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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's SEPTEMBERRRR~~ Birthday Month =D

Too many friends of mine whio their birthday fall in this month. My mum, my sis, Wenise, Qiao Yi, Kevin, Vivian, and also MINEee *winks*

21st birthday is always the day that we take it so important. The year of freedom, the day of taking the Gold Key, and the day to PARTYYY! And, Vivian's 21st birthday falls on 23rd Sept 2010! She at first strain all the nerves of her brain to figure out how to celebrate this grand day. But end up, she just choose to have a gathering with her close friends, and here we celebrate it in Fullhouse.

Even it seems to be merely a simple dinner, but i personally feel this is memorable and meaningful. Rather than to simply invite any Tom, Dick, and Harry, you won't be able to take care or serve all of them. *unless you wanna do it in the clubs* I felt so grateful to gather with my ex-coursemates. All seems like no changes! Still that sampat, close, insane! Is like there is not even a distance for us even we are all seperated with different courses =) When the Birthday girl cut her HUGE cake and make her wish, she seems just so blissful with her smile ^^ A bunch of roses from her Bf make her even gain more excited! heeee.. Right after the dinner, Uncle Lim is waiting up there for her. Haha! I enjoyed that day a lot too seriously =)

4 days later, it's my turn! On 26th Sept, without getting my agreement, C had prepared everything, including the movie tickets. =.= I don't like things to be happen like this actually.. Sigh, no offends. I know he planned to give me a surprise, but at least ask me and confirm with me whether am I available on that time. Suddenly received a sms on day before, stated " Tomorrow movie will be at 6.30pm. " LOL. Felt shocked, and called to verify. He told me he had already prepared for everything. And here, I have got no choice but to spare my time for him. =/

He brought me for movie, and then dinner at the Look Out Point. After the dinner, I rushed back to Manjalara to meet my old buddies at the Maid concept restaurant -- Chui Yan, Ah Man, Sze Mei, Lion, Yuk Juan. Thanx them for their presence, am so so glad to see them! =)

On the day on my birthday is my happiest day! Right after class, I then went to SS15 with WS to queue for the famous Rojak! Gosh, it's so damn delicious! And also long queue too! =D The feeling is just so nice to eat Rojak at the roadside! Feel like squading down at the roadside to join the crowd, seems to taste better to eat in that way! HAha! But I was wearing skirt on that day, so we did not get to do so. Somehow it's really SUPER FUN!! =D After that, we then went for some dessert in Snowflakes.

Back to my dorm, rest for a while while finished up some homeworks. Then, again second round with my FC ex-coursemates! I LOVE them so so muchhhiieee! At first I thought they could not make it for the simple dinner, but still they all Turn Up jut for me! ^^ Was really so so damn happy! In my heart, the only way that i wish to celebrate my Bithday is just to have a simple dinner with them =D Am so happy with the presence of everyone! We went Boston, Klang for dinner. The food there is DELICIOUSSS! Ordered lots of nice food, extra LaLa too! heeee.. Until we were so damn full! Well, after such a delicious meal, of course we need some exercise to digest them. So we went to I-City to have a glance. Nice lightings, nice view, nice laughters, and nice accompanions! ^^ Third round, yumcha with CD until midnight. Goshh, damn fun and got exhausted.

Second day went to Genting. At night, again had lots of fun! VV, KK and I, 3 of us sitting outside Vv's house to enjoy the view. KK played guitars and we sang! It's so fun, until we got complaint due to we disturb people sleeping, Haha! =D

Had lots of fun for my birthday this year. Not because of how I celebrate it, but just because of who I celebrate it with. At least I spent my birthday with most of the buddies =D

Will miss my 2010 a lot~ <3<3
Monday, September 20, 2010

How to Unblock FB??

Seriously, I am a bit pisted off with my college's lab. They are now blocking all the social networking applications! WHAT A BORED TIME~~~ Anyone there know how to jailbreak? Share please!

Last Thursday was my Mummy's Birthday! Happy Birthday to her ^^ I bought her a bunch of roses, brought my family for a dinner and also movie =) Hope they enjoy that day~

Friday and Saturday, Vivian and I are working as the Evian Ambassador. 4 hours working hour and get RM120 paid. I love the Uniform the most ^^ Had a great experience! First time I puke on drinking! Promote mineral water, drank Hoegarden until I puke! Hahaha XD

Sunday, I'd been to Tmn Pertanian for Skytrex. There were 10 of us there, including my dear Vivian =D Brought my bro along too! And I am now broke for paying behalf him T__T What I can say, it is SO SO SO EXCITING!

We were all playing for the Big Thrill. Before we could actually play for the Big Thrill, we were required to attend for a training of "How to Fly". Put on the Harness, gloves and some tools, felt so COOOOOLLL~ Heheh! Was quite nervous for the training, but still we did it =D Right after the training, GAME STARTS~~

First, we were required to climb the pipe of 3-levels-high. Damn exhausting weyy! Climb untill half I feel like stopping there and rest, but was hanging halfway. SO no choice =/ Follow on with crossing the net bridge. GOSHH! It's like strolling and hanging in the sky! As you can see everything clearly under your leg! Finally, is time to FLY! Enjoyed the flying-fox the most ^^ Was nervous and scared at first, but felt so easy after the first fly! Huhoooooooo~~~

Everything went so fun and exhausted =D I am waiting to challenge for the next game - THE EXTREME! It will be even more though compared to the Big Thrill! But I'm Loving It ^^
Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Chapter of My Life

TIME FLIESSSS~~ It's SEPTEMBER! And here's my degree course start. Was loitering and considering where to pursue for my Degree course, end up, still I choose to study in SEGi Subang Jaya. =D Lots of issues and reasons, and now again I am renting a room here in USJ.

Today is my second day of class. During the orientation day, we were briefed with course and fees structures. I am now studying in University of Greenwich, UK. Our papers are all costy! One sem cost us 250 POUNDs for the paper, and the last sem is the worst!! 1250 PUONDs I think! Can't imagine how if I can't make it, and need to retake for the paper. =/ New faces around, and our gang are seperated. Sighh, class is a bit bored without them, luckily I still have my VeeC ^^

I am seriouly LOVING my timetable! There are only TWO study days per week. That's mean I could work some part time job in a meanwhile ^^ Money not enough to me~~ Sigh

Was having lots of fun before my class starts. Was working in PWTC for the Matta fair, and there I met Tania Zheng =D A nice and sweet girl! Wanna know her for quite some time d, always see her name appear in Fb, and finally there's a chance for us to know each other ^^

During Raya, I had been for movie with Kelvin, Shin CHan and Emily. End up we had a dinner in Look-Out Point before go back. Watched Residence Evil! Nice movie =D Thumbs up for that!

Went for some interviews and casting for the week before, was a bit rush but yet managed to make it =) And and!! I received a call from Kyle that their company going to offer me to be their ambassador, and asked how much payment that they will need to pay me for that! Woohooo~~~ At least my hardwork that day is not for nothing ^^

Broadband's modem spoilt =( Gonna terminate my Celcom soon and switched to Digi. Had a better offer, hehe! Maybe two weeks later I will be able to online like MAD! haaha XD

Sunday gonna go for skytrex!! Wuuhoooo~~~~ Hopes it's gonna be another fun trip, full with big LAUGHTERS and sweat^^
Friday, September 3, 2010

He left Us..

last Thursday, I have been asked from Kyle to do some test shoot of their selling products. Early in the morning busy until the sky went dark. With my make up artist's service, I felt so DIVA! Haha, someone arranged for my attire, outlook, hairstyles, and make up too! What I need to do is just stand there to pose and someone will help me to touch up my make up all the time. The fun thing that lure me the most is I have got a chance to put on a bridal nightgown! =D

Those bridal gown are in silk material. They will ask for your vital statistic of your body. A small reminder: NEVER EVER GIVE THE ACTUAL MEASUREMENT! Goshh.. I gave him the actual measurement, and he tailor-made the nightgown before I put it on. Once I put on, it was just nice. Once I sat down to reset my hairstyle, then you know how it feels! It's so tight! Hardly can breath too! The waist length is advised to provide one inch wider! wwuuwuuwu~~

Friday is my BUSY day too! Went for movie with my secondary schoolmates in the early noon. At night, went for another movie with my bro and HJ. Was a bit rush, and there were some unpredictable issue! Thank god still manage to watch the movie on time =D

Saturday was Candy's 21st birthday. I went to Kuchai Lama along with Vv, Andre and THX. The party reached to the peak only when it is almost the end! Back home at 3am++, and early in the morning next day we started our journey of "JALAN JALAN, CARI MAKAN" all along the way from Ipoh to Penang =D Lots of pictures taken, and it's SUPER fun! I miss the Char Kuey Teow in the Lorong Selamat again now~~ =( It's indeed a rejuvenating and relaxing trip =D

Once I am back to KL, the night of it, my Granpa passed away. He left on 1st Sept at 5am++, and I was still in my deep slumber. Was not around him when he left. So when I went to see him after that, I am asked to crouch, and crawl in. I head towards the room straight, he was still not shifted into the coffin. I held his both hands, touched his face. His body was so cold. Tears dripping uncontrollable. I felt heartache to see him like this.

Follow on, funeral started. They shift him into the coffin then. Chinese traditional way, we prayed and listened everything from the "sai kong", a Tao Sifu. Relatives all came back, all of them. House suddenly fullhouse and not enough place to sleep.

I went back home to sleep for the first night, as I have not been having enough of rest, The second day is my turn to stay up at night. I slept only 2 hours, and it's one hour each time for the night. Was burning some chinese prayer's paper and keep a tab on the seven lights which locate the souls. Was so so so sleepy and tired! Finally the third day, GongGong is sent to the graveyard, and to burn into ash.

Every chinese family will sure face this problem, as in religion diversed. Some might turn into Christian, some might still stick with Buddha. And me! I am now a Free Thinker. I believe in both way, and I respect all of them. My family case was this, my eldest uncle and his whole family are Chirstian, so do my mum and Aunt Jess. My mum and Aunt Jess, they will just avoid from holding the joysticks. Other than that, when asked to pay respect, crouched and follow the praying process, they just follow. But alas, the eldest uncle and his whole family refuse to crouch, and even pay respect! I was damn angry to look at that scene! The one who is lying down is your dad! Why can't you just kneel down and pay a respect? Goshh.. There is no such rules of Chiristianity for not kneeling down or what. Everything is just up to how you think of it! Sighh.. Anyway it's over. No more comments on them.

A busy week with tears.