point of time, no phone to notify my mummy. On msn, just only realised I got not much of friends is msn :( No one is appearing online!! Shit man.. Thank god later on I saw Wayne, and asked him to notify my mum, through msn :/

Kelvin came with new sim card, reload voucher and extra phone after few hours! Brought me for Chatime to chill too! Sent me to work at night, with my favourite LorBakGou and Red Bean bubble milk tea. Really thanks for everything.. It really warm my heart a lot.. Thousands appreciated for that!

Actually I do feel sorry in another hand. Don't treat me too good or shower me with too much of pamper.. I don't intend to hurt anyone at last. I am feeling so sorry to accept the care and concerns. Super complicated, lots of things flying in my mind.. Sighh.. I am just a bitch!

Finally a day to rest today. Turned down a last minute job offer tonight. I think it's time for me to rest and slack. Going crazy soon with all the hectic lifestyle..

Am still considering about getting an i-phone. Should I? I'd lost my phone, all my contacts, pendrive. But I am really feeling grateful enough to have sincere friends around me :*)

Stop being naive Krystelle How. There is no shortcut in life, you will need to pay for what you are asking for. Work whatever which is decent to achieve what you desire for.

Life will still need to go on no matter what. Be Tough!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Final's Preparation

My days recently were filled with revision and jobs. Of course, there are still a little spare time from the timetable for myself to chill with the friends.

Timetable were made for my own reference for the revision schedule, but end up still I failed to follow it strictly. As I was being quite stuck with them, and being super helpless :( Thank god that my housemates were doing the same subject's revision, and we were helping each other by trying out the same questions. We finally got to master with the frequent practices that had been done. At least, a little confident has gained. Glad to hear that the Shrek is conducting another extra class in the coming Wed, oh yeah! I am going to catch him and ask for non-stop! :P

Was working for the 17Saloon in Sunway Giza. It's a chilling cafe, but at first I thought it was a hair Salon, LOL! Easy job scope and super relaxing! :D Merely collect customers' database and distribute free gift after they had ordered their food. I was asked to commit in long-term as in every Fri and Sat, and with such a nice and relaxing job, ON! Haha! Sunday, again, with the Ms VC, we were working for the Football event in Republic.

Monday, finally a relaxing Labour Day!! The housemates were off from work, and we were bugging them to get us a food spree :P First would be the Fried Laksa, follow on with the long-queued Rojak! Then, Bubble Milk Tea from Mentari!! Too bad they did not operate on that day :( Kinda disappointed actually~ Next station, Mydin! They were stocking in for their groceries, and then, Summit. Went there to get some hardware, and CS helped me to buy the stuff to fixed on my phone line.

Lightning stroke my modem through the telephone line. And guess what, it's really worst! The line was burnt and break into two! Also, one of the stuff has turned malfunction. Shit man.. Thank god CS has studied engineering and he's familiar with electronics, and he managed to fixed my phone line by replacing some elect. stuff :) I am really feeling grateful, as I thought I would need to spent another expenses to fixed that. TM has get me another modem too, and they are being super efficient this time! Just within 2 hours after I filed in my report, their technician then arrived to my dorm. A credit and big applause to them :D

Tues, Mr T came back from JB, and we then went to watch the Premier Screening of Fast 5! Wuhoooo~! Super intelligent story line, worth to be watch ^^ Wed, It was his birthday. We got him a cake, and a cake facial surprise too! LOL! The whole house of the Black Mansion then together had dinner at Boston, Klang. It was 7 of us there. I love the joke, laughness and craziness of ours! Happy Birthday T~~~

Thurs, we went for an interview in Pyramid, then head towards Ampang for a job training. I was working for the launch of the HSC Medical Center in Jalan Ampang in Friday morning. Super highclass facilities and elegance interior design. Normal one, ushering and doing registration. Met the nice girls Yumii and Dorcas, I like them :) Night, I then worked for the Fashion Show in 1U. Short working hours, but they're already killing me. Two jobs in a day is not a good idea :(

Saturday, woke up early in the morning and gathered at CIA office at 6.30am. Going outstation to Penang :D Wuhoo~~ Char Kuey Teow! Enjoyed the my job experience and the time with the Girls ^^ The Dancing Violinist, Luxury Cruises, and the rich man Auction, COOL! The main point, we got to eat the nice pastry from Delicious! We grabbed them like nobody business after the permission is given, were being over hungry huh? :)

It's Mother's Day! Reached KL around 4.30pm. Planned to get my family a better dining, but due to my Popo's condition, we then choose to eat casual steamboat. Will replace my mum Itallianese next week :)

Well well, no more slacking. Final falls on three days later. It's a full study day tomorrow!

It's a Happy Week ^^