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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Long Lost BLACK

It has been months!! Gosh.. I have been working like a cow during my 3 months summer break. Engaged to the job in KLiA, been travelling up and down for months! Hectic life that I had :( Well, greedy me, never say NO when there's any opportunity to grab as much as I can. Worked 2 jobs in the same time. Rush to Empire Mall after my KLiA job. Sighh. Can't imagine how I have been through all those, but yet I'm so glad that I have made it :D

Finally my second year of Degree started. I thought I would have slow down my working pace, yet it didn't. I work hard, play hard too! It's September, wonderful month for me ^^

BA of VW with experiencing the ride of EOS, K-session with the freelance girls, start clubbing hard due to Van is now allowed to club. Well she even party harder than we did, almost every week! LOL. Ipoh and Penang food spree, Vivian's birthday celebration. And yes, mine is after that! Meet up with Chui & Man after their working session, been chit-chatted for hrs. I miss them! We grew up together! Hee.. K-session, failure of the surprise giving but yet still surprised me, same place same day for Boston, Klang, and what excite us the most was the Laser Tag! Damn, haha! We were all acting like a small kids, went into the Counterstrike world, busy chasing each other and shoot like crazy! Laughness, and shout out loud, everything is crazy! I love all of them so much ^^ My favourite BR ice-cream cake, and everything from my love one!

The only regret in September is I did not really take much of pictures due to my swollen face :( Hate it.. Sensitive to wrong medical course that cause it to happen. Shit it..

Finally Oct 11, a day for me and Him. Been together for months, but we have not really been spending time for each other, as I always busy with jobs, jobs and jobs. Sigh. Anyway we have shopped around, had good dinner at La Bodega and everything :) I love him so much! He does care me than anyone do, doing things for me which exceed his ability as a student! The endurance, understanding, and forgiveness.

Yesterday, I have been working for a big event. Well, thank to myself. I am the shortest and fattest among all. Feeling super low-esteem, hate myself for being this short. Feel like I just shouldn't be appearing at all. Face are stepped if we were the one who put it on the floor. Comparison was too cruel, well this is the world. Somehow glad that i met someone that has at least comfort my fear.

Great experience in life anyway. We are taken for a short ride! At least, life is meaningful with some sparks =)

Finally today, a slacking day for me! Without jobs. Been having a good rest too! Wish I could have this life everyday! Nuhh.. Tomorrow would be start working again. 2 weeks project. I miss dancing..

2 more years left, for me to fool around. Indeed I am fully utilizing it, but in the other hand I am losing my precious time. Why can't I enjoy being a FULL TIME student? Sigh, I knew I should stop grumbling. I am already having way more better than others do. Be contented, KRYSTELLE!

Will be trying my best to change the FATE of the FATE, at least, without any regrets :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Were overwhelmed by vacation, jobs and so etc. I somehow find my life is really fun and colourful :)

First would be the Carlsberg job in Gold Coast, Sepang. It's really a super fun experience with the girls, and with the people! Our actual working hour was only 3 hours! The rest is Party time :D First experience with the Beach rave party, and it's indeed super fun!

Another beach trip, REDANG! I enjoyed this trip along as this time, the people that pampered me during my growing journey has all come along :D Other than the Ms VivianC and the gang, I had lots of fun with the Kepong gang ^^ Watching them from being girlish, with long hair, until now all become so "Man"! With their girlfriends along too :D Crazy and super fun time I had with them!

My face gone "destroyed" as I came back from the trip! Sun burnt, clogged pores, caused whole face got irritation and pimples! It's the worst scene ever that happened to my face! Keep drinking water, avoid heaty and poisoned food, mask, skincare....! Finally it turns Normal :D I was being so down and shy to step out from the house during the period seriously!

What a busy time I had, hav not been having enough of rest as jobs keep coming non-stop. I need SLEEP seriously.. I am now committed to a 3 weeks project working in KLIA, along with Vv. Nice working experience I am having, and enjoyed my job so so much :D But i am somehow being over greedy, I grabbed my K1664's jobs to work along. Ended up I am working 2 jobs in a day. Almost collapsed last week seriously. Thank god I am feeling better now :)

Problems are solved, and getting better as day passed. Somehow I do feel a little different compared to previous. Is like getting a bit careful to avoid offended each other. As it's not supposed to be so right? Hmmm.. Somehow I do appreciate it a lot, and it's can't be replaced. Time would do it's work.

My life has a little changes. Finally waving to the 2 years single journey, and now Mr Liew has stepped in ^^ It's seriously an unexpected one! Well, no one would understand, as we ourselves could not even accept it at the first moment too!

I like it as we were all being merely friends, no any intention. No one would hide the original personalities. From my buddy's Bf's bestie, normal Hi-Bye friends, one of the buddies among the gang, problem solver, my joker, and finally ......... My Boyfriend! Weee~~~

I like the way he make a fool on me.
I love the way he make me Laugh Out Loud.
I enjoy the way he teased me.
I enjoy being bullied.
I enjoy the way he breakdown my problems.
I like his rational thinking.
I salute him for being Fair and Square, pointing my faults but not trying to side me just to ease my feelings.
I enjoy being pampered by him.
I dislike his skinny, trying to pump him to a Fatty!
I enjoy having my freedom even I am no longer single.

Oh well, of course my mum was a little mad with me. Yes, he is still a Student! Can't give me whatever that I want. Well, I do feel that happiness and the comfy feelings can't be buy merely by money :)

He don't know the existence of my this Bloggie~ It's my space to voice out my words without letting him to be acknowledged :P

I am a Blissful one! <3

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Recently it just goes wrong with everything. I just don't understand why.

First one. People just don't understand I am just trying to maintain a healthy and normal relationship. I am not trying to restrict or ignore, but just want it to be a normal one. I just don't want to meet up too often as it really makes me feel bad. Was being concern because I appreciate the friendship. But somehow after some harsh word, I don't think there is a point for me to be that concern for this anymore. Yaa, sort of. As people said don't wanna waste my valuable time. Well, maybe things would be better to have a fullstop in this way.

Another one. I just don't get what is wrong with US! As mentioned, how many people can manage to "forgive and forget"? I guessed there's only one in a million. Always thought things would turn out right after all the settlements. Well, always not that easy.

About the invitation to Party with the freelancer babes, I have mentioned it early in the first place. Even asked whether wanna skip working as this gathering is only once in a blue moon. But been threw with the answer of "No thanks, it's money". What can I say anymore? If I were to offer to pay you back the loss, yes I would continue for the inviting. But I am not afford to, so I do think I should keep my mouth shut right?

In Sepang, again Tania has mentioned and inviting her again. Well, I am not too sure about the answer given. Just remembered that I am only been asked for who else is joining, and will see how things go, that's all. LOL

Tues, went for k-session with the gang. No one even mention about the party session. Wed, went to had Fried Laksa with HY. Knowing that they have just had it few days ago, so just did not ajak. Night, it's the party session. My first party in 2011!

It's actually damn complicating. The plan was not solid, and venue is keep changing! First would be G6, then Mist, then Sanctuary. LOL, damn sienz lorr!! Plan keep on changing like that, and Sanctuary pula! OMG, it's a LaLar place i thought?! Sigh. Called Tania, was trying to tell her that I just feel like ffk. But Tania said she turned up for the party just because I am going. If I ffk is like abandoning her then. Hmm, so just On only. Called Dorcas for the venue confirmation. Thank god Dorcas's friends are hanging out in Velvet, and she asked us to join them.

It was really happening in Velvet! Really had fun there :)

Thurs noon, WA-ed and tried to have a chit chat. Was trying to update what's going on lately. Suddenly been answered with the sarcastic way, said I went and had fun without ajak. LOL! i was still being so naive and thought it was the noon Laksa session. Mana tau it's about the Velvet one. LOL, wtf. WA-ed Tania straight to asked for what's the answer that she got in Sepang for double confirmation. It's the same answer. So what now?? Tania even offered to fix it up, but I insisted to DIY.

Seems like I am the only one who is trying hard for this. Such a small issue can turn out in this way!

Worked together again. Harsh words keep split towards me. Well, I think is time for me to got used to it huh? I just did not retaliate much. Just accept and let it be by agreeing all.

Again some small issues. Was just trying to inform and explain, ended up been take it as I am blaming for something. Sigh. It's really WhatEver..

Recently hanged out a bit too much with HY. People might thought both of us were really having fun meeting up each other. But no one knew 9 out of 10 words are about her. I do think he is the only one can help me, as he know both of us and the story well. I do care a lot. Was trying not to take it too much, but it just can't.

Was advised to take the initiative to solve all these again. But after the 3 days mingling for the jobs, I do feel a bit pissed. Maybe it is just meant to be so?? I don't know. I have no idea what to do anymore.

As said, let the nature to take it course. There is another issue that take the natural flow until over natural! Even me myself can't take the contraction! It is really out of expectation! First person to share of has just turned me down on the day itself. I just don't know where and how to solve this anymore..

Am pondering should I turn up for the trip tomorrow. Used to be no doubt because I do cherish this relationship so much. Now is like a bit meaningless for everything. Used to think that after getting an i-Phone would fix everything up. Somehow it just seems like nothing much changes.

I have tried not to be too concern on this anymore. But it just bugged me!! What can I do??
Applause would not made it merely from one side.

I am kinda sick of these.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It was quite some time I did not update my blog. Too many things happened recently, again and again, sigh.

Happy that I have gathering with the babes! First one was on Saturday on two weeks ago, with the FC babes ;) This time ShaVsha joined us along for the chilling session. Sharon absent due to her family issue. Felt so sorry to hear about her Nanny. Bubble Milk Tea in ChaTime and Fried Laksa Session, Yumm ;)

Another that eventually got me excited was the gathering with LaoPo ;) We finally had a complete gathering after so long! Most of the time of the gathering or chilling session Yi would eventually absent due to staying in far away.. Feel so grateful that FOUR of us manage to hangout together and had fun again. We had our brunch in "XianDIngWei", shopping and Sing-K session. I heart them so much, lots of memories floating in my minds, reminding how close were the four of us were in the past. They're really awesome to me ^^ heart them so so muchie!

I thought it would be a relaxing month after the first week of the buzy-ness. Somehow things never stopped. Jobs, unexpected issues always there. Work and work, until I have fallen sick, with the heaty body, swollen eyes and face :/ Thank god it recovered after some time..

I've got my new white Baby, named as BehBeh! Hmm, problematic one! The one that I got was actually malfunctioned with the speaker. Is a phone that can't buzz still considered as phone? LOL! Thank god KP has helped out a lot. Fighting hard to get a new set of phone rather than to follow the procedure to be sent it back to the manufacturer for warranty. Thousand appreciated as it's not an easy work!!

Again, same thing happened. It should be in this way. I should take the responsibility on this. My fault as I shouldn't let it to be so in the start. Sighh. Other than sorry I have got nothing to say. The more I respond the more gonna be pissed.

Really disappointed with my ownselves, as I swear before never to give anyone fake or false hope. Feeling so guilty and evil on myself. Sighh

Hope time can cure everything. Appreciate whatever that I am given from god. Thanks for giving me nice friends to charm my life. I am blissful and blessed.

S I G H.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Finally it's over! The stress for the last sem for the first year of Degree is really pushing me hard! It was only my first year, but already killing me. My Aunty Mama have not been visited me for 3 months, soon going to be 4 months if it still continue to be so. My period arrrr.... Thank god I don't have a boyfriend, or else I think I am going to live in fright!! :/ haha!

Thought it would be a super relaxing holiday for me right after my last paper on Friday. Sigh, still, I rushed back from USJ just to work for the job in 17Saloon at night. Saturday finally a day without job! Still, need to travel to attend for a casting in Manjalara.

I'd left my heels in the LRT! Gosh, were being over exhausted and missed out my stuff. Were not having enough sleep for all the exam days. I hate the insomnia! Arggghh... Feel like taking sleeping pills but been hind by my mum :( I have a job in Sunday and I will be needing a pair of heels. So, I am forced to pay Timesquare a visit after the casting. Thank god I have the ac-companion of Tania ^^ Thought it would be a lonely shopping spree. We shopped for few of the goods! Both of us were being over excited of grabbing the nice heels! I got one which looks super classy and elegant but only cost me RM35! Lucky to have it ^^

Sunday, I was working with the GRA Motor Race event. Simple and easy job scope, met new girls and enjoy chit-chatting among each other :) Hate the tyre pieces and dust as they drifted. Whole face turned out Grey after work =="

Monday, again I am working for a shooting event. My pleasure to be shot by Kenvin Pinardy! A well-known international photographer from Jakarta, Indonesia. What impressed me the most is not his skills, but also his great personalities! A generous, humble, and funny guy :) Thanks for the invitation by Raymond. It has been months that Raymond have been contacted me but due to my busy schedule in study we only manage to run this by now. I am loving all the pictures!

After the shoot, it's my Family time ^^ I brought my Lovely mummy for Snowflakes, movie and Jap food, along with my dad, bro and his bestie, Oscar. Again, we watched Fast 5! Heheh, still enjoy it that much even it's the second time of watching it. Kinda regret to bring my mum for Jap food, she doesn't seem to enjoy it a lot :/ I think she preferred Chinese cuisine. Will replace her another one next time ^^

Night, rushed to Puchong and have another shoot with Vivian by Kenvin and the gang. This time is the Lesbian shoot! Hahah! it's gonna be cool huh? I can't wait all the pictures to be finished processed. Finally a shoot with my dear VivianC! Woots!

Second day, Tuesday morning. Phone been stolen by the SON OF THE BITCH! Arghh..! Whatever! Thank god it's not a brandnew phone! Was being really depress on lots of issues. Felt so helpless on the point of time, no phone to notify my mummy. On msn, just only realised I got not much of friends is msn :( No one is appearing online!! Shit man.. Thank god later on I saw Wayne, and asked him to notify my mum, through msn :/

Kelvin came with new sim card, reload voucher and extra phone after few hours! Brought me for Chatime to chill too! Sent me to work at night, with my favourite LorBakGou and Red Bean bubble milk tea. Really thanks for everything.. It really warm my heart a lot.. Thousands appreciated for that!

Actually I do feel sorry in another hand. Don't treat me too good or shower me with too much of pamper.. I don't intend to hurt anyone at last. I am feeling so sorry to accept the care and concerns. Super complicated, lots of things flying in my mind.. Sighh.. I am just a bitch!

Finally a day to rest today. Turned down a last minute job offer tonight. I think it's time for me to rest and slack. Going crazy soon with all the hectic lifestyle..

Am still considering about getting an i-phone. Should I? I'd lost my phone, all my contacts, pendrive. But I am really feeling grateful enough to have sincere friends around me :*)

Stop being naive Krystelle How. There is no shortcut in life, you will need to pay for what you are asking for. Work whatever which is decent to achieve what you desire for.

Life will still need to go on no matter what. Be Tough!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Final's Preparation

My days recently were filled with revision and jobs. Of course, there are still a little spare time from the timetable for myself to chill with the friends.

Timetable were made for my own reference for the revision schedule, but end up still I failed to follow it strictly. As I was being quite stuck with them, and being super helpless :( Thank god that my housemates were doing the same subject's revision, and we were helping each other by trying out the same questions. We finally got to master with the frequent practices that had been done. At least, a little confident has gained. Glad to hear that the Shrek is conducting another extra class in the coming Wed, oh yeah! I am going to catch him and ask for non-stop! :P

Was working for the 17Saloon in Sunway Giza. It's a chilling cafe, but at first I thought it was a hair Salon, LOL! Easy job scope and super relaxing! :D Merely collect customers' database and distribute free gift after they had ordered their food. I was asked to commit in long-term as in every Fri and Sat, and with such a nice and relaxing job, ON! Haha! Sunday, again, with the Ms VC, we were working for the Football event in Republic.

Monday, finally a relaxing Labour Day!! The housemates were off from work, and we were bugging them to get us a food spree :P First would be the Fried Laksa, follow on with the long-queued Rojak! Then, Bubble Milk Tea from Mentari!! Too bad they did not operate on that day :( Kinda disappointed actually~ Next station, Mydin! They were stocking in for their groceries, and then, Summit. Went there to get some hardware, and CS helped me to buy the stuff to fixed on my phone line.

Lightning stroke my modem through the telephone line. And guess what, it's really worst! The line was burnt and break into two! Also, one of the stuff has turned malfunction. Shit man.. Thank god CS has studied engineering and he's familiar with electronics, and he managed to fixed my phone line by replacing some elect. stuff :) I am really feeling grateful, as I thought I would need to spent another expenses to fixed that. TM has get me another modem too, and they are being super efficient this time! Just within 2 hours after I filed in my report, their technician then arrived to my dorm. A credit and big applause to them :D

Tues, Mr T came back from JB, and we then went to watch the Premier Screening of Fast 5! Wuhoooo~! Super intelligent story line, worth to be watch ^^ Wed, It was his birthday. We got him a cake, and a cake facial surprise too! LOL! The whole house of the Black Mansion then together had dinner at Boston, Klang. It was 7 of us there. I love the joke, laughness and craziness of ours! Happy Birthday T~~~

Thurs, we went for an interview in Pyramid, then head towards Ampang for a job training. I was working for the launch of the HSC Medical Center in Jalan Ampang in Friday morning. Super highclass facilities and elegance interior design. Normal one, ushering and doing registration. Met the nice girls Yumii and Dorcas, I like them :) Night, I then worked for the Fashion Show in 1U. Short working hours, but they're already killing me. Two jobs in a day is not a good idea :(

Saturday, woke up early in the morning and gathered at CIA office at 6.30am. Going outstation to Penang :D Wuhoo~~ Char Kuey Teow! Enjoyed the my job experience and the time with the Girls ^^ The Dancing Violinist, Luxury Cruises, and the rich man Auction, COOL! The main point, we got to eat the nice pastry from Delicious! We grabbed them like nobody business after the permission is given, were being over hungry huh? :)

It's Mother's Day! Reached KL around 4.30pm. Planned to get my family a better dining, but due to my Popo's condition, we then choose to eat casual steamboat. Will replace my mum Itallianese next week :)

Well well, no more slacking. Final falls on three days later. It's a full study day tomorrow!

It's a Happy Week ^^

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bibu Assignments!

Finally, the assignments are all submitted! Fuuhh~ What a relieved! My soul seriously went free! Eventually turned into hyper too! LOL

A week without JOBS ^^ Finally a week for me to slack.. Been yumcha for hours, night market again in OUG, chilling and life story updates session in Asia One, Puchong. Always enjoy the precious moments of ours :D

Friday, went dinner at Leonardo's, Bangsar. It's a dining room and wine loft located upstairs of the shoplots. I have never expected that the Restaurant would be full house and we can't even able to enter without any reservation. The foods there are freakingly delicious, with a 5 stars service too! Had Black Pig Shoulder Loin Stick, and it taste indeed super delicious! Thumbs up for that :D also the pork minced with mushroom, and Pizza, with the accompanion of white wine. After dinner, we then went to The Hill's with the J's bf birthday throw out. Always, The Hill is the super nice place to chill! Enjoy chilling there, with my Milo Ice which eventually make me feel tipsy!

Reached home around 3am+, and woke up again at 6am! The Black Mansion's people are paying the Gasing Hill a visit! Went hiking early in the morning. The fresh morning breast has made our day :D Freaking tiring as my legs went shivering throughout the hiking trip. Super steep, muddy and slippery roads almost make me slipped. Thank god we were both giving each other a hand. A nice place to lose weight as I sweat like hell! I'm loving it ^^ The Wanton noodles has became my motivation to finish the whole hiking journey! Wuhoo~~~

After the hiking and breakfast session, we all were fully knackered. All then went to take our nap and slept like the Pig seriously~K.O straight everyone.. LOL!

Sunday, an extra class conducted from Dr Joanne. Seriously, she had never changed. Wasted our time and talking the rubbish. I left in the mid with the absence of my patient with her. Went back to dorm after that, and been catched by the housemates for poker. Well, they are really insane with the game's punishment! Called to the Pizzahut hotline but asking for Mcd and KFC, shit! I got the stupid one too! Called H for stupid reason, and dance Nobody under the spotlight and everything! Duhhhhh..! Anyway I enjoy the laughness and the joy in the House :)

It was a hot Sunday, and again with the gang, we went up for Genting. Wonderful weather as it's not too cold and too hot, just nice :) Walked around, beer chilling session, story sharing session and everything. Did nothing much, but still I enjoyed it.

Revision session start. Everything shall run as planned provided if there is no any disturbance. Went to borrow notes from others as I do feel that our lecturer did not fully cover our syllabus. I was thinking to attend for tuition class and wanted to ask for the fees. One thing that bothering me would be my transportation problem. Sighh.. I can't be taking bus or taxi in the late night after the tuition right? Before the car was bought, it was said to be mine. After she has got used with the conveniences, she just can't stand with the absence of the car. Sighh. Discussion has brought up, but no one trying to respond me seriously. Just been brought over and been forgotten. Yaa, fully understand, no one can be relied on other than myself.

I was being super emo and down with all the financial issues lately. How great it is if I was born to be rich. Yaa, I know I am not. Was just trying to grumble for fun. If the tuition fees is really highly cost, should I persist, or continue hanging half way?

Too many unexpected issues have popped, and I have got no idea with it. Everything seems to be happen in the wrong time. Think a lot after the issues lately too.. Seems like I have some idea of what I desire the most. Somehow I shall stop thinking about them until my final ends.

Seriously, I am really nervous with the final. First time feel like being super unprepared. There are storm lately visited Subang continuously for days. And, what a great news, the lightning stroked on the Autogate, and also the BOTH modem in our dorm. Well, great, serve it right on time so that i could fully concentrate huh? Got it~~~

Pray hard I could perform well. *ll*