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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tomorrow.. A day which everyone worries and scared the most. A Jiang, my only Pet Brother. He is having a tumor in his lung. Tomorrow is his operation day. Will be undergoing Laser Surgery. Hopefully it won't cause the vain to bleed. If it does, he will need to operate his heart. Even doctor also don't dare to make any promises, or state out how they going to solve the case if really the vain bleed.

This noon, once I reach office, I called him straight. There have been some time we did not keep in touch due to my Ex-bf's problematic's attitude. When I spoke to him on the phone, he remain calm. I did ask him whether he scared or not. He just replied: "What to do? I already signed the paper even." Heartache.. Since I know him, I knew he scared pain the most. He been bite by dogs before, therefore he got phobia with all the dogs! Even toy breed and puppies!! =/ Sure he is in big fear, is just that he don't want us to worry about him.

First impression of him to me, a Maths Genius! During tuition class, he always got full marks in Maths. Seldom talk much, quite cool, add on with a bit shyness. Tend to get red face easily. We did not really know each other until the day we were in the same class in school. He is the SLEPPING KING in the class, sleep most of the time =.= In the class, I don't need to scared of bored, because he will come next to my seat to chat with me once he is free, along with others. He is also a lame guy, always talk lame joke. Until one day he proposed to me to be his pet sister, we get even more closer.

I have got lots of offer to be people's pet sister, but none of it I accept. Only him =) Reason is--- we are having the same surname (HOW). And also we can click. He pampered me a lot, together with my other classmates. When I planned to paint my room, they offered to give me a hand. End up I did not paint my room at all by my own but everything just done by them! I miss the APPLE GREEN that they painted for me. I used to be a BIG fans of MICKEY! Only Classic Mickey, with the whole eyes are black, but not the modern one. He pampered me like hell, bought me few of Mickey's shirt, and also Mickey's MP3. He always like to pull my poney tale softly, isturb me by tapping my table.. Used to ask him a lot of Maths question and everything. Suddenly.. This news shocked me!

Just called him for the 3rd time. When he said to me:" Jiawern, Must take after your ownselves if I am gone.." My tears flow out uncontrollably! I tried my best not to cry, I don't want him to think about tomorrow, just want him to relax.. I left out RM10++, and I plan to use all the credit to chat with him. We did chat a lot.. He asked me why I did not look for him after graduate, and claims that I had changed after I together with my ex-bf. Sigh.. Not I don't want to, is just that my Ex's attitude, i scared he will harm my friends. And also, I am the type that will seldom go and contact people if people do not contact me. I scared people will get annoyed of me. This is my weakness!

After hang up the call due to end of credit, he messaged me. He wrote: "Jiawen, I don't know what will be the result tomorrow. If really the surgery is success then of course good. But if does not, I will can't see you anymore. You must take care of your own, and also study hard. If really that I am gone, I will bless you. Jiawen, take care and bye to you. I really hope to see you again. Will get you update tomorrow about my situation. Night. You are always my best Sis.."
I am crying badly now..... Plss, god, bless him pls! He will be fine I know! He will! Pls bless such a talented guy! A guy who has got very strong memory, as he can memorize things easily! He can remember my car's number plate even he only seen once, even me myself also don't know is started with the "W**", But he can! He remember my IC No, old telephone number, new number and everything!! When he say it out everything to me just now, I was so touched! That has been almost a year plus, but he still remember everything! Please.....

~SAD~ ;'( All the BEST my beloved GOR~
Pray Hard for him please~
Monday, March 29, 2010

Today is the first day of my new sem, it is alse the last sem for my foundation,. Soon gonna proceed to Degree. Still no idea on any college or university should I attend to. Sigh..

Finally, the whole week of working with AVIRA ended~ Is Fun indeed, totally full with laughters and joy. But my sales, sigh.. I came to think that I'm not suitable to work in Sales, as I got no luck as others got. If you say sales need skills, I have it what. I worked harded and strive all out, still, my sales is low compared to others. Most of their customers, all walk-in, pointed on what they want and just close sales. Me?? Sigh, talked till my saliva soon gonna dry up, still, my sales is low. Used to have the super duper luck when I was young in Sales. I was always the top sales during my working day when I was 15 years old working as promoter. Well, the lucky star will not always be with me. Start from Shiseido, my sales not really that good. =( I don't have the potential in doing SALES~~

I realized that I am not good in socializing. Is it because of language barrier?? And also the shyness that I am having. With all the Avira Babes, they speak Cantonese most of the time, I found hard to join their topics. Once my brain start to translate all my words into Cantonese, they are already in another topics.. Hahah! Now only I know how important Cantonese is, and I am so blissful that my friends around me in SEGi speak Mandarin. Still, I feel warm with the language that I am speaking the most. =D

Yesterday was my last day. A customer of mine, offered wanna spend me a lunch, and ask me to invite my friends along. Well, don't get him wrong, he is not interested with me, just want me to intro him other Avira Babes~ He suggested ZanMai Shushi. And we were all in rush, sushi would be faster compared to other restaurant's food. I was excited too, first time eating Zanmai Sushi, wanted to try for so long but don't have the chance. Total 4 gurls including me, plus the guy, 5 pax of us. Due to rush, we all ordered Green tea first. Then looking at the menu.. Wow~ There are so many nice food that we feel like eating. He asked us to order whatever we wanna try, we then point point point point point. Shit.. We did not realized that how many food that we'd choosed, some of them order those for sharing, is damn big plate! When the food arrived, our table are full with foods =/ We then feel guilty and paiseh.. Most of it are Salmon Fish. First time try on the Salmon Belly. NICE ^^ But then all of us quite full d, still left over a lot. At first plan to take away, but then we force ourselves to eat them, SIGH.. Super Full!! We ordered the "Rice Alcohol" to try too.. Drink only a small cup, then a bit dizzy d.. Hahah! I thought it taste good, but in fact no =/ The food is nice, enjoy them a lot^^ Thanx to him of course~

Today my first sem class, for English, is a bit dreadful. Sigh, worrying about my last sem's result now >.<>

College life start. Again need to WORK work WORK.. =( Need to manage my timetable, so that I could enjoy my last sem here in Subang.. Hopefully my last sem is going to be Extreme Fun ^^

AVIRA Babes ^^

Too Hungry d, ate some d only thought of taking Picts.. =/

Xiao Xian + Karen

Christine (Ah tin)

Me + Kennedy (My Customer)
Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This whole week, I am working for AVIRA. Is actually their 1st year anniversary in Malaysia. Wut I can say is, OK lar.. I enjoy this job. Get to know new friends and everything^^ The only thing that tortured me is just wearing the heels and standing for the whole day. But still, I don't care la, I will change and wear my sandals once those ladies supervisor left. XD Guys supervisors all, cincai, they just keep one eye close and another one open, hahah! Today is the 3rd day of my working day, it is also the day of the AVIRA officially launching day. Is a big day to them.

My first day, is a bit damn unlucky.. My sales, ZERO! Shit lar.. Sigh. Luckily those technician people, they gave me those walk in sales and put it under my name. So i got total of 4 sales for my first day. Still, I'm not satisfied with it. Because non of them is I sold it by my own, so a bit disappointed on my own. What hell luck that i was having on that day!! Somehow, some of the girls saw they gave me the sales and felt a bit unhappy with it =/ Well, my second day, not bad huh! I sold 8 =D Damn happy wey~~ hehehe!

Third day, which is today, a BIG day. Those bosses, CEO, COO, YB and Boss from Germany is coming for the launching day. Among 20+, four of us are chosen to be Usherer for those "dai lap yan". Each of us will be ushering and handling one of those VVIP. And me, I'm in charge of YB. We need to usher, serve and follow everywhere they go. And the funniest part --- four of us are required to hang a fake gun at our upper thigh! Macam yes saja, hahaha! I wish I could capture it down, but we took it out straight once everything is over. All the girls are standing outside the hall, only four of us, need to stand in there to standby for those VVIP, sigh. Do more jobs than other do pula, but getting the same pay.

After the launching of AVIRA, we guided those VVIP to CoffeeBean there, they were going to have a media interview there, by Astro, and also other media company. Thinking that after ushered them there, we can leave. What the hell. We play the roll of waitress pula! Busy taking foods and serve it right front to them. Even do the table setting for them too. Well, it's alright. Wanna leave d then, but they only sent another 2 among our 4 back, left me and Karen to stay there. So 2 of us standing there like damn weird like that, don't know what to do. And both of us like thinking, hey, we are paid and hired to be as promoters, but why now we are working like an usherer or a show girl?? Shit la.. If is show girl, then we should be getting higher pay right??

After the launching, everything just back to normal.. Continue working. My job: Distribute flyers, contribute sales. Additional : Need to let people shoot and shoot and shoot =.=" Those customers were all really too free, some even more worst, not planning to buy, but just requested to take picture together. Sobb..

From other promoters that used to work in events, complaining that we are being maltreated by the company. Paying less, but uniform need to show belly and also with heels. Some more need to do sales! =/ Well, i got no comment. But from them, only i know how high pay they get for all the events! Maybe for me, I think the pay is just nice, cause I don't have the height. Too short to got jobs like them, hahah!

Still got 4 more days to go.. Hope my legs are able to stand for it, pain like hell man.. =(

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yesterday is a Super duper HAPPY day to me. Today, BIG contrast.. Having a bad day today. Everything just gone wrong.

i HATE the day TODAY! Hate it hate it hate it. ;'(

Bye USJ, leaving now. Going back to KL now. BYE.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Woohhhooooo~~ Exam over, stress GONE~~ ^^ I am really damn damn excited neh! Well, I was waking up early recently, to work or exam or other else, and now my biological clock had set automatic alarm, wake up automatically at this time, 9am stg and found hard to fall asleep back. So, just update my blog since I'm free.. =)

Yesterday, after exam, we went to the computer lab. Slacking and relaxing in the lab, hahah! And guess what, we met the "Guy" again. Damn, they quickly whispered to me and gave signal that the guy is also in the lab and doing with his assignment with his group. I was like, OMG.. =.= Well, we worked together before in SEGi, but is in different department, met up in "Gao Wong Yeh" and also in Puchong Tesco other than SEGi, and also in college, I just don't understand why we can met so often while I hardly meet my other friends who are in different course. =/ I knew his name during our Scholarship Recognition Day, but due to my shorten memory, I had already forgotten everything. Well this is the story: I don't have his facebook, as we are considered as friends, met up he will smile to me, so I was thinking like at least friends can have facebook to keep in touch, and I might leaving SEGi soon. But, I don't have guts to ask facebook e-mail from him. When Vivian ask me: "What's his name?" I replied:"I don't know!" Damn, both of us chuckled in the lab, and he turned back behind and looking at us.

Vivian then keep pushing me, ask me to ask for his facebook, as he might not in SEGi too next sem, who knows? So she offered to "1 2 Juice", loser will go and take the Facebook from him. Damn, it will be so damn embarrassing, so i refuse. Then, I give up. Haih, no Fb then no la, not a big deal. And we left the lab, we were still discussing about that topic. They asked me to go and ask for him, as so happen he came out to washroom, and left his friends in the lab. Shit la, my face gone so damn HOT, and I knew my face all sure gone red d. How to ask Fb acc from him with my face like that?? Shit.. Then, Vivian and ShaV don care, they stand out there the washroom, and I followed them blindly =/ When the guy came out, he like got shocked why are we standing out there like that. He smiled to us, and walk heading to the lab. Then, Vivian! So daring, shout out : "Excuse me!"(with the hand raise up and slightly pointing him) LOL! I quickly pushed Vivian's hand down, and move aside, hoping they will follow me too! Shit, I didn't expect he will look back, and walked to Vivian there. =S Vivian then ask for the facebook acc, and I was waiting for them at the lift there. Shit!! I walked away d, impossible for me to walked there back! And I seems so fishy to walked away!! OMG.. Well, Vivian then manage to get his facebook acc. I was like, Oh gosh~ At first wanna ask for Fb, damn normal what, but end up with the situation like that. Now even I have the account, I also don't dare to add him, with the awkward situation..

Whatever la, It's over! Vivian called me TOMATO!! Sigh.. I then went to work. While working, Vivian was asking whether tonight wanna come out to ask Robin about the business plan that he mentioned in the net or not. Well, we know it's like something member get member, or Pyramid concept, but just simply wanna come out to Yumcha and relax.. Then Robin told us that he is going to Club tonight, Zouk. Right after explaining to us about the plan and everything. Then, he asked whether we wanna join along or not. LOL, Zouk I where can enter.. They then switch to Maison. Oo, since after exam d ma, just take it as distress la XD So, plan ON! Robin will be picking me up at 8pm.

Shit la, my friend dated me for dinner too! It was 2 days ago, but I was not free, and he make it at yesterday. Hmm, he at first wanna spend me Chilli, but then pyramid only have TGIF. So we then eat only in "Wong Kok Char Chan Ting". Er.. I actually don't feel like having dinner with him, but because e helped me once last time, so just go only lar. Once in a while.. Cz I am not really familiar with him. After dining, he drop me home, and I quickly shower and dress up! Sigh, no dress to wear la.. I then just simply take one to wear.

After the business talk, we rushed to Maison. Cheehhh.. We were so rush, but by the time we reached, there are others still not reached yet. Yesterday was about 11 of us. People who Vivian and I know is just our SEGi gang, and also Sutesh from Inti. Another 5, all of them are from Monash. 2 ladies 3 guys : Cheryl, Joandy, Nam, **the other 2 I forgot the name again!! =/ Well, Cheryl is Robin's friend, and she bring her friends all along to join. Cheryl is damn good in socializing wey! We then all mingle around and and had fun^^ Party then START ^^ We were all so damn enjoy. Those guys were freaking crazy too, with the pole dancing! You guys might want to watch the way they dance, damn funny wey! XD And again, I receive complain for just kissing the cup. But at least yesterday I did finish half cup what.. Hmphh.. =(

Hmm, they all really clubbing kaki wey.. Tonight they are going to Zouk again, they even plan for next week =.= Wa.. They really damn energetic ler! I am not as energetic as them. Once in a while ok la, they all really club too often already. After club, we went for yumcha at a Mamak in SS15. We chit chat a lot there, and there is a banana speaking cantonese like a white guy! WTH.. Damn funny wey.. Hahahah! Non stop laughing at him, they then said i'm so damn bad to laugh at him =S I tried to control not to laugh d what.. But it just out of control, what can I do?? And also, when we are on the way to Mamak, the 2 girls from Monash, they wormit in Nam's car. And Nam sent his car for car wash even in the midnight, and sent them home with their situation like that. The banana met lots of friends there, and I said to him:"Wa, u met a lot of your friends here, you are quite happening in your college what!" He replied:"Er.. Not really la, because Monash's student, all enjoy clubbing, they have got too much of money and don't know where to spend.." What a GOOD answer. =.=" Then I replied: "So you are 1 of them la?" He just smile.. =.=" I really get zha dou... Got such thing one ar? No where to spend d, then just club non stop! =/

Anyway, I enjoyed the night a lot ^^ CHEERs~

Dunno Y yesterday just look like a small kids =S So din take much photo also lar..

Outside Maison, Still early.. while waiting for others

Me~ With Robin's hat! XD Look PLUM =/

ViVian~ ^^

We then have a look inside while others still outside waiting.. =)

I looked weird yesterday, with the shirt ! Sigh

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Well, tomorrow is the day. Scared, worry and yet don't know what to do. I love English the most actually, but they don't love me, what to do =/ For accounts, Quantitative Methods and everything, at least I know that from keep revising the exercises that been lectured by lecturers we will sure score. But ENGLISH?? The questions come out will be totally different as what SHE had taught! Hmm, help me out please~~ ;'(

I pleaded Vivian to help me, she then ask me to read English newspaper. Well, I don't have any here, some of those free newspaper, I had flipped through, nothing much that can help me to improve my grammar and vocabulary =S What I need is the Star newspaper, something that has variety of news, story and article. I am serious that I am not a good reader, I prefer others to read it for me, haha! Then, Vivian purposely bring some "the Star" newspaper for me on Wednesday! She remembered it, as this was what she promised me last week! *in my heart felt a bit touched actually when I think back, because I totally forgot about that* Then, I started my newspaper reading yesterday night, with the accompanion of my dictionary!

Flipped flipped and flipped, gone through some incident, one of it is about a fire took away 3 children life. Whoou, I felt so damn sorry when I see all these news! I keep greeting "sorry" to them when I'm looking at their pictures, seriously. =.=" Shit man, then I decided not to read all these kind of accident news, as my mind then don't know gonna think until where. Following with Politic: NO. Economy: is written there the rate of Fixed Deposit is increasing, as Maybank and CIMB are offering the highest rate among all. BORED. Health & Beauty: how to keep our face without wrinkles? SIGH. Teenager: A girl is sharing that she is into a guy but he never knew it. She sms the guy with the identity of anonymous, and the guy ignored. WTH Then, I end up with an article: Kenny Sia, the best Blogger in Malaysia, and even won those Singapore blogger. =S Oooh, then I decided to visit his blog, wondering how he can attracts so many readers. Hmm, not bad, sharing about his life, I love the part of he shared his experience with the Lasek surgery.
Conclusion that I got : Reading blogs at least much more interesting compared to the newspaper. p/s: Choose the blogger who can write well in English!

Well, blog can train my English also right? As I'm writing what.. Hahah! Hmm, let's see what I can do. We are taught to interpret those graph, pie chart of table, using increasing, rose, levelling off and so on. Here we go.. Title: My body Weight
When I was in my Form 2, my weight is only 40kg. As time passed, my weight is rosing considerably and reach the peak of 46kg in my 19 and then leveled off. Until I had my fever for the past few weeks, there was a sharp fall of my weight and stood at 43kg. However, this figure does not remain constant, it then increasing dramatically to 45kg again as I recovered. From this, I can see my weight is fluctuating.

Well, somehow i found mine is not LAME if compared to Vivian's. She had made an example with what we had learnt in the class too, it was last month i think, but it just pop into my mind suddenly when I started to revised about this. Let's share, I know she won't mind! XD She said: "My Love toward A Gong is going up and up and up and up......................." LOL, hahaha! She is all the time that cute.. And guess how we replied!
We asked: "So when will it be the peak??"
Vivian: "It will Never reach there.. It is going up and up, beyond the air and universal..!"
We : Oooh, then end up with crashed with the Mars! BOOoooM! No more~~~ hahahah XD
Lame conversation between our FC girls in the class. Admire Vivian and her bf at the same time. 5 yrs period, but still they are that sweet~ I wonder when only I can get a Mr Right like how she got one, then I will miss him all the time even 10, 20, 30, 40yrs later~ Heee =D

I'd got back my phone =) Miss my phone so so much! But it seems like still giving the same problem, the touch screen is not as sensitive as last time.. Hmphh, they might just leave it aside I think! *Angry~~ One more thing, after some time for not meeting up, when he passed me my phone, he got shocked! He commented me, said I grow plum d! Shit man.. He said my thigh, both upper and lower grew plum! There's a sudden feel of pinching them. WTH.. And my face go round.. ;'( NooooOOOoooOOO.. No obvious increament in weight, I mean is still under 46kg. But I tend to look plum.. Why~~? Hmphh, keeping fit now! More exercise, less FOOD!

Well, today I went to work. Goshh, I was always the 1st or 2nd to arrived the office, but today, when I arrived, I got shocked! Everyone is there sitting and doing their jobs! Whereby all the time last time, they were all dilly-dallying, reaching at 9.45 or 10am, and still have their breakfast or chit chat in the pantry. The reason today all being diciplined is: the CEO of Singapore is coming today. LOL. I reached just on time, but they make me thought I was late! And, what is that to pretend ler.... =.=" Sigh, today, at first planned to leave at 4pm, but then, rushed with all the reports and invoices, caused me to leave office only at 5 stg. People might thought my job is easy. Well, is actually straining my brain nerve! Is stress actually. When my boss passing all the task to me all in one short, I busy jot them down in a note, and there, the stress come along. For the first time when I encountered this, I couldn't take it, and almost feel like resign, that was last year issue. I then slowly can manage totake it, distrees myself by visiting Facebook once I am able to, and also arrange my task based on the priority. But still, hate the feeling of STRESS. I knew it gonna be part of my life in the future, sigh, so just start learning to adapt it..

Lunch time, I had my McValue Lunch alone. Colleagues all went to "THE TREE", as food there is too expensive to me, so I refuse to join. When I was on my way walking towards the Food Court, I passed by MCD. Look at the time, and YESS! McValue time =) There is a sudden crave to eat french fries. Once in a while, thinking that spend a lil extra to fulfill my utility is still Okay. Well then, plan to pamper myself today by spending MCD for lunch! Is onli RM6.25 including tax. Enjoy my burger, french fries and my Sprites! ^^

Received a job comfirmation in PC fairs of selling GPS, but I don't know whether I am engaged to another company already or not, as they just ask me to work along during PC fair. They don't sound comfirm, as what I think they are all focused for the Anniversary event for the Next week. Hmm, both the paid are almost the same. But uniform I think my current company would be more lovely, i "think" =S Hesitating.. Should I take up the GPS offer first? Or....? Sigh

My Thursday just Ended like that. May God bless my Exam tomorrow, PLS~~ =/
Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Exam is getting near and near.. Indeed is a bit stress for me, hoping it will end up fast, but in the other hand hope the time won't pass too fast, so that I will have more time for my revision..

Tuesday, I was happy actually.. Thanks for the egg tart, breads, fan cleaning etc.. Also, thanks for being my audience, borrowed me the ear to share my inner feelings till both of us fall asleep =) I was really glad, and indirectly it helped to distress.. Thanks and love u guys so much!

Wednesday, Sigh.. I need to work. As others can just spend their time in doing revision! But think another way round, is good to let my brain have a rest, so that my engine can work faster rather than just facing those books for the whole day. Well, I was entertained by someone until I can't hold my laugh in the office. I was trying to control myself but i failed once i read the message that he sent me! What the hell.. Hahha! The whole office was so damn quiet, and I chuckled, damn weird.. About 4pm, I finished my job and left the office.. Thinking to rush back to do my revision.

Once I reached my dormitory, there was no one at home. I entered my room, switched on the fan, and shit! The fan is not moving! Light can't be switched on too! Obviously the electricity fuse is giving problem. No one was at home, no guys at all! OMG, I stood in front of the fuse box, don't know what to do! Which one to push or pull? I was so damn regret that why i never learnt it from KL, and I was being so helpless by simply trying the fuse, but still, no reaction. I was so damn hot, just like being barbequeing! Sigh, I want to appreciate the time I have to do my revision, but with the condition like that, can I concentrate?? I was planning to move a table, and sit out there at the car porch to do my revision, at least the air vandilation is more cooling and is bright, but think back, it will be very awkward, as people who passed by all will sure stare at me! Sigh, I decided to then sit beside my room's window, studying under the light from out there. Sounds so pity huh? Hoping the wind out there strong enough to blow in some cool air.. XD

I then study n study, the sweat kept dripping, and my eyes felt tired to study in such a the dark environment.. Mood all gone~ I just simply do some question, flipped and revised some other question, and then, I decided to wash my clothes. Since I can't study, so just do something that don't need a very bright environment. I already dated my friends to have dinner along, as one of them is on leave yesterday, and will be fetching me around 8pm like that for dinner. While waiting, I washed and hang my clothes for drying. The sky is getting dark and dark, and I almost done my clothes washing. I was thinking, shit man, once the sky dark I can't even see anything in my room, as I was depending on the sun light out there all the time when there is no electricity supply! Why my friend still not reached yet?? Gosh~~ Luckily not long later, she called me and informed that she is reached. Fuuuhhh~ Luckily she reached just on time, the sky just started to be in totally dark!

We then depart to Manjalara, had dinner at the place where they work! I was so damn full with the steamboat buffet! Is not worth for me to eat those buffet, as i tend to get full easily! We spend out time there from 8 stg 9, until 12am stg.. Waiting for another friends to finish work. They all the time eat and eat, I all the time drink and drink, hahah! My stomach bloated up and felt so damn full! They called me "shui tong", because I already refilled my drinks for times.. XD

Finally 12am stg, they finished work already. While waiting for them, I asked Biao Di to borrow me his kancil to test drive. Once entered his car, I started the engine, released hand break, put on reverse gear, and then planned to start driving. Then, he told me: "U still miss out something that is important! " I was like stunned: Ar?? What some more? Then he said: The front light. OMG, I never really drive before at night, never thought of switching it on! I was trying to switched on the front light, but then i don't know how to do it, and accidently put on the signal light and everything, they laugh till beh tahan.. **blush~ Then, I tested drive and make a big turn, damn... Too long didn't drive manual car d, I was like too nervous and everything! Haha!

After everyone get ready, we head towards our "lou dei fong", the Mamak Stall! Not those mamak shop, is really merely a stall, and all the tables are under open air. We all the time lepak there since last time. Used to loiter there often when I was still working in Kepong during my 16 and slept in the hostel with them. We chit chat there, talking all nonsense and share our recent life. Somehow it makes me miss the pass time a lot. But I know time won't just stop there for us.. So just need to look forward, and miss the sweet memories that I had with them before =) Love them so much!

About 3stg, they all staying in kepong, but then purposely all accompanied me to drop me back to my dorm in Subang. =) I felt so damn paiseh, as recently they came and search for me in Subang, they use the wrong lane and got summon! Felt a bit sorry to them.. =( Sigh.. But still they said is nothing to do wit me, is not my fault, even more paise in my heart~

Then, my Wednesday just ended like that, happily =) Luckily when I reached home, the electricity current supply is there already.. Can sleep nicely.. Hee

Friday coming.. A bit nervous, as I am going to attend an interview for a job for the whole week which is so happen to be drop during my sem break, and the pay is high. Near to my house in KL. The Job need to wear shorts, and I don't know my fat and flabby thighs are able to pass the interview tomorrow or not =( Hopefully I got the job, so that I could earn extra income during the week.. Money money come to me pls~ XD hahhaha!

Need to stick back to my job d, blogging while working now.. Hahha! Hoping my boss won't see what am I doing here right now XD

Lastly, I must add oil for the coming exam! Ush ush ush!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blue Monday.. Exam is coming, and this is my 1st time being not well prepared at all! Everything just seems to be a question mark in my head! I kept thinking, what had I done for this sem, and it gonna end just like that!

Think back for what we had planned, we plan to go for gym and swimming every alternate week, and also revision. End up, non of it turn up, due to they are busy with their own stuff, and also I was too busy with my part time job. Now I had quit my Station 1 job, it would be much more relaxing, I hope we can stick back to the plan that we had planned last time. Even no one can turn up, I think I will be going gym once a week for the next sem. Looking at my fat and flabby thigh, I need to work more out on that!

Now, in my mind, totally blank for the future. My mum wants me to leave SEGi, and join other colleges. She want it to be nearby and so on, but I still wish to stay in Subang. SEGi is actually not bad, is just that the lecturer and the way of teaching really disappointed me. Now, the main decision, what course am I planning to take?? I wanted to take Actuarial Science so much. But after some researches that I have done, most of the private colleges have it under ADP, and I will still need to study overseas for 2 yrs. Well, if i were rich, of course is good to hear that can study overseas! But I'm not.. So, I think I'm gonna stick back to what I'd planned-Accounting & Finance. As it is much more easier compared to Actuarial Science. Sigh..

I never regret to enter SEGi SJ here, as I get to know them! They are really wonderful for me, as all of us are the same----insane! I got a beautiful friendship from them, thanks for colour up my part of life! And I enjoy the life staying here! It is much more happening compared to KL.

Recently, I have the sudden crave on Driving! Start with the doing 3 point turn with Shavsha's new Myvi! Damn funny with the incident, 3 of us can't even handle to park the car! First is Shavsha, then Vivian, Lastly then ME! Funny until those neighbours kept laughing looking at the way of we drive! Then, last week in KL, I finally, the first time, drive my house Proton from my house to the Wangsa Maju Jusco! Well, I was sweating badly, as I am really too nervous! Still I found it easy because it is auto, compared to I drove my ex's car last time, I was distracted with the gear changing, and sometimes even enter the wrong gear =S And getting scold by him for non-stop!

Times up! I need to stick back to my study.. As I can't lose my scholarship! I am way stressed compared to my friends, and I got no confident at all now. Need to work harder~
Please add some oil for me now, and may god bless my exam! I scared the ENGLISH the most! sigh... Help~~~~